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Cosmic Forecast, July 2010 by Michelle Proctor

Cosmic Forecast, July 2010
July is a massive month. There’s another eclipse, the Nodes are at checkpoint, Chiron reverses into Aquarius, Saturn finally settles into Libra then has its last face-off with Uranus, both Jupiter and Uranus turn Retro and the Cardinal T-square/Cross is locked in. I'll do my best to explain all that but in a word, it's BIG.
How did you go with the Capricorn Eclipse on 26 June at the Full Moon? I've had feedback that some had energising insights about exciting new goals, yet others had emotional upheavals as hoped-for goals felt thwarted. This was role-modelled at a national level when Julia Gillard suddenly became Australia’s Prime Minister on 24 June, two days before the eclipse. Goals, leaders & governments are representative of Capricorn. Sometimes people can be literally eclipsed under eclipses, which was the case for Kevin Rudd, yet others can be surprisingly elevated.
This sudden change of leaders has the flavour of the Saturn opposite Uranus alignment that began in November 2008 and finishes this month. On 27 July, Saturn (representing leaders, tradition, being at the top) and Uranus (representing change, the radical, the atypical) will have a fifth and final contest. Over the past 18 months, we’ve seen the first Black-American President elected and the first female Australian Prime Minister sworn in – two instances of Uranus winning the contest and bringing the winds of change.
Whatever goes on in the world at large often reflects what goes on within us individually. Have you noticed a seldom-attended-to inner wish or atypical part of yourself wanting more attention over the past 18 months? Were you reminded of it at the 26 June eclipse? Will it suddenly rise to the top like the shocking/surprising Uranian rise of Julia Gillard?
If you’re not sure what part of yourself this is, by 27 July, you’re likely to have more of an idea. Other illuminating breakthrough moments are possible around 6 July when Uranus goes Retro, 12 July at the Solar Eclipse and 26 July at the Uranus-ruled Aquarius Full Moon. If you feel like change has been a long time coming and it still doesn’t come for you in July, don't worry because we haven't seen the last of Uranus's influence yet. This planet is only just warming up!
Saturn has been in Virgo throughout the whole Saturn/Uranus face-off since November 2008. As other astrologers have noted, Kevin Rudd is a Virgo and he’s had Saturn hovering on his Sun in Virgo throughout the recent leadership difficulties. On 21 July, Saturn finishes its stay in Virgo and settles into Libra.
Interestingly, Julia Gillard is a Libran. Soon Saturn will be on her Sun in Libra, increasing the pressures of leadership for her. Over the next 2.5 years we’ll be watching world leaders integrating the energy of Libra. Perhaps we’ll see more women rise to top positions while Saturn is in this Venus-ruled zodiac sign. Libra is a sign of consultation, negotiation, agreements, laws and justice. As individuals, we’ll be encouraged to cooperate and collaborate more during Saturn’s stay in Libra. We’ll be making a stand for injustices to be righted, whether relationship, family, work, school, government or global injustices.
Libra is also the zodiac sign of relationships. Saturn in Libra brings reality checks and big decision points in some relationships. Relationship counselling is likely to increase over the 2.5 year period of Saturn in Libra. Saturn helps release us from old karmic conditions that might be stopping us from having the types of relationships we really wish for. Deep commitments and marriage are possible under Saturn in Libra but Saturn is also the planet of endings.
As far as Saturn’s influence goes this month, once it heads into Libra on the 21st, the Cardinal T-square fully kicks in. The zodiac signs involved are Aries, Libra and Capricorn. Whenever the zodiac sign Cancer is activated, the T-square becomes a Grand Cross. The Cancer Total Solar Eclipse on the 12th certainly activates Cancer themes this month. The energy of the Cardinal Cross makes the personal and global collide, and July truly is a month when the personal and political co-exist.
As if the Cardinal T-square/Cross isn’t enough to bring world events right into the core of our beings, the Nodes also demand attention. The Nodes represent destiny, fate, karma and evolutionary turning points and right now they're conspicuously slow, hovering at 11 degrees Capricorn (North Node) and 11 Cancer (South Node). During this current eclipse season (June/July), the Nodes bring a destined turning point, personally and collectively.
The Nodes’ natural movement is in reverse to the planets; i.e. they are predominately Retrograde. When any of the planets go Retro they tune into the energy of the Nodes and pick up karmic themes. To understand the Nodes we need to be a bit Retro, i.e. still and reflective. So this month, with the Nodes vibrating tensely at the same frequency point, it seems imperative to find a slow moment to discover what ‘destiny’ is trying to tell us.
That sounds easier said than done especially as we all continue to be pushed and pulled in three or four competing directions with the intense influence of the Cardinal T-square/Cross (as described last month in my June forecast). But in truth we each do know how to find a spare moment to listen in. Sometimes our inner selves might even wake us in the night as if to a crying baby. Who can ignore a baby crying in the night? We might want to, but is it a good idea? If destiny cries out to us, will we listen? And what will we say back?
With the South Node in Cancer and the mid-month Cancer Eclipse, the cosmos is letting us know it’s ‘moving house’ time, personally and globally. We’re packing our boxes and sorting our stuff. So what do we want to keep and what do we need to let go of? Cancer also points us toward family connections. Who or what is family to you? If a part of yourself is clinging dependently to ‘family’ on any level, this is the month for greater independence. Conversely, if you live life as if you don’t need family, this is the month to connect with those who offer you love, acceptance, nourishment and support.
On a global level, the human family is losing some of its most cherished members through the devastating oil catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. Precious sea creatures are dying, and the ocean and nearby land are clogged with thick tar-like oil. The sheer quantity of oil gushing out of the blasted Deepwater Horizon site is staggering, covering an area equivalent to the distance between Melbourne and Brisbane.
Deaths or endings often happen at eclipse times and with an eclipse in Cancer, the zodiac sign of family, we might on a personal level be called to tend to loved ones in a crisis or to say our goodbyes. Alternatively, it’s possible to heal some seemingly irreparable rifts with loved ones. For example, who would’ve thought it possible to get the thick molasses-like oil off those pelicans?
On a personal level it’s worth questioning whether there’s anything suppressed inside ourselves that has or could burst out uncontrollably like the oil spill. The South Node in Cancer brings up the past, especially bottled up memories and emotions. Unleashed pent-up emotions represent the dark side of Cancer, which then threatens to destroy the beautiful side of Cancer. Raging torrents kill off what we treasure most like the pelicans, dolphins, fish, crustaceans and sea turtles in the Gulf.
Yet it cannot be denied that oil is a treasure in its own right, but only when managed well and used sustainably. Often we suppress our deepest passions and desires, which like oil, would be able to fuel exciting endeavours if used in balance. The Full Moon in Aquarius on 26 July and other Uranus factors during the month (mentioned above) could well bring flashes of insight that spark innovative solutions to seemingly impossible problems.
Uranus wants us to evolve and progress according to our individual passions with a view to freedom for all, not just the few, and in a community-minded way. The Gulf of Mexico birds and fish aren’t looking too free right now. For many years, inventors and innovators have successfully developed sustainable oil-free fuel alternatives. Will their voices finally be heard? Inside ourselves, we’ve possibly also been coming up with brilliant alternative solutions that free us from the burdens of life as it is. Will we hear what the inspiring liberating part of ourselves has been saying?
The North Node in Capricorn also shows the way forward. But it requires using Capricorn energy inventively, not falling back on old Capricorn ways. The old Capricorn ways are pushing forward blindly, ‘achieving’ and ‘succeeding’ without holistic thinking. The relationship between many governments and corporations seems to show negative Capricorn short-sighted wealth accumulation. Have governments become the voice of corporations instead of the voice of the people?
Positive ‘new’ Capricorn thinking requires sustainable goal making for materially healthy futures. Old Capricorn overworks, feels pressured to succeed, takes on too much responsibility and therefore becomes prone to ignoring the input of the ‘whole family’. ‘Family’ represents every layer of reality including the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. Not just the physical, which is the downfall of Capricorn if it doesn’t listen to its opposite – Cancer. Cancer’s emotional wisdom honours the vulnerable, the beautiful, the soft, the tender, the heartful, the loving. Cancer is not happy if it can’t share nourishing meals or enjoy quality connections. It might well crumble into ill-health, inconsolable tears or other forms of overwhelm.
Pluto, Neptune and Chiron are currently Retro. Uranus and Jupiter join in with the Retro impulse in July. Uranus, the planet of the future, goes Retro on 6 July as if to urge us all to think deeply and seriously about where our futures are headed if we keep on with the current Capricorn/Cancer imbalance. Jupiter also goes Retro on 23 July. It’s as if all these five planets are accessing the realm of the Nodes to have a meeting about destiny. With so many planets Retro, don’t be surprised if your energy levels are low. We're being called to go within.
Chiron, the cosmic body that highlights what is wounded and needs healing, shifted Retro on 5 June. Chiron is pivotal to the astrology of the Gulf of Mexico BP Oil Catastrophe. On 20 April, the day of the BP oil rig explosion, Chiron moved into Pisces, the water sign associated with fish. It's the sign connected with the sea, ocean, wildlife, nature and the vulnerable, including sensitive ecosystems. This was Chiron’s first zodiac sign shift in five years and on the actual day it moved into its fresh zodiac sign, Pisces, one of the hugest oceanic ecological disasters in modern history happened.
Chiron can only be at the starting point of Pisces once every 50 years. A century ago, two Chiron cycles back, in mid-March 1910, the largest oil spill to date happened off the coast of Kern County, California: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lakeview_Gusher Chiron had just entered Pisces at the time. So we are now seeing not only a real-world repeat of a disaster a century ago, but also an astrological repeat of Chiron being in the exact same place in the zodiac. History is repeating and not in good ways: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deepwater_Horizon_oil_spill
Interestingly, when the Nodes were last in Cancer/Capricorn, a catastrophic oil spill occurred, the Gulf War Oil Spill (23 January 1991): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulf_War_oil_spill At that time, the South Node was also in Cancer and Chiron was prominent sitting right next to the South Node. It seems that our oil habit has been wounding us for quite some time. Back in 1979/80, in the Gulf of Mexico there was also a massive oil spill comparable to the current one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ixtoc_I_oil_spill At that time the South Node was in Pisces. So Cancer and Pisces, the water signs associated with the sea, beaches and sea creatures, stand out in these instances, as do Chiron and the Nodes.
Pisces is associated with confusion, mixed messages, misinformation, cover-ups and denial. There have been many claims of cover-ups over this current oil blowout, as well as past ones. Did anyone see the 60 Minutes feature on the catastrophe, called 'The Poison Tide' that aired on Sunday 11 June? Apparently the video footage of this was put on the 60 Minutes website but then suddenly removed. The transcript of the show remains at this link: http://sixtyminutes.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=1068159
I didn't watch the show when it aired, yet a few days ago managed to watch a version somewhere on the web. I’m having trouble finding it again now through Google so you might need to search. Somehow the 60 Minutes crew got exclusive rights to fly directly above the oil gush site (despite many other film crews being refused) and the images of the dense, thick, heavy oil are truly shocking. Michael Usher, the 60 Minutes Reporter, gives more information in his blog: http://sixtyminutes.ninemsn.com.au/blog.aspx?blogentryid=656090&showcomments=true
As we know, the oil pouring from the pipe breach beneath the ocean has still not been successfully contained. With the Atlantic hurricane season now in force, things are not looking good. On 20 July, Chiron Retrogrades back into Aquarius helping us see the situation more clearly, either by an increase in shocking news about the disaster or an increase in activism and awareness raising. Aquarius is an air sign and associated with hurricanes and freak weather conditions. It’s also associated with air quality, which has been seriously compromised in the Gulf region. Jupiter square Pluto on 25 July will also amplify anything to do with oil and explosions as Pluto rules oil and Jupiter amplifies/explodes.
This month, the Nodes seem to be hovering waiting for our instructions. If world events do indeed reflect the creations of the collective subconscious, then let’s see what new creations we can manifest by sending heartfelt intentions for what we really want. In a co-creative cosmos ‘destiny’ awaits our direction regarding how we want to evolve. The ancients performed sacred ceremony and ritual to communicate with the cosmos. In recent years there’s been a resurgence in dialoguing with the cosmos through prayer, meditation and manifesting techniques.
Like giving orders to waiting staff in a restaurant, July is the month to ‘give our orders’ to the cosmos so that it can go away and make up the meal we’ve requested out of whatever ingredients are available, then bring it back to us and see if we like it. Often we discover we’ve subliminally ordered something our conscious selves don’t want. A group of spiritual leaders is organising a sacred call to action over the Gulf disaster: http://www.evolutionaryleaders.net/gulf/ , yet we can also send emotions of peace and healing to the Gulf through our own personal meditations.
Pisces is the zodiac sign of forgetting but Cancer is the zodiac sign of remembering. This month with the big Cancer emphasis, the planets are saying ‘stop forgetting’. This is a time of awakening. It’s a month of facing the personal oil spills in our emotional, family and work lives and cleaning them up. In the same way I've just traced some of the oil spill events astrologically, it’s also possible to find in a family line the forgotten tragedies that continue to get acted out in family dynamics.
This is not just birth family; it’s our chosen adult families, groups of friends, local communities and more. We take unfinished birth family dynamics into all future ‘family’ interactions. And prior to that, whatever dynamics are unfinished from our previous lifetimes we take into our birth families. Do you or does someone else in your ‘family’ get loaded with the emotional or helping duties while other family members achieve out in the world? How can a healthy balance of involvement in family tasks and involvement in worldly success be created?
July could be an emotional month, but hopefully there’ll be good doses of joy thrown in as we ‘move house’ and sort through our stuff. Great memories are likely to surface. We’ll find cherished belongings we thought we’d never see again. We’ll reconnect with people special to us. Soul mates from other times will grab us in merry dances and pick up the journey again. As often as we find we need to say goodbyes, we’ll also be celebrating new connections that build on the best of the old. We just need to be careful we don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.
July is the month to stay aware; take a pause from achieving; attend to the sicknesses within our lives, our relating dynamics and our world at large; create new templates for how we want things to be; then be guilt-free as we get back into achieving again, this time with a new respect for what happens behind the scenes as we achieve. Let's clean up before we slip into the mists of forgetfulness again as the results of not cleaning up this time round could be dire. How much toxic overload can our waters, air and hearts take?
The South Node in Cancer says we are free to let go of the past but warns that it will stick to us like blobs of oil if we push ahead in stubborn negative Capricorn fashion without learning from the past first. Without even knowing it, we might be killing off precious sea creatures that are actually the key to life itself. The hugest (Capricorn) whales eat the smallest (Cancer) plankton in the ocean. Without the plankton, the whole food chain and rhythm of life is lost.
If you’re interested in knowing more about this current Eclipse Season, I highly recommend the CIA’s You Tube Eclipse Report found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rxadTRd7p8w Be sure to click on Part 2 as well. Any troubles, go here: http://www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com/new.html
Wishing us all some positive Uranian ‘aha’ moments that show us fresh ways forward.
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