Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to Woo are Virgo,By Blair Gorman,

Wooing a Virgo can be a challenge as they are very suspicious of
anything new. Chances are that they are stuck in a routine in which
they have absolute control and that may not be designed to
accommodate a newcomer. This means that you must cleverly insinuate
yourself into the Virgo's life without the Virgo noticing.
Virgo's are often called the control freaks of the horoscope. They
usually invent a world and live in it. This is usually not a
fantasy world (like something an Aquarius would create to amuse his
or her friends.) It is usually a very practical construction that
enables workaholicism or reaching a long-term goal in some way.
Virgos will not consider a partner that is not willing to be part
of a grand plan. You must be willing to commit and build an empire.
The Virgo's friends and family must also approve you before the
relationship will move ahead. They don't take their life or their
relationships casually. If you are not looking to build a future
with the Virgo that you like then you will probably not get far
with him or her.
If you do make a date with the Virgo then you are certain to be
slotted in somewhere in his or her schedule. The worst thing you
can do is be late as impatient Virgos see that as a sign from God
that you are "not the one."
You also need to make sure that you are perfectly groomed. No cat
hairs or dandruff on your clothing need apply. Virgos really
appreciate scent so one way to attract one is to wear a designer
perfume or aftershave of some kind.
You should also avoid wearing loud or brightly colored clothing, or
clothing that is too trendy. A Virgo appreciates fine linens, silks
and cottons that are in fashionable, yet muted tones.
You should also avoid being vague. When you tell a story make sure
that you explain everything fully or you will be interrogated.
Virgos are not huge conversationalists in the first place so idle
chit chat is not their favorite form of discourse. They also hate
people who are gossips or interested in matters that are silly or
below their dignity. You'll never catch a Virgo buying a celebrity
tabloid for instance.
It is also a big mistake to whine or complain about anything in
front of a Virgo. They have a real work ethic and have contempt for
people who are too emotional. They also have no patience for
self-centered people.
Never openly confess your love for a Virgo. They would find that
embarrassing. They are much more flattered by a written message or
a gift that expresses your feelings. Make sure that it is a
traditional gift, like jewelry and that it is in good taste. Virgos
don't like gaudy or trendy things.
Virgos really paying too much for things or sitting for long
periods of time without being productive. They dislike going to the
theater and concerts for this reason. They are very jazzed up by
the idea of working for charity or participating in some kind of
hobby that could also somehow make them money. Suggesting taking a
photography or jewelry course of some kind might be a good idea for
a Virgo.
Keep in mind that Virgos have an extremely critical eye. They will
immediately assess you to see if you are a likely candidate to be a
life long partner. They will notice everything and record it
including how much you tip, whether you keep the cap on the
toothpaste done and what side you part your hair on. Every single
aspect of your life will be open to criticism and if you want the
relationship to thrive it is best just to take the Virgo's advice.
If you have a Virgo over to your house make sure it is as neat as a
pin. Polish your taps and cleans your surfaces. Virgos really are
the stereotype that will run their finger along the ledge of your
windowsill to see if there is any dust.
If there is one thing that Virgos really hate it is people who
promise to change their ways and then don't. Never promise to make
the bed before you leave for work and then just leave it. You might
be in for a week of punishment.
Yet another thing that Virgos despise are people that swear or use
vulgar language. They like to perceive themselves and their
companions as being more civilized than everyone else. This is also
why you should mind your manners when you are a Virgo. They can be
freaks about etiquette.
Never bring too many other people into your relationship if you
want to keep the Virgo as a lover. Virgos work best one on one.
They can be very jealous and might see your friends as
time-consuming outsiders. Virgos love to label people and
compartmentalize their own social lives so that entire groups of
friends may never cross. This is also why a Virgo is so clever when
it comes to concealing an infidelity.
A Virgo might seem very tough but the weakness that Virgos have is
for small furry animals. They love tiny pets like gerbils and
hamsters and this might make a good gift for a Virgo. They also
like exotic fish. They don't like large pets, which could leave
dirt and mess around the house.
Yet another good gift for a Virgo is anything to do with
aromatherapy or incense, as they love to perfume their
environments. They also like art as long as the art piece does not
intrude into their decorative scheme.

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