Monday, June 28, 2010

This Weeks Awareness Excersise

Now before I go straight into your first exercise from Gerald
O'Donnell, there's a few things you need to know about these
Awareness Exercises.
1. They'll make you happy and leave you smiling :-)
2. They boost your chances of positive change and success
3. They'll prepare you for advanced personal and spiritual
So if you'll accept those awesome side effects, then let's get
Awareness Exercise 1: A New Way Of Being
If you're like 99.99% of people out there, you probably have
experienced stress, anxiety, fatigue, frustration, and loneliness.
What this exercise seeks to do is up the vibratory rate of your
Higher Self so that negative emotions do not plague your being
and bring you down.
The whole premise of this exercise is "Smile at the world and the
world will smile back at you."
Step 1. From the moment you awake to the moment your head hits
the pillow, constantly imagine that you're smiling from the inside at
your outer reality.
Step 2. Imagine you're smiling from deep within your mind and
from within your heart. You are projecting that happiness and
smile outward through your eyes and expression.
Don't be surprised if people comment on the sparkle in your eyes
or when your mouth automatically curls upwards :-)
Step 3. Imagine that your heart is filled with the pure joy of being
alive. And for this it continues to smile.
Now continue doing this for at least a week every day. You'll begin
to notice monumental changes. Not just in how you interact with
the outside world but also in how the world acts and projects
reality towards you.
People will notice your presence and be able to sense your Inner
Love and Smile without understanding why.
And that's just the first exercise. I'm really excited to share the next
one but until then, keep working on this one.

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