Friday, June 18, 2010

Spiritual Vision and Mass Hallucination caused by the Negative Ego Programing.

Spiritual Vision and Mass Hallucination caused by the Negative Ego Programing.

There are actually 3 levels of Spiritual Vision as with all things in our Incarnation.God is a Trinity and this relates also to todays theme of “Spiritual Vision”.Most people think of Spiritual Vision as being clairvoyant.However there are a large number of different spiritual visions,some people see auras,some people see chakras,some people see into the astral plane,some see into the Mental plane,Some see into the Spiritual Plane,some see into the Earthly plane and some see into the Psychological world of Mind and its various manifestations.Some people see into the Spirit World through the use of Hallucnagenics and psychedelics.There are so many levels and layers to spiritual vision it is quite unbelievable.

It also must be understood that ones Consciousness and Psychology will also affect ones Vision for in truth ones Consciousness affects every area of ones Perception and experience of Life!The first level I will speak of is Physical Vision.The key understanding is that God Lives as much in the Physical Universe as he/she does in the Spiritual Universe.In this way we need to learn to see all physical expressions as God/Godess literally in form.All you can see is he/she!This level is of course though just one the Faces of God.Ideally we develop an efficient perception of Reality by learning to see clearly and move into perceiving life from an integrated ascended Masters perspective.The Physical appearance of any person gives us information about that person.The way they walk,the way they talk,the Physical Clothes they Wear,their demenour,their Stride how they decorate their home and so forth.Also some people are not seeing clearly physically by not having clear eye sight.Sometimes the Lens in the eyes don’t focus properly so one does not quite get a clearly defined perception of Physical Reality.In this case that person might require glasses.

Of The 3 Levels of Vision,(Earthly,Psychological and Spritual)psychological is the most important for it colours our other perceptions for we not only see with our eyes but with our minds,Super Conscious Conscious and Sub Conscious.If the 3 Minds are not balanced aligned and integrated we will see from a fragmented perspective.If we are run by the Sub Conscious mind we will see through the lens of the Sub Conscious past life negative ego programming.We most certainly will not see clearly.This is why we need to at all times and in all now moments learn to balance integrate and align our 3 Minds.We need to learn to see clearly through a Transcendent Spiritual Psychology,We need to learn to see the Material Universe As Gods Body as much as the Spiritual and we need to see the Spiritual as much as the Physcial.Learning to do this in a balanced and integrated way we develop an efficient perception of Reality!There are basically 2 Levels of Spiritual Vision,one being the Spiritual Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Mighy I am Presence/God/Godess seeing and the Fear Based/Seperative/Dualistic/Illusionary/Lower Self Negative Ego seeing.Once we learn to see with our Christ mind alone in all situations and circumstances we have come to have an efficient perception of reality!There is a way of perceiving that will bring unchaning joy happiness inner peace and another way that will bring you ups and downs and a rollercoaster of life.Choose then my friends to think with your Christ mind and choose always to have the Spiritual Christ Vision of the Holy Encounter and Innocent perception that God would have you see!

Sub Conscious Interference,

An interesting Spiritual Discernment from a Psychological Perspective is that Most Light Workers are to a great degree run by the Sub Conscious Non reasoning Mind and so automatically run by the Inner Child Negative Ego Lower Self desire Body.Occurs for most people have not yet learned to practice Joyus Spiritual Vigilence at all times.This leads to one being ineffective in theier perception of Gods Reality.Most people are totally programmed by Teachers Rabbis Priests their parents their Past Life Programing the Inner Perception Media Government National Karma and everything else that effects ones programming.Most things people see and even most light workers is a Massive hallucination of the Negative Ego.Most things people see is a massive hallucination of the Sub Conscious mind and Negative Ego.It has been said that the World is Dream,The Aborigines talk of the World as “Dreaming” and this is quite true in many ways!We are constantly dreaming either from a Love perspective or a Fear Based Perspective or some mix of the 2.Our goal and mission then is to dream and perceive only from the Spiritual Christ Mind and to Enter Gods Infinite Endless dream of Perfection Love Oneness Eternity Abundance,in short to re enter the Dream of God/Godess that we are!

So most People Currently are being Run by the Sub Conscious mind to a great degree and living in a mass hallucination of the Negative Ego and are not even aware of it!The Sub Conscious Mind was never meant to be the programmer of Ones Life however that is what is happening to a great extend even in Light Workers and so called Spiritual People.This has caused so many to be dreaming up and perceiving things that do not even exist for the believe things to have deep meanings when they might actually have no significance to that person or situation.Also people see through their own Ray Structure Astrological Make up,Past Life Programing,Level of Spiritual Psychological and Earthly Development,Philosophy,Gender,Profession,friends,Politicalaffiliation,Education,Numerological Configuration,Archetypal Configuration and identification to name just a few!Most people are looking through one millionth a lens that God sees through.So then we can begin to see why it is so important to Integrate all the Many Levels of Spiritual Earthly and Psycholgical Vision into a Cohesive and Synthisized whole so that we can see with Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and Integrated Ascended Masters perspective and true Spiritual Vision!We can now see why it is so important to Become an Absolute Master of Every Thought Word deed and Piece of Energy in Service of God and the Masters,To totally Master Ones Energies Routines Patterns Life Rythms Mind Negative Ego Sub Conscious Programing Inner Child Psychology and so forth.That is why it is so important to keep your Golden Bubble of Protection up at all times,To Balance your 3 Fold Flame of Personal power Unconditional Love and Wise Discernment!That Is why it is so important to remain joyously Spiritual Vigilent for God and Gods Kingdom and never go on Automatic Pilot for a second even while you sleep!We can see that why it is so important to absolutely master every piece of Energy at the highest level at all times and in all situations in service of God on Earth!We can see why it is so important to learn to transcend the Negative Ego/Dualitic/Seperative/Fear Based/Dualistic/Lower Self mind at all times and to learn to think feel and see only with ones Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/

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