Monday, June 28, 2010

Learning to Love Self and all others Unconditionally at all times even as God/ Godess Mother Father God Loves us as Children Unconditionally!

Learning to Love Self and all others Unconditionally at all times even as God/ Godess Mother Father God Loves us as Children Unconditionally! Opening to the Universal Spiritual Education system and thinking with the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna God/ Godess Mind at all times!

Quite a Length title for today beloved friends however it gives the Synthisis Summary of the transmition lesson adjustment that this brief lesson will be. This lesson will bring yourself and myself back into alignment with the Ideal that this Ray and Day call your Forth to embody and demonstrate. T he alignment will happen on a Physical Earthly Psychological Consciousness and Spiritual Ascension Level. It will when finished return you to the Heavenly Ideal that God the Masters and your Own Mighty I am Presence would have you embody and Demonstrate on Earth in service of your Brothers and Sisters on Earth! So with out further delay and description let us explore this Integrated Ascended Master ideal that is being given forth this Day of our Lord, this day of God/ Godess!
The Key Earthly Practice and lesson of the 2nd Ray Department of Spiritual Education and the Ashram of Synthisis is to remain in commit to Receiving in all life situation’s and personal encounters with other extended Souls the Lesson that we are being taught for in life there is always a test and lesson that we are being given by God the Masters and our Own Mighty I am Presence.When we focus on looking for this lesson in all interaction we can make quick and swift progress on the Earth School.We will be able to move quickly through our Planetary Lessons once we continually look for the lesson we are meant to learn,(Not Focusing on teaching others their lessons for that is the Negative Ego)Focusing on learning the lesson and not being attached to anyone else learning their lesson! Focusing on remaining in Love and Wisdom in all encounters and receiving God the Masters and our Mighty I am presence Love.We choose to attune to the Masters of Education namely Planetary Cohans and Directors Dwhal Khul and Dr Joshua David Stone.We attune to and request to be spiritual psychologically and Physically grounded to and aligned with the 2nd Ray Ashram of the Christ.We then own our Power 100% in all situation and use that Power to Serve Group Consciousness Unconditional Love and Oneness.We choose to remain in love and oneness at all times and in all situations,never to the best of our ability create any separation between ourselves and God and our Brothers and Sisters!
The other Key lesson is to be totally right with Self,Right with God before merging and aligning with any other relationship.We must 100% put our Relationship to self and God first before any other relationship for to do so would be to inappropriately subliminate our energies into Relationship and thus have fallen into the Duality of “Alternative Loves” “Pearls of Lesser Price” and “Little Doors” We will have in Gods eyes had false Gods,for that which we put first is symbolically our God.We must put our right relationship to self first,then God then once this is fully established that we can begin to develop a right relationship with another,in a Ascended Master Romantic Relationship which is out Ideal that we are all collectively striving for,for we are coming out of Mass Consciousness and into Ascended Masters Consciousness and this is our focus and work to be done!It must also be understood that in allowing our selves at all times to receive God the Masters the Angels and Elhoim and all kingdoms love Unconditional for us that we will be easily be able to give that back then to our brothers in sisters in the Spirit of Totally Humble God Pure Sharing and Unconditional Love that is the Ideal that we are all called to share and experience!
The Key of Course to all this is to learn to Think and interpret all life situations and experiences from our Spiritual/Christ/Budhha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Mighty I am presence/God/Godess Consciousness and never from our Negative/Seperative/Illusionary/Lower Self/Selfish/Lower Self Negative Ego mind.For in the Aryan age we are now currently in and working towards completing we are working on Attuning to the Mental Body and thus working on Attuning to and Mastering the Spiritual Mind and Spiritual Mental Body!This should be and is in esoteric Truth the collective work we are all doing weather in Full Consciousness or not.So in learning to think with our Christ mind at all times we can be sure that will be learning all the Lessons of the 2nd Ray Ashram of the Chirst.

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