Sunday, July 4, 2010

Key Lesson and Self Assessment on Grounding your Spirituality.

Key Lesson and Self Assessment on Grounding your Spirituality.
“We call forth and ask to be taken now to Gods Holographic Wisdom Seat. We are here given a vision of our Mighty I am Presence and Fully Enlightened Self in all Its radiant Glory and Peace .Sit down for a moment now and experience the Consciousness that is you. Meditate now on the Following Questions.
-How are you in this Incarnation grounding your Spirituality into the Earth Plane in an Integrated and Balanced manner?
-What Practices will you incorporate from now on as part of your Grounding your Spirituality on Earth?(Yoga Running Massage Hot Baths Foot Massage Feng Sui etc)
-Have you written out a Physical Earthly Program to include all aspects of Earthly Grounding and made a plan for their implementation?
-Do you go for a Daily Ascension Walk?
Do you Where and align your Clothing with the Integrated Ascended Master Ideal you are Aspiring to?
-Do you have a lot of Fun in your Life?
-Have you ever been inspired to practice Yoga Asana Martial Arts or any other grounding Practice? Will you commit now to taking this up?
-Do you take art in Active World Service in any Way shape or Form? How can you do more planetary World Service each day?(
-Do you practice the Presence of God in Thought Emotion Word Action and Deed?
-Do you have a structured Disciplined and Routined Life? If not how will you develop this key attribute Skill and ability?
-Do you control your Thoughts Feelings and Energies even while you sleep? Do you practice Joyus Spiritual Vigellence at all times and in all situations?
-Would you say you are a man/woman of Integrity? Is their consistency between your 3 Minds and 4 Bodies ?How can you bring more Alignment to these 3 Levels?
Do you act as if you where the Embodiment and Incarnation of God/Godess on Earth?
-Have you found true Spiritual Name that really sits your essence and Monadic Energy? Meditate on your Self and Receive your Higher Monadic Christed Name.
-Do you keep Physical List and Journal as some sort of Spiritual Accounting and keep well organized and Grounded Physically keeping good records of all your Spiritual Psychological and Earthly Life?
-What adjustments would you or will you make now to ground your Spirituality more fully into the Earth? What commitment will you make to grounding your Spirituality into your Psychology into your Spirituality into your Earth Life into your Personality into your Family into your Community and into the Planet?
Your test and challenge today is to communicate with another the Importance of grounding your Spirituality into your Earth life and ways in which you can apply this. Meditate on creative ways you can share this key lesson and understanding in active service to humanity and your Brothers and Sisters on earth.
Be sure to remain grounded and Integrated Fully into the Earth Plane and 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th Dimensional Reality in a Balanced and Integrated Way so that you can be a bridge to Heaven and bring heaven full to earth!

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