Thursday, September 23, 2010

Any crisis is an opportunity to change direction in your life

Any crisis is an opportunity to change direction in your life
Any crisis is an opportunity for healing. The word "crisis" comes from the Greek and means "turning point in disease". So a crisis is truly an opportunity for a turning point in our lives. However, most people don't realize their crises as an opportunity and so the opportunity is lost. We are programmed by our society to think of crises as something bad and to avoid at all costs.The Integrated Ascended Master, however, has the gift and ability to see in every crisis the potential for Spiritual growth and healing. So the Integarted Ascended Master welcomes crisis and looks for the opportunity in every difficulty. The loss of a job is a potential turning point in a career. The loss of a loved one is an opportunity to put God before relationships, and the loss of inner peace is an opportunity to realize that a peaceful mind creates a peaceful world. So start looking at all the crises in your life, big and small, as opportunities for Soul growth and as a chance to change direction in your life, for this is the perspective that Spirit would have us take.
Beloved Presence of Father/ Mother/ God/ Brahma/ Allah/ Dharmakaya/ I AM THAT I AM.
We thank you for your Infinite Patience and Love, for all life's experiences enabling us to learn and grow. We thank you for your constant source of help and guidance in the world. We thank you for the certainty of answering our prayers and have absolute trust in your wisdom to implement our requests for the highest universal good.
Fill our entire being with Divine radiance that we may shine your Light. We thank Arcturus and the Arcturians, Master Hilarion and Lord Buddha for direction and expertise to facilitate new ways of using energy, communicating, the way we travel and care for each other. Bring us into alignment with enduring peace and balance. We ask for enlightened transition into the 7th Golden Age. We thank Sister Mary, Quan Yin and Master Kuthumi for tenderness, understanding and compassion.
May the fine essence of your perfect Love grow within our Hearts and enfold the Earth. We thank Archangel Michael and Faith, Master El Morya for bearing the flaming torch of leadership and invulnerability. Charge us with Divine Will and Power and may the leaders of our government be guided and empowered to lead by peaceful political co-operation.
We thank Melchizedek, our Universal Logos, for your over-lighting presence. May the Earth be annointed with your Holy Oil and infused with the purest Golden Light.
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