Friday, July 9, 2010

“The Incredible Importance of Learning to See and Percieve correctly with all ones Inner and Outer Senses."

“The Incredible Importance of Learning to See and Percieve correctly with all ones Inner and Outer Senses.Learning to see feel and experience the Kingdom of God in all its Granduer and Glory.Learning to see with the eyes that see!”Todays Brief Blog Post and Daily lesson my friends will be upon the Importance of Learning to see correctly.As we are today dealing with the Right use of the 3rd Eye Ajna Chakra we will deal with and explain the perspective of the Ascended Master on seeing and perceiving and how to integrate Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness in our Earthly Life in our Psychological Consciousness and in our Spiritual Ascension Life.The key understanding to grasp first that there are really only 2 ways of seeing in life,One seeing through the Eyes of Unconditional Love Forgiveness Oneness Eternal Peace Understanding Rest and God Knowledge God Vision as it where.This comes of course from thinking consistently with Ones Christ Mind and always interpreting life from the Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/God/Godess/Mighty I am Presence thinking.Once one does this consistently one learns to see correctly with all ones Physical Earthly senses,with Ones Inner Clairsentient and Inner Seeing.One begins to see the Real inner Meaning of things for one is thinking correctly and this allows the inner and outer mechanisim of perception to be accurate.One can perceive the Inner Plane and starts to see feel and Experience the work of the 5th Kingdom of the Ascended Masters and can begin to perceive correctly this World as a meer reflection of the Granduer and Glory of God above.One begins to see through love and sees everything in life as a spiritual test and lesson to remain in Oneness Harmony Peace Personal Power Unconditional Love Wise Discernment Active Intelligence Christed Science Devotion and with Magical Transformation.One learns to balance ones vision to see feel and experience the Kingdom of God in all its Granduer and Glory and use ones vision to glorify God instead of Self.One uses ones Energy and Mind to see clearly as the Christ sees.At this stage one begins to develop Higher Spiritual Gifts of Seeing and perceiving.It is at this stage that Higher Super Senses begin to get activated and One starts to perceive a great many things that are in some sense unspeakable.One begins at this stage to see the Greater Glory of Creation and ones Place in it.One learns to be a peace and surrender to Gods will and one Learns to see every living thing as an incarnation of God/Godess and so develops then Right devotion.One develops and practices the Holy Encounter in every interaction.One at this stage sees all as a perfect expression of God/Godess and so develops right devotion to the all manifest in the “small”.So the Key practices for developing this Vision and Correct seeing on a Physical Earthly Level is to see all ones Routine all Ones Daily Tasks Chores Duties Errends and Physical Earthly Tasks as devotional Service to God the Most High,to see feel and experience all ones energies as serving the Most High and putting all ones Devotion into all ones Actions Thoughts and Feelings that one becomes totally merged with God on Earth through ones Physical Earthly Life!On a Psychological Consciousness level on would then commit to seeing feeling and experiencing all ones thoughts feelings energies and encounters as of God meeting God,Christ Meeting the Christ Atma meeting the Atma.One would then Practice psychological Purity Perfection Invulnrability.One would see all as the Christ and act accordingly!And on a Spiritual Ascension Level one would then use ones Inner Senses to perceive the Spiritual Dimension through Meditation Affirmation Prayer Mantra and other Spiritual Practices.One ideally would use all ones Practices to Percieve and see correctly the Kingdom of God on the Inner Spiritual Planes.Practicing all these things consistently one will be making the Highest Level Progress and Ascending in an Integrated and Balanced Manner as God would have it be!So let it be written and so let it be done!