Friday, September 24, 2010


Mandala means circle. Let us tell you why we've chosen, with deep intention, this profound medium as OUR MEANS for healing.
Mandalas are ancient spiritual art-forms found throughout the world's religious traditions and nature. Natural mandalas can be found wherever we choose look-- from tropical flowers, to spider webs to the whorl of galaxies. They have inspired humans across time and continents to harness circular geometry and create the likes of cathedral rose windows, Tibetan sand paintings, indigenous peoples’ dream catchers, Islamic mosaics, and more. The mandala is a powerful and deeply human art form that unites us across cultures.
In all these traditions mandalas re-connect us with sacred wisdom and ourselves, and, in so doing, energize our consciousness.
Russell and Sarah, the artists in the 1Mandala core team have seen it happen around the world. When you make a mandala with pastels, leaves, or flower petals something magical happens. The creator takes all that is really them-- their favorite colors, shapes, and symbols, their joys, hurts and dreams, and weaves them all together in a circular tapestry of meaning. Geometry and symmetry blossom to hold it all together. And everything re-connects. There is great power in connecting and uniting. It ignites passions, inspiration and healing.
And so, we use this ancient art and the latest social media technology, to invite the world and you to cocreate to a mandala the likes of which has never been seen before! A mandala that will reflect, energize and celebrate the emerging Oneness Consciousness on Earth.

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