Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Incredible Importance of Learning to Think correctly at all times and in all situations with Ones Spiritual/Christ/Buddha Mind as oppose to ones D

The Key lesson Focus Test and Challenge for today the 3rd Ray Day of Active Intelligence is to learn to think at all times and in all situations of Life with Ones Christ Mind and to Transcend all Fear Based thinking.Since the 3rd Ray deals with active Intelligence we focus all our Mental Energy and attention on thinking with the Christ mind at all times and in all situations.We make a decisive decision to never give the Power of Our Mind away to any one or anything and focus on thinking with our Christ Mind as an absolute focus.Again this is a Key point especially in our Current World Cycle Of mental Attunement.We can call on Master Serepis Bey the the 3rd Ray Ashram of the Christ for assistance with this Process today.We can and should request Overlighting Guidance and Support from this Cohan and the Other High Level Initiates from that Ashram.We understand that there are 2 ways of thinking in life and we make a decision to choose the High Road in all situations today! This is the first Day and Ra of higher Mental Body Attunement and as such we attune our Mind to the Higher Mind of the Integrated Christ. We also focus our Energies thoughts and feelings on organizing our Business and Financial Affairs as this Day deals with Business and Finance. We make sure all our Business and Financial Affairs are in order take action to that end. This ray and the energies of today allow us to send and receive Higher Mind Thought Transmitions from the Ascended Sphere. It also allows us the Ability and skill of Giving Light Energy and Receiving Light Energy from the Higher Dimensional Spheres.
In coming to a Right Relationship to ones Mind and In developing the ability of the Mind to remain always steady in the Light in an active way we will be well on our Way to Mastering the Energy of the 3rd Ray.In learning to Transcend Negative Ego Thinking and Programing to the best of our Ability by always keeping our own Sub Conscious Mind and the Negativity of the World and those around us outside our Golden Bubble of Protection we will be able to remain in our God Mind in our Christ mind at all times.This Process must be practiced at all times and in all situations and in every now moment to the Highest Degree for real Mastery of the Sphere of Mind.Again it includes establishing our Grounding Chord into the Earth Mother as well as our Connection to the Father Source While invoking a Golden Bubble of Protection we stay centered in this awareness all day and keep outside this golden bubble our Own Negative Ego Programing as well as any incoming negative Ego Energy from the World or Others.This is the Key practice and Focus for today that if we can do we will be well to enter the Higher sphere of the 3rd Ray and 3rd Intiation!

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