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The development of Full SPectrum Prism Synthisis Love and the Spiritual Tests of Unconditional Love on the Spiritual Path!

Spirit and the Ascended Masters have given forth 33 Basic Types of Love.The Types are of course based into 2 Types of Love.Either Spiritual Christ Buddha KrishnaMoses Muhamad God/Godess Consciousness and the Negative Ego Dualistic Fear Based Seperative Illusionary Lower Self Love.You are either coming from one or the other at any one time.The list of the 33 Types of Love is given bellow.
1.Self Love,
2.God Love,
3.Unconditional Love,
Falling in Love,
5.Addictive Vs Preferencial Love,
6.Integrated Ascended Masters Romantic Love.
7.Spiritual Love
8.Mineral Kingdom Love
9.Animal Kingdom Love
10.Human Kingdom Love
11.Angelic Love
12.Elhoim Love
13.Christed Love
14.Personal Love
15.Collective Love
16.Elemental Love
17.Phsyical Love
18.Emotional Love
19.Mental Love
20.Spiritual Love
21.Idealogical Love
22.Philosophical Love
23.Demonstrated Love
24.Masters Love
25.Dependent Love
26.Co Dependent Love
27.Mutually exclusive Love
28.Mutually independent love
29.Reality Love
30.Solar Love
31.Galactic Love
32.Universal Love
33.Cosmic Love
Again all these types of love must be demonstrated so your Integrated Diamond Light Body can flame and shine in Harmony with the Power and Wisdom Flames of your own Heart!
No again the key is to understand the Difference between personality Based Love and Soul and Monadic Love.There are also essence and form Love.On an essence level we are all God the Christ and the Eternal Self,We have 100% essence love from God as we where Created by God.THere is also the form level where we build our Form love through doing self love in giving and sharing love and developing our Form level love basically.Now one must also learn to see with innocent perception so that one may remain in pure Unconditional Love.One must also however develop discernment to be able to see what is coming from Less then Love and Discern that while always remaining Unconditionally Loving.Addictive Love forms a Co Dependent Type of Love or Mutually Dependent Love rather than a loved based on mutual independence.Or better still mutual interdependence!
Now this whole understanding of Full SPectrum Love cannot be understood unless one relates this first to oneself to God the Ascended Masters!Most people do not love themselves!They do not practice Unconditional Love of Self!They only give themselves conditional Love.This is the real key to realizing Integrated Full SPectrum Prism Consciousness!THis also relates to how we parent our Inner Child.Do we give our Inner Child Loving Firm and Unconditional Love or Overly Permisive or Spoilt Parent Pattern?We must learn to give our Inner Child Firm Love and then extend that loving firm love to others as well!If we dont love ourselves and our own Inner Child we end up seeking love and self worth in other people from others.We end up seeking outside self.This is how we develop bonding patterns,ie Mother Son, Father Daughter Relationships.We are all already one with God and the Ascended Masters but we must make this Real in our Consciousness.We also it must be said allow ourselves to recieve God and the Ascended Masters love!We need to then love self and the Inner Child and allow God the Ascended Master and Angels and all kingdoms to love us as well!Remember you are an incarnation of God and of course then you are lovable and totally worthy of all Love!You are the Son or Daughter that God is guiding home through the Cycle of Life and the Incarnation proccess and the Ascension Process!Th key also is to understand that mistakes will happen and there is nothing wrong with mistakes!Mistakes are positive not negative!Did not Jesus say on the Cross,”Forgive them Father for they know not what the Do!”There are no eternal spots on your soul,just lessons to learn!God Forgives all and always welcomes his prodigle Sons and Daughters home no matter what they have done!The Ego says Mistakes are not ok,and judeges self and others for mistakes.God and the Christ always forgive learn to love,Even those who hate you,for what profiteth you if you only love those who love you, for do not thieves give to Thieves?You must learn to love even the Ego,to have compassion for the person stuck in the Negative Ego.This is not a good place to be for anyone.We must also be discerning and keep our Spiritual Protection Personal Power and Golden bubble up at all times as well so that we do not become victimized by people in the Ego who are attacking and “Negatively Angry”.
Now another Interesting Note is that how we relate to ourselves and our Relationship to ourselves will be projected onto our Relationship with God!IN this way we see how important to Love self,else we project onto God our Own Negative Ego!This has happened through all Religions.The Negative Ego of Incarnated Soul Extensions project thier own ego onto God who is none of these things!Another concept we can see this is the Biblical ideal of “Origin Sin”.It should be called “originally Purity!”All Sons are forgiven and Loved,even Osama Binladen Adolf Hitler and so forth.All will have lessons to learn and karma to work off but all will be welcomed home to God and Gods Kingdom!As Sai Baba has said “God Equals Man Minus Ego!”We can see then that the only we to Realize God is to Love Self totally and Allow ourselves to Feel and Experience God and the Ascended Masters Love,The Elhoim Creator Gods Love as well as the Love from the Angelic Hierrchies and the Love from the Extraterrestial Kingdom!This and these are the keys to achieving Total Full Spectrum Love!So the key lesson again is to love oneself and ones inner child 100% first and then allow oneself to experience Love from God the Masters and the SPiritual Hierarchy of Which you are in truth an Integral Part!This is the reason you are reading all these Things here today,to give you the training fromm God Spirit the Ascended Masters and myself.This is why all this material has been written!
Now that you have self love Gods Love the Masters love you are able to free yourself from all the Negative Ego Dualistic Types of Love such as:Addictive Love,Co Dependent Love,Attached Love,Conditional Love,Father/Daughter and Mother Son relationships in a Romantic Sense,as well as all the other types not mentioned here.
Now another way people can “Love to Much” is they become over identified with the Love Wisdom Ray and not develop or demonstrate any other Ray qualities.Another Way is that people go around saying “All you need to do is Love” and they end up getting attacked and are being run by their Negative Egos.For Love without Power Wisdom Harmony Science Devotion and Order will not form the Balance Required.Many confused Light Workers go around ministering their Philosophies which are often Quite Sociaopathic Pathalogical and even sometimes Psychotic.Be aware and ever viggilent for the Negative Ego parrading as Love,for we have all seen The Nazis and Hitler at the Height of their Power Laughing and Delighting in what looks like Love.There lies beneth the surface of this Unintegrated Love many dark layers of Evil and things unclean and unwell.Be aware then my Freinds and ever discerning!
One must be balanced in the 3 Fold Flames 7 Rays Psychology and Spirituality as well as Earthly Life and have a good understanding and transcendence of the Negative Ego!Be aware of Wolves in Sheeps clothings my Freinds!One must develop real discernment!Love is an important lesson of the Spiritual Path but it is not the only One!Only in the integration of the 3 Flames in the Heart and the 7 Great Rays makes one Scattered Over Sensitive,Un Focused Run by the Sub Conscious Lacking Proper Self Boundries and Boundries towards others,Prone to indulging the Desire Body,Sometimes Ditzy sometimes Dingy and prone to making a lot of Mistakes!Trying to be loving without being Wise and Powerful and in Self Mastery will not erradicate the Negative Ego forms of Love.The great lesson of Life who are caught in self delusion all think they are manifesting thier lessons perfectly.Talk is cheap so the saying goes.We must be in true alignment with God the Masters Angels and Elhoim and all kingdoms.Many who think they are in alignment with Integrated Ascended Masters ideal but they are not.There is no judgement in this it is given as a humble lesson for your eventual elevation!

Now with all these things in alignment one can begin to develop right relationships of all kinds.You have essentially taken care of all your Love issues within self by giving oneself love loved by God and the Masters totally before ever entering into love with another person.This allows you to move very quickly through the lessons of Love.It is a great blessing given from God and the Masters to who ever can learn to be right with self God the Masters and all others,for one then is able to love others in an appropriate way and hence then recieve love from them in a non attached spiritual way not an attached egotistical way!One can fully Realize integrate and Demonstrate Christed Spiritual God/Godess Love!This also allows one to get into right relationship to ones Earthly Parents.One relates to them as a Humble Center Unconditionally Loving Master and not a Victim!This also allows for a right relationship to ones Children and all children!Ones parenting is co Parenting with God.One knows when to guide and when to let go!This is the Next form of love to master!
The Learning of all these Lessons allows us to see how our thoughts create our Reality and how our thoughts create our feelings and emtotions.So to achieve real and true Unconditional Self Love and Self Worth one must fully Master the Transcendence of the Negative Ego and all forms of Lower Self Seperative Dualistic Illusionary Love.One must Master the Sub Conscious Mind Master the Desire Body,Properly parent the Inner Child,Master ones 5 Senses,Master the 7 Great Rays,12 Archetypes,Balance the 7 Chakras adn be right with self and right with God and the Ascended Masters.This and the balanced demonstration of Mastery of these areas lead to Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness that God would have us embody and Demonstrate as an Ideal!

This kind of Love has you be humble CO Operative Non Judgemental Tolerant free of envy and jeaousy,Seeing the Christ Only reflecting back at you.You have to always see it in self and in another at all times.For what you see in others is what you see in yourselfFor if you do not see the eternal self God Christ in your brothers and Sisters you are not seeing clearly.All judgement of races of Nations dissapears as one sees all beings as part of the One.Part of the One Planetary Being called God.Many people also need to learn to love the Physical Body.Many have been conditioned by the Mass Consciousness in this Regard for many believe they have to have a certain type of Body.In truth you have to get into loving your own Monadic Body and the Body your Physical Body that it is naturally.Thank and love your physical body for holding up so well.When it is not feeling well love it like you would a child.The body responds to love like all things do!Now the other lesson is learning to LOve Earth life!Earth is not a Prison planet but a shining light of God that is being transformed into a Bright Shinning Star of God and the Christ.To realize the Highest Love you must also love the Material Face of of God and the Material Universe.You must learn to embrace earth life and give you heart and soul and mind and might to transforming this planet to God and Lord Buddhas Blueprint.Everyone must be love on Earth not just in Heaven or on the Etheric Plane!Everyone must become love on Earth and Demonstrate love on a Spiritual Psychological Emotional Mental and Physical Love!This means only giving Unconditional Love to self and others at all times.This means giving love through Hugs Touch Massage moderate use of Sexuality and so on.This means realizing Love through all 4 Faces,Spiritually Mentally Emotionally and Physically!
Now the next lesson is the lesson of Falling in Love!For this is usually based on Sexual Attraction,which disipates eventually.The Integrated Ascended Master must demonstrate God Consciousness consistently over the long term in a Romantic and Familial Situation,one has then come a long way in developing INtegrated Full SPectrum Prism Love!One also must then come to develop Brotherly or Sisterly Love,fully recognizing that each encounter with another Brother or Sister is Christ Meeting Christ Buddha Meeting Buddha,God Meeting God.There is also the LOve of Supreme Mother Father God at the Highest Cosmic Level which also translates down the levels of Reality and Initiation into all dimensions.

Next there is the Love Of Teacher for Student and Student for Teacher.This comes from not missusing this energy to get money or sexual energy or any thing else from a student.This is a very real test for many Spiritual Teachers and Light workers,to never miss use this power.This form of Love is a very beutiful form of love if it can be mastered and balanced in the ideal manner and not miss used by the Negative Ego.Now another form of Love that needs to be developed is National State Shire Town and City Love.One must develop love for all the parts and groups one is a part of.One must develop Integrated Love from all these perspectives and one does not get caught in the Negative Ego in any way like for example Hitler did with Nazi Germany.I think you can all get the point here about developing Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad God/Godess Love of and at a Planetary Level and all levels bellow down to the closest and most personal self love!One must love all these levels and layers!NOw the final level of Love is Love of the Extraterrestial Races and the Greater Galactic Family,who are here at this time and working closely with earths evolution and Ascension Process.All the differnt kinds of Physical Bodies of our Extra terrestial Brothers and Sisters.The Governments are not learning these lessons at all as they keep trying to shoot the Et Ships down and are disclosing this Info from people.Now all these levels must be Mastered my freinds for true God and Self Realization to take place!You have now recieved the Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness meaning as to what is required to realize this Most High Love!Now lastly this will help yu develop the most refined and finely Cut Integrated Diamond Light Body.As you learn and master each of these lessons allows you diamond light body to be more refined and shine more and more brightly as an Integrated Diamond Light Body!Remember you are here to incarnate the Presence of God on Earth through God/Spiritual/Christ Consciousness on Earth in a Balanced and Integrated Way!By being God on Earth and learning all these lessons enjoying life Completing your Mission Having Fun you will be able to anchor and experience your Higher Light Bodies which are the Electromagnetic Body,The Epi Kinetic Body the Eka Body the Gematrian Body The OverSelf Body The Zohar Body The Anointed Christ Over Self Body the Higher Adam Kadmon Body and other Light Bodies!These higher Bodies will only be anchored and experienced if one learns ones spiritual lessons and tests on a SPiritual Psychological and Earthly Level!However you are able to do this and all the thigns mentioned in this chapter,this is what you have to look forward to,as do all Sons and Daughters of God.For this and much more is your SPiritual Heritiage and your Spiritual Destination!Blest indeed is the Path of the Integrated Universal Ecclectic Path of Synthisis!

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