Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Developing Full Spectrum Prism Integrated Ascended Masters Unconditional Love of Self and of all others.

Developing Full Spectrum Prism Integrated Ascended Masters Unconditional Love of Self and of all others. Learning to love all of Creation and all God/ess Extensions and Incarnations!

Today’s Lesson test and Challenge is on developing 100% Unconditional Self Love, Receiving Love from God The Masters Angels Elhoim your Mighty I am presence the Earth Mother and others, Then learning and practicing giving that love in all kinds of ways in all kinds of relationship while always remaining Right with self and right with God! In getting right with self First in loving Self First fully, we can allow ourselves to receive Gods Love and then give and share that love with our Brothers and Sisters .For many people actually love the wrong way around and develop bonding Patterns that are imbalanced inappropriate and not in the Integrated Ideal .If one is not right with self and right with God one cannot Love another properly for if one does not love self one will end up seeking that love and wholeness outside of self in another, which eventually will end because of ones attachment which will end up causing suffering .When one is fully right with self fully whole in self fist one can then enter relationship with others and one can then fully extend their unconditional Self love and Self Worth that one gives totally to self and allows oneself to receive from God and the Masters one can then share that Essence and Form Level Self Love and Self Worth with all others.
It should be noted here also that there are different levels of love that all need to be Integrated and Demonstrated for Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness Love in the World.There is Love for the Mineral Kingdom Plant Kingdom Animal Kingdom Human Kingdom Ascended Master Kingdom Angelic and Arch angelic Kingdom Elhoim Kingdom God/Godess Kingdom and Elemental Kingdom,There is also Love for our Brothers and Sisters Love for Our Parents Love for our Siblings Love for our Teachers Love for Our Students Love for our Employees Love for our Employers Love for our friends Love for all Kinds of relationship in truth and the key that all this must be done to ones Highest degree in a Totally Unconditionally Loving way.The Key to doing this is in learning to Think at all times with ones Christ Mind Ones Buddha Mind One Krishna Mind and learn not to think with the Negative Ego/Seperative/Dualitic/Seperative/Illusionary/Fear Based/Lower Self Mind.This is the premier test and lesson of the Spiritual Path and it must be practiced to ones highest potential for Full God and Self realization to take place!So then be sure today to make a decisive decision to Remain in Unconditional Love of Self and all others in all situations and to always think with your Christ Mind giving and Receiving Gods Love Unconditional and then giving this to others we can then pass through the 4th Sphere into the 5th Sphere!

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