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How Uranus & Jupiter conjunct in Aries are urging all of us to Self-Realize on a massive scale!By Tracey Gendron.

How Uranus & Jupiter conjunct in Aries are urging all of us to Self-Realize on a massive scale!
Hello all - it's me again with the promised note from June 2nd...enjoy!!
I've been meditating on the significance of Uranus moving into Aries (May 28th, 2010) for a few months now but it wasn't until a few nights ago when I had the bright idea to see what was going on in the world the last time Uranus was in Aries from 1927 to 1935 that I got it! The stock market crash and the great depression spring automatically to mind but this wasn't what I was after. My thoughts were circling the idea that Uranus was going to Revolutionize (because that's what he does best) the Ego (Aries). Soooo I quickly googled just: 1927 1928 Ego and, lo' and behold....JACKPOT!! The very 1st web page that came up was a lecture by Krishnamurti from 1929 while Uranus was firmly in Aries and it blew my socks off! (see resources below for the website) Perrrrrfect.
His words vibrate with Uranus in Aries energy. Read the whole thing, by all means, but here are some of my favourite relevant excerpts that just ooze Uranus in Aries energy:
" If you want to change the world, if you want to destroy the shadow that lies across it and make it healthy, pure and strong, you yourself must be strong; you yourself must be free from all fear of these things. That is what I want you to do. You must destroy those things which are false, unessential, which create superstition and chaos. And to do that, you yourself must be beyond the clutches of fear."
"Again, you must be free from fear of convention, of what your neighbours say, which is rather difficult -much more difficult than freeing yourself from fear of gods. Conventions are made for weaklings and weaklings are produced by conventions."
What a perfect Statement. Aries is opposite Libra (the 'other') - it is all about you! hahaha: "You must be able to stand alone, indifferent to companionship, indifferent to loneliness, because they do not exist. For, if you are in love with Life, Life has no loneliness, has no companionship. IT IS."
"It is as individuals that you must become centres of that dynamic energy which sweeps aside all the unessentials - as individuals, not as an organized body. If you as an individual are adamant about something because you know it to be true, then you will change the world. But you cannot change the world if you are yourself uncertain."
Krishnamurta, 1929
Isn't that empowering, inspiring, vitality-generating, action-taking stuff?!
I looked up his chart to check him out and was not surprised at all to find that he was born with Uranus opposite his Sun (Self) and trine his Mars (the ruler of Aries!). So he really is the perfect Uranian being to express the energy to us.
Through his words I have really come to know what the highest vibration of Uranus in Aries can and will be for many of us: Nothing less than a one-man/woman Revolution (or Evolution as some like to say) taking place within each of us!
During the last 7 years when Uranus was in Pisces, Uranus was working quietly, but powerfully, from behind the scenes - revolutionizing the way we feel and relate to the immaterial, non-physical, unknown, divine, worlds. I don't think that anyone would disagree with me if I said that from 2003 until May 2010 many of us went through our own personal Spiritual Revolution, don't ya think? Realizing that, wow, our culture has only brought us up to see half the story!
So, from that quiet and profound energetic combination Uranus, having been in Pisces, the last sign in the 12 energy cycle, moves into Aries: Spring! Youth! Birth of a brand new Cycle! New Eyes to see with...and lots of energy to take Action with! Everything we've been idealistically been dreaming about (remember Neptune conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius for so long and then Jupiter in Pisces, making our dreams and ideals even bigger?!) wants to move into reality now. Move into Action.
Be all that you've dreamed of Being!
You'll see how Revolutionary Uranus really is when we look at Uranus' past. Uranus brings people together in mass movements with unusual, revolutionary ideas becoming alllllmost mainstream...
1968 to 1974: Uranus in Libra: Peace & Love (Neptune got things going earlier as it aspected both Pluto and Saturn) Libra's ruler is Venus: Love & Harmony.
1975 to 1980: Uranus in Scorpio: Sexual Revolution (Scorpio rules sex and taboo subjects)
1981 to 1987: Uranus in Sagittarius: Revolution in Consciousness Expansion. The New Age movement got going, lots of channeled material came through. Harmonic Convergence in 1987)1988 to 1994: Uranus in Capricorn: Structural/Political Revolution. Czechoslovakia's Velvet Revolution, Berlin Wall collapsing, Perestroika in Russia, the end of the Cold War) Uranus reeeeally dislikes restriction.
1995 to 2002: Uranus in Aquarius: Technological Revolution. We all got computers during this period, didn't we? I was a total Luddite until 2000!
2003 to 2010: Uranus in Pisces: Spiritual Revolution. Think was a different world, spiritually speaking back then wasn't it? How many people and parents and young people you know have opened up to mystical and spiritual ideas?
2010 to 2019: Uranus in Aries: Revolution of Independence & Self-Realization. Waaahooo! Stepping away from the box, away from the tribe...being gloriously your Self: strong, courageous, beautiful, independent, individual and always springing from the clarity of Being your Self! Time to 'come out'!
Uranus in Aries combines a helluva lot of independence, personal freedom and uniqueness. Not to mention the surprise factor, actually. Don't be surprised if something really unexpected happens or if something happens that shocks or surprises you - Uranus likes to mix things up because sometimes that's just the thing you need in order to Shift into a new perspective...
So - that's Uranus in Aries...what will Jupiter bring to the mix when he moves into Aries on June 6th and conjoins Uranus on June 8th?
For the world and for us, perhaps some BIG surprises - but on the individual level definitely Jupiter will bring a massive amount of benevolence to all of the Uranus in Aries independence and excitement over our re-self-discovery. (Jupiter is positive, abundant, lucky, expansive, consciousness expanding)
Maybe we will all discover that our Selves are so much more expansive and all-encompassing than we ever thought possible?
Maybe we will be surprised to discover new, big, beautiful rooms within ourselves that we had no idea existed previously?
Maybe each of us, individually, will grow so big, in our benevolence, that we will start overlapping and create a whole new world with values that resonate with the new field we've co-created and tapped into? (remember the Blue Night energy for 2010? Co-creating our reality and dreaming our new world alive?)
When I see challenging aspects in my own chart or in the energy out there right now (I'm talking about Saturn opposite Uranus and both square Pluto in the cardinal signs - yikes!) I like to see what Jupiter is doing (I am a Sagittarian after all - Jupiter is my planet!) just to see what kind of help we're getting. (Jupiter guides and reminds us of all the good things in Life!)
This summer, as many of us know, we've got a pretty challenging line-up but I think we'd all agree that...something's gotta give, man! Right? One look at the state of the structures of our world tells us...time for radical change.
Back to Jupiter....Sooooo during this challenging time (astrologers have been talking about the Grand Cardinal Cross/Square of 2010 for years) what energies are available as a 'way out' of the challenge? Uranus and Jupiter conjunct in Aries, clearly! We are all being urged to move into embracing our individuality, strength, courage and to take action towards what is going to make us truly fulfilled! If we don't like the way this game has been arranged we don't have to play! We can start our own game.
Uranus in Aries fully supports, in a huge way, those of us who want to break away from living in a normal, restrictive culture (with whacked values) to living a life more in alignment with Nature, Beauty, Love....perhaps on acreages, growing our own food, with like-minded people nearby to trade food and services with. (is this a tangent!? I don't think so! haha) Aries is the Pioneer! And Uranus doesn't like status quo or having an outside authority tell you what to do (yuck). I would totally expect new villages to crop up around the world as more people move to the countryside to start their own communities! This ain't communal living. These are new villages! How exciting....!
If this idea is up your alley you should check out The Ringing Cedars Revolution group (see resources). They are actually starting these communities all over the world (it has totally taken off in Russia). To see if it resonates you might want to read the first Anastasia book (see below) - I know it totally inspired me when I read it last Spring. The book is very very empowering - I totally recommend it.
Sooooo as this note comes to a close I hope that your self-realization engines are revving and that you're ready for take-off! (many of us have already taken off!)
Expand into your True Self and take it with you wherever you go...
With millions one-man/woman Revolutions (Evolutions) I think we've got something here!
SupaLove to you all,
June 2nd, 2010

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