Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to Realize Integrated Ascended Masters Communication

Now do do this one need consistency between the different levels of communication however there are many levels.There are levels of the Accuracy of the Words the SOunds of the words the Sense and Logicality of the Words Weather it feels good and is in harmony weather it is coming from all Chakras.The listener will be tuning into weather it is coming from Love or Fear.They will be tuning into the tone of the Voice.Are you coming from Inferiority superiority Fear Survival putting out sexual energy weather you have power issues weather you are coming from true vision or weather you are coming from a God attuned place.They are looking to see everything you are doing weather you hand movements are in harmony with what you are saying.They are evaluating the Clothes you wear and your personal Hiegine.They are also tuning into the Inner Sense of THings.To how well you are representing your self with you car and your person life weather they are in balance and harmony.When an Integrated Ascended Master communicates they also are using the Higher Super Senses and Higher Levels of Communication.So the great lesson in being an Integrated Ascended Master communicator basically consists again of developing your Earthly Life your Psychology and your SPiritual Ascension level and refine and master each level individually.When this is the case you can become a shining light of God SPirit and the Masters and people sense this and it gives them an incredible sense of Divine Love.NOw on the other Side of this there is For example fragmented communication and Negative Ego communication.One might be wearing Clothes that do not match and do not fit well.Also someone might be talking about something that they do not practice.Another way is that someone might be coming from Fear Seperation and Holier that Thou type consciousness and people totally tune into this and it turns them off for sure.So the only way to be an Integrated Ascended Master is to Master all levels of Self and then Master all levels of Communication.Practice in Public Speaking will help enormously and all Aspiring Integrated Ascended Masters should practice Public Speaking in some form or another.This will most certainly polish your Integrated Ascended Master Communication Diamond!

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