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Julija Simas ,"Cancer Ingress 2010,"

Cancer Ingress 2010 - 21st June - UT 11:28am
We know significant change is on the horizon when we see Uranus at the first degree of the zodiac, zero Aries, at a cardinal ingress. The Agent of Change heralds a new beginning, a global awakening, a step out of the past and into new uncharted territory. It is this sign-shift of Uranus, beginning a new 84-year round of the zodiac, that we celebrate this solstice. Jupiter joins Uranus at this zero point; it ignites and doubles the spirit of Uranus – we can expect spontaneous outbursts and thrilling revelations. Uranus, just like lightning, changes the dynamics of a charged atmosphere and rejuvenates and invigorates the earth.
The solstice Sun at zero Cancer squares Uranus exactly. The Sun in the sign of Cancer represents consciousness of our need for safety and security; Cancer symbolises the oceanic womb from which we all emerge, regardless of nationhood, borders and race, the sense that we are all family and we all share the same home. Radical Uranus squaring the Sun suggests that we can feel change, we can feel heightened tension and discomfort. As the dynamics of the upcoming cardinal t-square get tighter, tension builds, aggravating major global change and heralding the fraught energies of the next 3 months and beyond. However change won’t come easy. Uranus’ position at the zero point at a cardinal ingress will occur twice again in the next 1½ years: at the Aries equinox of 2011 (when Uranus will conjunct the Sun), and again for the Capricorn solstice of 2011 (when there will be a Sun -Uranus square), promising 2011 to be a year of even more significant dynamic change than 2010.
Uranus’ move into Aries liberates pent-up energies and frees them up to breathe again, causing disruption, sudden readjustment and rebellion. With this move we are more than ready to act with Promethean spirit to fuel the fires of change. The price, however, to equalize, liberate, enlighten and awaken, is to challenge the powers that be, the structures and systems that no longer nourish, nurture or make us feel safe. Uranus isn’t afraid of shifting the comfort zone and with a Uranus-Sun alignment we are compelled to change, consciously. The Sun, arguably the major focus at a solstice, is placed at a pivotal point, namely the missing link of the tightening cardinal t–square. A few days after the solstice, a partial lunar eclipse with the Sun at 4 degress of Cancer and the Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, accentuates our familial ties and every individual’s role in global transformation. The subsequent total solar eclipse on 11 July 2010 at 19 degrees of Cancer (the eclipse being visible in the South Pacific Ocean), alerts us to the way we treat our oceans, water resources, water creatures, water pollution , the element which makes our planet’s environment so unique in this solar system, the giver of life and nourishment. The eclipse path’s closest major mid-Pacific landfall is on Easter Island, and we could consider the historic ecological demise of Easter Island as very symbolic at this time, and perhaps a warning for where we, as a planetary community, are potentially heading. It is not surprising that we find ourselves in the midst of one of the worst oil pollution disasters, a signal event that must ultimately raise consciousness to the drastic need for change and transformation with regard to the ongoing destruction of our natural systems resulting from corporate blindness and greed.
The Sun at this solstice is opposed by Ceres and Pluto. Ceres radiates great energy as she aligns with the Galactic Centre at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. The Galactic Centre, a massive black hole with unimaginable amounts of energy and matter being sucked into it, is the point in the middle of our galaxy around which our solar system revolves. The Galactic Centre represents surges of inspiration, abundant sources of energy and information flow, as its physical nature suggests, identifying obsolete or wrong information and knowledge and letting it go or getting rid of it. At this solstice this swirling vortex of energy is channelled through the great goddess Ceres, indicating how important it is to follow her fecund rules, to ensure the continued blossoming of the Earth. Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea, is also aligned with Ceres via the magical aspect of 144 degrees; almost like they are colluding together as the natural world retaliates against abuse, neglect and destruction.
The 29-degree Libra Moon speaks to us about balance and rebalance and the difficulties and restlessness associated with the times ahead, the general uneasiness of the world and its people and the lessons of justice that must be learned. The grand trine of Neptune with the Sun and Moon seems out of harmony in different elements, a mix of water and air: emotions, memories and unconscious urges springing to the surface to be somehow rationalised. It suggets that we lack faith, that we are unhappy and not yet ready to become more passionate about what we believe in.
Mercury, associated with trade and communication, is strong in Gemini and is moving fast ahead of the Sun. It conjuncts the fixed star Bellatrix, a star that depicts the great hero Orion’s shoulder in the constellation of Orion. This connection indicates the need for quick decisions, taking on a courageous fighting spirit, planning strategies and organization, which we will see, reflected in a world desperate to fix the mess.
Mars in trine to Pluto reminds us that energy spent on good missions can be very effective and transformative; motivated action will surely transpire to make something shift. Mars ruler of the sign of Aries, where Jupiter and Uranus meet, conjuncts by ecliptic longitude the star Thuban in the constellation of Draco, the dragon associated with many myths, alerting us to poisons and poisoning, very appropriate for cleaning up the biggest ever oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. Mars in Virgo, the sign of health and purity, is appropriate for the humble acts of service to the body of the world in which we are being required to engage, the cleaning of the exquisitely complex ecosystems which have been fouled with toxic sludge.
This solstice, step outside and have a look at Venus in the evening sky (if the weather permits). Her brightness at this part of her cycle illuminates what we value most here on our planet. Hold up a mirror to yourself to acknowledge how you act in the world. Do you sit back and complain, are your actions effective, do you blame everyone else for what goes wrong in the world? In Leo, Venus wants to shine, to radiate beauty and stylish confidence, to declare its value openly and with frankness: those leaders who lead with magnanimity and poise will be popular and attractive. Leaders who confidently express the need for justice, peace initiatives and dialogue and who advocate respect for alliances will be more assured of success.
As the Promethean spirit is embodied in the Uranus archetype, we think of what new gifts we can bring to humanity, or what may be handed down to us from inspired ideas, inspired people, leaders and movements, as we have become more ready to receive change and move forwards from the past. As we stoke the solstice fire, whether at a northern summer festival celebrating the peak of the sun; or keeping the flame alive as a yule log on the longest southern winter night, reflect on Prometheus’ courageous act, the act of bringing fire down from Olympus for the good of humanity. As you light the solstice fire this Ingress, think of your own burning Promethean urge and how it can bring positive change to humanity, as we collectively consider the Sun as a representation of our global fire and evolving universal consciousness. – Julija Simas

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