Monday, October 25, 2010

Developing a Daily Meditation Practice!

Developing a Regular Daily Meditation Practice We are able to Experience more Directly the Ever Present Oneness and God Consciousness that the Sages and Great Masters of all Ages have expounded and Demonstrated.Through Developing a Daily Meditation Practice as a part of our Program we consistently enter the state of Oneness thereby slowly and consistently breaking down the Illusion of Seperation and its attendant Falsities.Meditation Ideally should be practiced before 7 am while still in the Amrit Vela.This time is in Indian Philosophy the Time of Great Stillness where the Sattva Guna predominates the Akasha and allows for the most ideal meditation.One can choose from a variety of Meditation Practices.In the Kundalini Yoga System taught by Yogi Bhajan aspirants arise at 3:30am take a Cold Shower and Get dressed and ready for Yoga and Meditation.It is quite a rigerous program but one that has many benefits!When you can master and complete this morning sadhana program you become victorious over time and space for you have risen above them.So by this way we become victorious in our Life.Daily regular Meditation practice first and last thing in ones day also allows us to experience more directly the Inner Plane Reality that is part of our Light Body experience and it also gives us a greater level of Dream recall so we can make progress in our Consciousness by analzying and cultivating the Meaning in our Dreams.Writing these images and impressions from both our Sleep cycle and our Meditation practice gives us greater insight into the Inner Worlds and allows us to experience a deeper sense of Reality and Oneness.Make a commitment to meditate twice a day if not 3 Times.Morning Midady and Evening.Your Soul and Spirit will rejoice muchly!

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