Monday, September 6, 2010

“The 2nd Great Ray of God at a Planetary Level.The Higher and Lower Aspects of the Ray of Love and Wisdom.

“The 2nd Great Ray of God at a Planetary Level.The Higher and Lower Aspects of the Ray of Love and Wisdom.The 2 Worlds Created from the 2 Thought Systems.Choose who ye shall serve!”

Todays Earthly Psychological and Spiritual Ascension Adjustment Attunement and Alignment will be to the 2nd Ray Ashram of the Christ,The Sphere of Spiritual Education and all Planetary Education Systems aligned with Spirit.We will first attune to Master Dwahl Khul and Dr Joshua David Stone,who will be leading and directing the 2nd Ray(Ashram of Synthisis)for the next 2,600 Year Cycle of the Age of Aquarius.Joshua will be heading this office as well as the Office of the Planetary Christ Previously held by Lord Meitreya.Joshua will have a large part in all Ashrams of the Christ as the Planetary Christ but especially the 2nd Ray ashram as he himself is and was a 2nd Ray monad.Joshua nows guides all Incarnated Soul Extensions from the Inner Plane in his Light Body and Split off self.He guides us all back to Loving Wisdom which we hold at all times by our Psychological Effort.We claim the Full Personal Power of our Minds to serve loving Thoughts and to keep our Mind,steady in the Light!We use our Energy especially this day to Generate Loving Kindness to ourselves and all others at all times.We choose to Be unconditionally loving to Self and to others no matter what the situation,choosing to see the Christ in everyone and everything.We however remain psychologically Vigilent for the Negative Ego in ourselves and others so as not to be run by it.We do however give it 100% tough love and Personal Power to put the Negative Ego Sub Conscious Mind and Mass Consciousness in its place.As externalizing Ascended Masters and Aspirants on the Universal Ecclectic Path of Synthisis as Realizing Integrated Ascended Masters we must own our 100% Personal Power,Our 100% Unconditional Love,and our 100% Wise Discernment.For to do any less would invite Imbalance into our Sacred 3 Fold Flame and cause Less than ideal manifestations.We must tend vigilently at all times to the Sacred 3 Fold Alter on the Heart so as never to be victimized by Imbalance,Duality,Seperation,Fear,Attack,Illusion and the Lower Self.We must always and ever be Vigillent for God and Gods Kingdom!We must also do our 100% best to support our Brothers and Sisters in achieving and practicing this Realization.For as the Masters have said,”We are our Brothers Keepers?”
There are of course formed of this World 2 Thought Systems and 2 World systems that have been created out of the Either one of the Thought Systems.The 2 Thought systems are of course the Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Mighty I am Presence/God/Godess Consciousness and the Dualistic/Fear Based/Seperative/Illusionary/Lower Self/Negative Ego thought system.One Rules by a Loving Unified Mother/Father God and the Other by a Seperative God and Godess of Seperation Duality often known as Mamon.These 2 rule by seperation fear duality and the Lower Self.All those who serve this system as to different degrees upon this Sphere.In truth however this system does not exist,only in the Illusionary World of Seperation for all that exists is Gods Reality and the Dream of Perfection unending Love Forgiveness Perfect Peace and the Perfect Path of Return of all Sons and Daughters of God.All Creation returning to its Source.The Beings and Energies that hold on to the returning form seem to create a seperate existence and “Kingdom” upon the Seperative Planes of Non Existence.Essentially they exist outside of the Perfect Law of One and in thier own self created world where they Rule with False Illusionary Fear Based Seperation.All Incarnated Soul Extensions have a choice to step out of these worlds and wake up to the Great Dream of Gods SPiritual Hierarchy and Perfect order Law of Oneness Harmlessness and Perfect harmony.To the degree which we leave these illusionary worlds and raise our Personal Knowingness Love Light Power Wisdom Harmony Science Devotion and Magic is the degree to which we ascend on Gods Ladder of Oneness.The degree to which we progress on the Spiritual Path.Service is a Key to this proccess of course for once one achieves their Ascension basically one is only here to serve therefor all ones Energies go to this end.So our choice today is at all times and in all situations to the highest degree we can manage is to Transcend the Negative Ego/LowerSelf/Seperative/Illusionary/Dualistic Mind and Demonstrate the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad God Godess Consciousness.To that degree is the degree to which we develop Psychologically.The degree to which we demonstrate service to our brothers and Sisters in this Process demonstrates the Degree to which we progress in our Physical Earthly Process of God and Self Realization.The Degree to which we enact our Mission and Puzzle Piece perfectly is the degree to which we Realize God on a Physical Earthly Level.All 3 levels need to be worked on Realized Integrated and demonstrated in Balance.So again beloved Readers as the Master Dwhal Khul often says,”Choose who ye Shall Serve!”

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