Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"A little Knowledge is a Very Dangerous Thing!"

We do not like to admit this but some of the Most Egotistical People i have ever meet are Light Workers and So called spiritual People.We have all heard the Saying the Road to hell is paved with good intentions.Many people we know make this true.One of the Reasons that so many spiritual people mean well they are basically run by the Sub Conscious mind.When the sub consious mind runs you you are automatically run by the Negative Ego Astral Body Desire Body and Negative Ego.This is a Law of the Mind.If you let your Emotions run you you will be to much in the negative ego.This also means that the Inner Child will be to much in control.Most light workers are letting the non reasoning mind run their life and do not ever realize it!There are just a series of mistakes made one after another.This is again because one is run by a non reasoning mind.There is always a factor of integration that is required within the 3 Minds.Many light workers 3 Minds are totally fregmented.Which causes in some case extreme socialpathic and even psychopathic Actions Beliefs and thought systems.You would be amazed how many spiritual people and light workers this is happening to!Major spiritual Teachers are falling down the Spiritual Mountain left and right.The thing is most people who this is happening to dont even realize it!They dont even know what the Negative Ego is exept to be run by it.However if you asked them they would tell you they Mastered that in the Spring of 72.We can see this in for example a program like "Big Brother" or "Surviver".I think the Negative Ego is quite perceptable to people with no training in spiritual Psychology.Some leaders are co unclear and run by the negative ego that they are patholigical Liers and even sometimes even believe thier own lies!IT even manifests is one being so disturbed they believe they are some kind of God Realized Master.Many buy this hook line and sinker and cannot see the negative ego corruption.These leaders go on stage acting all loving and spiritual,however off stage there are a different person and are manifesting behaviour that could be considered the anti christ!We can see here that many are totally selfish behind the scences.Some of them even manifest really quite evil qualities and it is mind boggling that they can be called or call themselves spiritual People.In some cases the bite the hand that feeds them attack thier followers and students and call it spiritual teaching.They are lacking the most important quality which in my opinion is God Purity.This also manifests as a Split personality in the person where on manifests the Loving SPiritual Leader and then can switch to a Angry Hateful and Attacking personality,which is totally being run by the Dark Forces.They do not even realize this.Often they are totaly unconscious of any evil and have no idea what the negative ego is exept to be run by it!Light workers are un discerning and cannot see the negative ego in these so called leaders.This often also manifests as being totally run by the Inner Child.This also shows in people being over emotional Run by the Lower Self and Sub Conscious mind.They are filled with competion and jealousy.They think they are strong but they are really weak.They are very coniving.They are very good liars!They can turn on the spiritual charm and then the next minute turn around and be as hateful and attacking as ever.The reason this all happens is the fragmentation of the 3 Minds.Also very few people even spiritual people have not been taught the difference between the Negative Ego and Christ Consciousness.Most people also do not realize how much channeling is run through the filters of the channeler.If you knew i think you would think twice before ever giving your power to any channel or so called teacher!Many of these teachers are filled with self aggrantizement,Self Obsession and Negative Ego corruption.Now the key here is to be aware of these things within self and with others.We must be able to see the extreme corruption that is taking place.We must be super joyusly vigilent so as to not fall from Grace like so many Spiritual Teachers.Many of these Leaders are involved in Sociapathic Criminal and even psychopathic belief systems.Many of them are filled with self aggrantizement and negative Ego.They will however claim to be the Masters of all this.If you ask them they will say they are 100% manifesting the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad God Godess Consciousness.The Masters are very concerned about this.THings have actually been slowed down as a result of the fragmentation happening here.Many of people this is happening to have been put on serious spiritual probabation and even reported to the Karmic Board!We can see then now how serious a Problem this is for the SPiritual Hierarchy and the advancement of Planet Earth in Her Ascension process!This lesson has been given to open your Psychospiritual Senses so as not to be run by or taken over by these forces!It is given for your SPiritual Protection and Saftey!This in depth study has been given to open your Eyes of SPiritual Discernment that you might make progress and stand above the fall that has happened again in so many light workers and so Called Spiritual Leaders!It has been given that you might move ever closer to the Spiritual Integrated Ascended Master ideal,that total understands spiritual Psychology is not victimized by any outer or inner force.THis lessons has been lovingly given so that you might feel the attunement to the True will of the SPiritual Hierarchy God and the Masters,and to pull you out of the Mire of Negative Ego and Sub Conscious Mind interference!

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