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2 Kinds of Love,The Perspective of Integrated Ascended Masters Love and Negative Ego Dualistic Seperative Lower Self Love.How to discern the 2 and Live in the One!

2 Kinds of Love,The Perspective of Integrated Ascended Masters Love and Negative Ego Dualistic Seperative Lower Self Love.How to discern the 2 and Live in the One!

Todays Brief article will be on the 2 Kinds of Love.There is Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Muhamad/Moses/Mighty I am Presence/God/Godess Love and there is Seperative/Dualistic/Illusionary/Lower Self/Materialisitic Love and most people have not learnt to think at all times and in all situations with their Spiritual/Christ/Buddha Mind!Most People have not been trained in Spiritual Psychology and the Different between the 2!Most people do not even realize there is 2 Kinds of Love and usually come from a Fragmented Sub Consciosuly Run Program in relation to Life and the many relationships of Life.Therefor most people are not Right with Self,Are not Right with God and are definitely not Right with other.This brief chapter will address this issue and ideally make the appropriate Psychological and Spiritual Adjustment that is needed!

Now it must be understood that most people are cut off from their Spiritual Life and hence sublimate energy and attention that they could be using for their relationship with Self and with God,into energy of relating to other.They are however not right with self and there for not right with God and there is no way then they can be right with another.We project our relationship with ourselves on to Our Relationship to God.This can be seen in Old Testament "Angry and Jealous God"My friends do you really think God the Suprme Creator and Sustainer of the Universe is an Angry and Jealous God?Most certainly he/she/it is not!It is only our projection of our own Psychological make up that we project on the the Infinite Screen of Consciousness that we know as God that we get these images and Illusionary Ideas and understandings.This also relates the the Many False concoctions of the array of Gods that many people Dream and Imagine.They are simply projections of Ones own Mind upon the screen of the Infinite.They are just reflections of your Self at Higher Dimensions of reality.If you wish to Change the Gods Change yourself!Now most people don't realize that they are cut off from their spiritual life and hence sublimate their energy into focus on relationships of all kinds.

There a a few Key points to understand here in relationship to being right with self.If you do not fully own your Personal Power 100% you will automatically seek your Personal Power within another Person,If you do not Fully Love yourself Unconditionally you will give this Unconditional Love out to another.If you are not feeling totally whole in self you will automatically seek wholeness in another person.So the Key lesson is to Own your Personal Power 100% at all times and never give it to another person To Love your Self Unconditionally at all times and to be 100% whole within self at all times!Another Key is that if you are attached to another person or anything in life you will suffer for as Lord Buddha said,"All suffering in Life comes from attachment!"If you change your attitude to preference you will be happy no matter what happens in life with another person or in any situation.We must ultimately all change our thoughts feelings desires wises goals aspirations and efforts into Super Strong preferences going after them 100% but keeping them as preferences!This way we are happy no matter what the outcome in life!Another Key Law of Life is "That which you are attached too ultimately you will repel in your Life!"For this reason it is better to learn this lesson by grace now inwardly rather than by Karma at a latter date and in the Outer World.Make everything a preference and be attached to nothing and watch everything magnatize to you!So again if you are cut off from your Spiritual Life and connection to God and all that is,you will generally always sublimate this energy into relationship with another which can never work out because you are a not right with self or with God and b Because you are attached to a person or situation event and that will be repelled automatically by Law!

When Sublimation takes place energy that one was meant to use to channel into Establishing a Right Relationship with God with Oneslef with The Ascended Masters With Spirit in all forms has been inappropriately sublimated into a Primary Romantic Relationship.If this happens on both a Spiritual Earthly and Psychological Level it will be even more serious and pronounced.If one is giving their power away not loving self and not whole in self they will seek all this in another,and when they repel that person and situation by their attachment they will the Automatically suffer as their attachments are not being meet.Also we must understand that what ever we put first in Life is Our God,so if you put another person before God you effectively are carrying our Idol Worship and have false Gods as it where.There are different degree of this addictive Love depending on ones Level of Self Realization Self Actualization Mastery and Psychological Spiritual and Earthly Development.Most Light workers are Right with God though not with with Self,they are Spiritually advanced but not psychologically advanced so they generally are still subseptable to this kind of addictive Lower Self Negative Ego type Love.

Some However are Right With Self and Right With God,however they Put their Romantic Relationship before God and hence and still metaphoric idol worshipers and are heading for a fall and suffering.Some Lightworkers and Initiates are connected to their spiritual Life to God and the Masters,Have self Love and Self Worth are Self Actualized and Self realized to a Great Degree however they are still running Mass consciousness programming by Putting there romantic Relationship first.They are the Most advance of the types being discussed here however they are not truly coming from the perspective of an integrated Ascended Master Consciousness and still have work to do,for example take many Eastern Gurus and Masters who if put in a Romantic Relationship would be totally dysfunctional.To realize this Integrated Ascended Master Ideal we need to understand that it is all a matter of perspective.Our main focus in our Relationship is to focus on learning our Lessons rather than being attached to our partner learning there's or worst still in our teaching them thiers!This is Gods Job not our Job!We should focus totally on learning our Lessons in relationship.If we can do this our partner will learn very quickly from our Christed Example and pattern we are setting!Also just because you are Right with Self and Right with God does not mean you have learnt all the lessons of romatic relationship for you have not!(This is a whole other set of lessons to learn!)

We must learn to Put your Right Relationship to Self and God first 100% of the time!This does not take away from love it adds to it!It is when you don't do this that unconditional love is lost!When ever you don't remain 100% right with self and Right with God,what ever percentage you have lost in this regard is the exact percentage you will gain in an addictive type of Love.This leads to Negative Ego Lower Self Seperative Illusionary Materilaisitic Mind slipping in which will create abandonment issues addiction attachment separation fear abandonment issues rejection issues resentment anger irritation impatience intolerance and unhappiness.It is only if you are 100% right with Self and Right with God that you can stay out of this Kind of Lwer Self Addictive Fear Based Love!When you are right with self you are right with God which allows you to be a clearer mirror image of the Christed Ideal and Pattern for you partner.You have then Full Personal Power Full Unconditional Love Wholeness Mutual Independence Preference rather than attachement bubble of Protection Lack of Ego Sensitivity and No Judgement you don't take things personally and you are not prone to feeling rejected or abandonded.When your partner gets of Kilter you don't take it personally.if they occasionally get angry it slides right off like water off a ducks back ,You respond rather then react,You remain centered and have compassion,and you realize that Attack is a call for love!

When you are Right with Self and Right With God you see all through the Eyes of Love and not the Negative Ego!You see through the eyes of the Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Mighty I am presence/God/Godess Consciousness,humblness and humility,Everything in life is a Spiritual Lesson and Test,you turn the other cheek,every moment is a choice between God and Negative Ego Love and Fear Forgiveness and holding Gruges,Judgement and unconditionally Loving Spiritual Discernment.Remeber that to mistreat you partner is to mistreat God/Godess,and remember that every moment is an opportunity to practice the presence of God and remember that nothing that happens outside is anything but a Spiritual Lesson and test to see weather or not you can keep things in proper perspective.When you are right with Self and Right with God you are not concerned with Teaching them their lessons for you are only concerned with learning your Own lessons as n absolute focus!When you are right with self and right with God all you are about is learning your own lessons to the best of your ability!It is your preference that you partner learns their lesson but you are by no means attached!When you are right with self and right with God you happiness is 100% within yourself and not within your partner.You cause your own reality by how you think!You are the cause of your own feelings and are not a victim of your partner.Hence there is no fear of abandonment or rejection for you are fully right with self and with God!You are not destroyed if they leave,for you are fully right with self and right with God and that is the very reason why they don't leave!You are not possessive or jealous,for your relationship is based on trust!You communicate what is on your Mind in a calm loving and rational manner.You state you preferences to your partner however if they are not meet you are totally still happy for happiness is a state of mind not based on what your partner does!Sex is a preference and not an attachment,you are not moody for you are right with self and Right with God and are in control of your Astral Emotional body Mental Body Negative Ego desire body lower self sub conscious mind to run you!You respond appropriately in all situations rather than react!

When you are right with self and God you are Mastering the Art of Love.You are balancing the God/ess energies by being in this relationship,It is helping you more fully balance and refine what is within you,You are never self righteous or Holier than Thou for that would be the Negative Ego perading as Spiritual.Everything is shared as your own personal opinion,Spiritual Observantion Spiritual Discernment,You agree to disagree in Unconditional love,You pray together to God and the Master before any discussion,and ask for help,You hold to your Psychological and Spiritual Ideals which allows you to stay centered,when you partner gets psychologically and Spiritually Sick you don't catch it for you keep your Spiritual/Psychological Immune system,you set a better example for you are setting a better example because you are maintaining your right relationship to God and Self,you take the High Road out of Genuince Christed Compassion love and caring.

Being right with God and Right With Self you Live to Give and Live to Serve!It doesn't matter if you do a little more of the Chores for you are so right with self and right with God that your Cup Runeth over and you wish only to help serve and love,you are constantly buying your partner gifts leaving Kind Notes around writing Love messages Givng hugs and affection supporting them helping them be God and helping them be right with self and right with God.And if they are not you are just setting the quite loving example!It is because you are so right with Self and SO right With God and the Ascended Masters that your Partner loves you so much!Your relationship is based on Integrity rather so there is never anything to fear!You can fully share your Full Love and emotional feeling for you are so full of Love and Light that it runs over and flows into another and fills you all with the Love of God and the Christ!There is never any competition for all you care about is self and God Realization for self and Others!Both of your Spiritual Paths come first which builds even more love,Both your Lives are dedicated to Service,You share a life of God together,you apologize for your Mistakes when you make them!You never engage in an ego battle and when ever things get heated or tence you automatically take time out to get clear and re center.You learn within self and learn within other and never repeat your mistakges,you communicate often but don't over process.You work out many things within self for they are your lessons,you are constantly making additudinal adjustments to keep the romantic relationship in the Tao.You set such a Christed Spiritual Example that your partner cant help but love you and learn from you!They will begin to take on your Energy pattern of being right with self and right with God and It will have to be that way for you for you do not allow your self to do anything else.You are not doing this however for your partner you are doing this so you can realize Integrated Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness,God is the only purpose and reason you have incarnated.God is who we are!A romantic Relationship Is in truth God having a relationship with God!So my Beloved friends I hope this has been an Enlightening Insight into the Perspective of Integrated Ascended Masters Relationship and the Consciousness Psychological Ideal!

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