Monday, July 5, 2010

The Incredible Importance of Developing Full Spectrum Prism Love and Integrated Ascended Masters Love as oppose to Negative Ego Dualistic Fear Based S

The Incredible Importance of Developing Full Spectrum Prism Love and Integrated Ascended Masters Love as oppose to Negative Ego Dualistic Fear Based Seperative Illusionary Lower self Conditional Love.

Today’s Psychological Adjustment and Re attunement will be on developing Unconditional Integrated Ascended Masters Love and Transcending Negative Ego Fear Based Seperative Dualistic Lower Self Negative Ego Conditional Love. The Key factor in all of this is of course to always interpret life from the Christ Mind and always to think with ones Christ mind in all situations. There are 2 thought system alone in this World, that of Unconditional Love Unity Oneness Unbroken Joy and Inner Peace and the Illusionary Seperative Dualistic Fear Based thinking of the Negative Ego Since we are in the Aryan Age Currently(Previous World Ages include the Hyborean Age the Lemurian Age the Atlantian Age),which deals with humanities development of the Mental Body ,the Key Primary focus and premier lesson/test of this age is to think with ones Christ Mind in all situations of Life. If we can do this in a balanced and integrated way we will be well on our way to achieving our Higher Levels of Initiation and Light Body Planetary World Service and realizing God and Self at a Planetary Level. In truth the real work begins here when we consciously work on our Psychology for the Spiritual Level is really quite easy in that it takes meditation prayer and inner work .The Psychological level thugh needs to be more developed for many light workers are more developed spiritually then they are psychologically or even on an earthly level. For true integrated ascension to take place one must be balanced through all these 3 levels and for Full God and Self Realization to take place at a planetary level one must Realize God in the Earthly Face in the Psychological Face and in the Spiritual Ascension face .This is of key Importance to Integrating our Ascension. As we develop our Personal Power through the 1st day of the Week Monday, making a decision to never give our personal power away to anyone for any reason and also building our Personal Power Quotient through chanting Yoga Meditation affirmation Invocation decrees Mantras and Ascension activations ,we then move into the 2nd Ray Day of Tuesday where we focus our attention and Consciousness on the development of Unconditional Love for Self God and Others in that order! On this day of our Lord we through all our Spiritual Psychological and Earthly Practices focus on developing Uncondtional Love as well as Wise Discernment for the 2 go hand in hand or should we say heart in heart! We use our Power to Enter fully into Love And use the active Love to develop Wisdom and Discernment for it is sure that in our Receiving and Giving of Love we will encounter “Less Then Love” Programs and Action and in this case we apply the Psychological Wisdom that is appropriate, and discerning the Behaviour from the Soul and love the Essence even though the Form might not deserve it.(There are 2 levels to Unconditional Love, Form and Essence level and as incarnations of God/Godess Most high We have both at a 100% level ,it is up to use to receive and give this then to ourselves and others and this is our real work!)When we correctly think with our Christ Mind ,When we consistently interpret our Reality from the Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Muhammad/Moses/Mighty I am Presence/God/ Godess Consciousness we cannot be anything but totally 100% Forgiving and Unconditionally loving to Self and others at all times no matter what the testing we will face.(And be assured testing we will face if it is true Integrated Ascension and Ascended Mastery we seek above all else!)Focus then upon this and enter the 2nd Sphere of Eternal Life!

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