Friday, October 8, 2010

The 3 Levels of Spiritual Vision.

This Most interesting lesson deals with the 3 Levels of SPiritual Vision.Most people only think of say Clairvoyance,Seeing Auras and Seeing into the SPiritual World.This does not however mean advanced spiritual growth.Usually these skills are developed in the Sub Conscious Mind.People who are schitzophrenic have spiritual vision so we can see that it is not a sign of spiritual growth!Different people see all kinds of different things and look into different levels of Reality.So the key then is that the degree of development of ONes Consciousness will create and magnetize different type of Vision,either Spiritual or Negative Ego.Now the Material Face of God and seeing that is just as important as the SPiritual Vision.Now we must develop an efficient perception of Reality by being balanced in our Earth Life SPiritual Life and in our Psychology.Now what we see on a earthly level can tell us a lot about a person or situation.How the Physical world appears to a degree also represents how ones Spirit if functioning.For the Earth is a reflection of the SPirit.NOw the 3rd type is the most important type and effects the other 2.This level is the Psychological level,for how we perceive is filtered through our Minds our Psychology and Sub Conscious Mind our past life programming our Archetypes our Ray structure our Training and every other subtle aspect of Consciousness.For this reason we need to develop refine and Master our Consciousness so we can perceive clearly.A lot of peoples vision is distorted because of an asque Psychological Development.All the thoughts and feelings we have about the world is just a projection of our THink upon the bed sheet of Empty Reality.We see what we are!So this again goes back to the point that we are either seeing and perceiving with our SPiritual Christ Mind or our Negative Ego.There is a way of interpreting life that will bring Love Joy Balance Harmony and Inner Peace at all times and in all situations and there is a way that will bring you ups and downs Bummers and so on.So it is of supreme importance of how we think and interpret our life through the Mind of the Christ!Have you not all seen the way the sub conscious mind interfears with people all the time,say when people are reading and make mistakes that are quite simple.Or say “Freudian Slips”We are all aware of how people can be hippnotized to see feel and experience things that are not there and act in totally rediculuos ways that they would never do if they where in their Conscious Mind.So there are many hallucinations that people have by the way of Sub Conscious Mind.Now most people on Earth including Light Workers and SPiritual People are run by the Sub Conscious Mind a lot of the time.The vast majority of the World is run by the Sub Conscious mind.When you are run by your feelings and emotions you are being run by the Sub Conscious Mind and are being victimized by the Negative Ego.People hallucinate all the time and have been basically hypnotized by Media Society Culture Race Family Advertising and So On.Very few people see form the Holy Instant.When every the sub conscious mind is running us on any level we are not in our Mastery.To be in Mastery one must be in control of the Sub Conscious Mind at all times.One must be continously programming the Sub Conscious Mind.Now when a person is run by the Sub Conscious Mind it is like being drunk.People do things they don’t remember doing and do all sorts of inappropriate things.Most people are run by the sub conscious mind anyway so then to go and get drunk is even worse.It is total poison!People are always projecting their Consciousness onto the World and create a reality that does not even exist.This is the Sub Conscious Mind and Negative Ego.Most people live in a false self created Illusion,not coming form the Holy Instant.Now so we can begin to see how importance it is to be in absolute Mastery of our Minds at all times,for the Sub Conscious Mind was never meant to be the programer of our Life!It is a servo mechanisim that was given to us by God so that we could create our Spiritual that we could create Love Peace Oneness and Perfection in our Worlds.It was not created that we could allow it to run freely and allow any kind of Junk into it.It was not made to be impressed upon by Negative Egoic Forces of Evil and Control.The Sub Conscious mind has even infiltrated so many Light Workers and Spiritual People.It is almost comical to see how many hallucinations people in the Light worker movement have created and live in.Half the population was Cleopatra in a Past Life and everyone was some God Realized Master in a Past life.It is quite rediculous.99% of Channeling comes from the Astral Realm and is a total distortion.Most channeling and channels have huge programs Huge Agendas Huge Programs and Sub Conscious Mind interference and the funny thing is spiritual people buy it all because it is channeled so it must be true!Be aware people and never give your power away to any one for any reason ever.
Now another key to understand that is we must be balanced in our Perceptual development of all the lens and aspects,ie our Ray Structure Our Zodiacal Influence Our Training and our Psychological Training.That is why it is so important to develop all our Rays all our Archetypes All our aspects of Self and develop the Higher Aspects while transcending the Negative Ego.We also have the lens of our Spiritual Training,religion,School,Friends,Numerological Configuration and so on.When we add all these together we get the full perspective on how we are seeing.Now this is of course just 1 1,000,000,000 of the Lens that God sees through!So we must learn to Master and Balance all these aspects of self so we can begin to see how God sees.
We hope now that you are starting to get an understanding how much our Consciousness effects our Vision and ability to see and perceive.We can start to see how our Seeing is effected by many aspects.It is hoped you are starting to see how channels are really channeling their own Psychology Lens and Training.There is no such things as channels,just people at different levels of Psychological Spiritual and Earthly Training who are bringing through information.
Everyone thinks they are seeing clearly even if they are totally run by their own Negative Ego and Programming.So be ever aware and discerning as to how people see and how you are seeing.This lesson has been given so that you can understand how the Negative Ego Emotional Body Sub Conscious Mind Inner Child and So forth can totally run a person and how Mastery can only be realized when one Masters these Aspects of ones Psychology.Only by Mastering all the Subtle Aspects of Self within and without will lead to the Realization of Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Mighty I am Presence/God/Godess Consciousness.

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