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Pranic Breathing ~ Kirael with photon energy.
Photon energy is a new miraculous power that is the cure for all ills of our journey here on the Earth plane. We used the photon to bring the power of the spirit in front of our journey to achieve inner peace that transforms.
On a practical level, in time we will run our cars with photons and we will cure the diseases that limit our personal journey. Photons can make a simple headache go away, or to relax a severe cramp.
For those of you who are skeptical, skepticism will be dispersed at the time in this magical energy they need, and remember to inspire in its physical form.
What would be the worst thing that could happen if they forget this simple practice of breathing photons? Perhaps, like most of us when we feel pain, you just forgot to inspire, depriving your body of this magical energy, and instead take an aspirin or let Mother Nature take care of your cramp.
It is assumed that it would be better to regulate your body through breathing prana of the photon. Thus, the headache or cramps disappear in a "magic." In fact, if they feel their life is going to escape, you can recover the whole way through pranic breathing. It's your choice, your life!
Master Guide Kirael through the loving mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling
Each part of the human is now raising their own pace vibration. Some are "so high quickly, and another not. What I am about to disclose in today may not be to the ears of every human being, because some still need to cling to the experience of the third dimension, while others will be willing to test your own reality and move towards light which are not fully aware. They will want to look at the things about which only have dared to dream in the past. They will open in a new way of seeing their own reality.
In today's going to talk about the photon energies and how they interact with humanity, but we have to start from a simple plane. If you in the human world for a moment to recognize your physical body is only one vehicle to maneuver through a fine movement of light that the Creator, through his love, has created, calling the plane of the Earth, you would see that are in the finest sense, a product of the light of the Creator. You are a light force of the Creator.
His journey to open in this plane of Earth is just beginning. Although you have spent millennia trying to provide to their planet's most beautiful human experience possible for you, are now aligned to move towards an arena in which the energy for which there will be seen as light. They may even go so far as to be secured in photon energy, reducing it to the value of its last particle, and realizing that in the quantum energy, the cell photonic energy can be transferred from one end of the universe to another without diminished itself .
How I can do this? This operates on the beam lines of particularization. A cell can send your energy photon from one end of the universe to the other, connect with other cell photonics and deliver the same quantity of energy I had when you started.
Let us consider the human brain. Its scientists have told them that you use about ten percent of your brain for processing thought. Well, the first thing I would do is not to associate the thought with the brain, because according to my knowledge, nobody has ever opened a thinking brain and found inside. The brain acts similarly to a computer. Receive the light of your Higher Self, which is designed to take care of their physical presence. The right brain is where it originates all that is beauty, music, harmony, the colors of light, seeing all I ever want to be. Your left brain is the essence that makes methodical walk through this project called the physical world.
You the human world, walk in a large vacuum energy around them at all times. The vacuum must be filled out because this is a cosmic law of his universe. Fill it with what is one of two processes. You fill it with the ego itself, which is 10 per cent of the thought process that imagines that you are limited, or filled with the essential light, its highest vibration of 90 percent, that part of you that most have chosen ignore.
As we help them to understand the photon energy, you are aware that for some time something is wrong - the reality that they can actually focus on the right brain. Not only that they can focus, but that can take you into the mind of 10 percent and automatically raise your vibration, which therefore automatically increase in DNA fibers of which are currently operating.
I've told them in the process of cell signature, that having the nomination to come to Earth, you chose the closest possible parental structure, best suited to your journey. As soon as the sperm and egg unite, you "instruct" their cell symbol - even what we might call his cell photonics - which will ultimately be stored in the pineal gland. The pineal gland is the central point of activity between the left and right brain. It is the center of everything we do between spirit and physical.
This cell photonics, symbol or cell or cell Divine Light is an expansion of high vibration, so small that they can not detect. However, they have to understand that light is the source of his that controls every part of their reality. When you think you are limited by the physical expression, it will take to see the other end where they are unlimited and what they call the etheric light.
His energy is the force pattern of any light connected. You are a vision, my friends. You are the light of all lights, and you move toward that experience through the light. The photon energy leading to its plane of Earth forward in the most dynamic source of light. It's the only thing, the only particle that is supported only by the power of God the Creator. It is the only energy that can be used to expand its light to any level of awareness of their choice.
Therefore, are themselves not physical, but experiencing this dimension with a physical vibration. In the part of you that is not physical, or particle of light (that beautiful photon energy cell that is the Light of God incarnate), will find an experience that will lead to an unlimited world.
In the days that are no longer striving to be better than another, the day I strive to be better collectively, the day that I do not want to see as masculine or feminine, but collectively they know that come from the light, you see the harmony and the value of being human. You will see why they are so beautifully loved by their Creator. Come to have greater clarity about the world and life will never, ever, that life is limited, but yes it is the experience of being human. So I used this time with your highest potential.
You will mitigate the human experience through death, but such as were the astronauts who left the plane of the Earth on February 1, 2003, you will never be out of life. When the particle of light is completely free of physical experience, she does not grieve, do not cry, do not do anything but love, for she loved every moment of the physical experience that your body has gone through. It has seen itself at its highest potential and in turn expects to receive another incarnation. In that light, my friends, you are eternal. In that space can remember.
Allow yourself to remember in this incarnation that the Great Shift is that level of consciousness that have been waiting for so long to use a physical presence, while experiencing the full expression of light. In contrast, they found a version of life beyond all comparison, because it is the experience of beauty. Here you know the source of the Creator, and here are no longer living in fear as they only know the world of love.
It is the Creator's promise switching to this beautiful earth in one of the highest-dimensional scales vibration for humanity and all other life forms. So be part of it, my friends. No limits are set in; Look at your potential. See the potential to be light, then further breaks will endeavor to fill every moment with the ecstasy of love itself.
QUESTION: How does pranic breathing and energy of individual photons to travel in this direction?
KIRAEL: Here's something I have not shared before. When you pull the energy through the crown chakra in the practice of pranic breathing, photonic particles also penetrate the cell to cell call of God, the cell of Light of God, or as they like to call . Scientists would like to see it as a cell photonics.
Photon light particles are vibrating exact equivalence Cell Divine in pineal gland, therefore, that cell signature register with the new energy. Looking for an accumulation of cells that are not vibrating at the top of the human experience. In essence, looking disoriented and accumulation of cells is the presence photonics to that area. So, if during the healing, you have the forces of light that pranic breathing space by the photon will pranic light to the same, together with a large number of photon light energy. This collection of pranic energy and photonics illuminate and heal accumulation.
However, they have to understand that the accumulation of disoriented cells of which I speak had its beginnings in a cell mystic who started this special process. This cell mystique - we call mystical because it is still a mystery how he manages to control and collect similar energies to itself - within the mass that is almost immune to the photon energy. The photon has to show the magic of cell signature, which is the reminder of his own divine perfection, which was previously to be disoriented.
Through the photon energy through the pranic light energy and through the thought of directing healing energy, once these three things come together, all the forces begin to move to correct and redirect a cell for physical world.
Remember that in my opening statement I said that a product of light, such as light or light photonic cell can be projected through the universe. Well, during some surgeries, while the doctor removes the mass of cells, the cell disoriented projects its mystical power to another cell in the body and expect the doctor to complete the surgery, and then reattaches itself. Consequently, it has not been healed.
I do not know how much of this you understand, but someday they will be clear that through prayer, meditation, energy healing, and the Ten Principles, people can be healed. When you combine the healing energies of the plane of the Earth, which is the world of your doctor, with your etheric plane, which is what you are, healing can occur. This is also why some people are healthy and some not. Can they understand? What I-nisation to enable you we're like photon energy, pranic energy, the healer and the physician can form a healing of the four bodies.
QUESTION: Could I go directly to the cell or cell symbol in the pineal gland divine and speak to the diseased area of the body to enhance the healing process?
KIRAEL: Certainly. By activating the pineal gland in his cell where there is Divine, you may be in full disclosure, not only with the physical presence that you are, but with its highest part, the essential light. That's what I have said over and over again, which is good to activate the pineal gland through the pranic breath before starting their journeys of healing. Once activated this and it recognizes that you are here to heal, she works with the cells outside the buildup to reflect light back into the cell mass and to the mystique. Consequently, they have an immediate healing.
Remember, the journey of healing depends on the strength of the mass or accumulation and the intensity of the lesson plan. This is what will determine if you heal the body or not. Also remember that in the very fabric of light, the cell knows to create mystique and make dough rise. However, if you have a healer working with that person and the healer in fact retain as much light in the other cells, the cell will have a hard time mystique to recruit unhealthy cells. Therefore, growth slows. To reactivate and maintain a vigilant force of energy on the pineal gland, you will see that can reverse the development of the mass.
QUESTION: So a person can heal itself by simply doing pranic breathing, without a healer?
KIRAEL: Maybe, but I assure you that the average person usually panics when you say there is a mass in your body. This fear will then influence and word, which helps the body to find energy for the cell mysticism. So, it is unlikely that you will get to do very well by itself, although it certainly can, but will not either.
QUESTION: Could you explain the difference between the pranic light, the light photon energy and the healer could channel?
KIRAEL: My first answer would be that it is impossible to explain the difference since they all are the Force of the Creator, all the Light of Creation. The greatest desire of the Creator Force is to create. Consequently, he developed his own form of energy, which is used in many ways. Photon energy of the Creator is the source of information. Pranic light sources is the activity-te. The healing light source is to merge all the other lights.
QUESTION: I know that the photon energy is involved in some way with the Great Shift and the three days of darkness, but I'm not sure how. "It just bodes, or initiates or indeed produce the three days of darkness and all the physical changes in the Earth plane, includ-ing the ascent of mankind? It seems that this type of energy has a mind of its own. Is it a living entity like Mother Earth? Do you have that kind of vitality?
KIRAEL: Certainly. Each particle of photon energy may think. Each particle of photon energy can evolve. Each photon particle is a particle of the Creator Source. Therefore you, like you, a superior being - the Creator. Photonic energy particles are powerful and yes, they can accumulate thought and memory can retain much larger than all the gray matter is in his head, he knows that he is a brain. You know it's Light. The photon can think and go to work in every way necessary. In essence, may be the highest form of intelligence, it does not aim to be.
As to your question if it is "causing" the three days of darkness, this is cause and effect. By this I mean that's not the real cause, but it is the energy through which the cause is filtered. The Creator is the true cause, but the effect will be produced through the vibration being carried by the photon energy.
With respect to the three days of darkness, if the three days of darkness is because it has formed a shield of ice between you and your sun, you would be lost. Since the photon energy is that produce the alteration of the rays of the sun, your experience will not be catastrophic. Photon energy is a light thinking, and is sending enough power through to ensure that human experience is still available for the trip.
Q: Knowing that the photon energy is a source of energy conscious memory and a superior being, does that mean that I can run as a conscious creator in my life through the scheduling of the mastermind and the state of dream?
KIRAEL: Certainly. Remember, a cell can send your thoughts photonics throughout the universe. Can you lead your higher self to communicate with another being superior? I bet yes.
QUESTION: So you are saying that in my own thought process I can address additional photon energy of light years away to provide the extra energy I'd like to send someone who is suffering from an ailment?

KIRAEL: You will not be the first to do that. Of course, the last person who did that was put on a cross. It can be done. It has been done. You have to go far beyond his ego. It must be almost free of ego, because you actually would be acting as God, which you are. You have to remember that people are using this experience to return to Earth angelic realm. If you interrupt your program to pull the overall strength of the photon energy to his own strength and energy is used himself as a conduit to bring it to them, you interrupt your plan. That is why only enter what used according to the standard of your higher self and the higher self which is healing. They know what they want to do. The simple answer is yes, however it is a very involved. I hope you have understood.
QUESTION: As the photon energy levels increase across the planet, how will that affect the evolution of the human world?
KIRAEL: Photon energy floating through the Mother Earth allows the particle conscious - cell or cell symbol photonics - to release the subject of physical vibration. Therefore, those of the human light that can not withstand the new forces of light, they will choose the departicularizarse (discreate) and return to the Creator.
Perhaps they are thinking that I'm bringing a lot more information than they ever did. Well, you are bringing much better questions than they did previously.
I have a knowledge beyond what can be counted, but only what I can deliver when the order is there. So keep on keeping growth. Continue to expand. Do not live a day without the Ten Principles of Conscious Creation, because every time you complete a little of his vast experience, you give me the opportunity to bring a new experience. Therefore is available for unlimited knowledge you if you are experiencing so that I can bring a little more. Until we have that opportunity, I argue in the light of Creation.
Kirael In the book, The Great Turning, by Rev. Fred Sterling (p. 137) Kirael says: "Your breathing will change as you move up (to the Fourth Dimension), where the breath is the source of pranic energy with which the body work better. Remember that was the prana with which existed during their lives in Lemuria. The only thing for which his breathing was used to oxygenate the system. Your energy pattern was fed by the prana. The Fourth Dimension Prana Energy Photonics be the primary source of life. So now practicing pranic breathing, because it will revitalize and take plenty of their cells, and clean your cellular consciousness. This is one of the many reasons why your period of life will increase dramatically. "
THE ROOTS OF pranic breathing
In the glossary of the book (p. 165) Kirael says: "At its most primitive approach here on the Earth plane, pranic breathing was the essence for survival. Over the years, one learned how to use the lungs and mouth breathing, thereby limiting their potential to deliver valuable energy to the molecular structure.
When used properly, pranic breathing allows one to move the molecular structure to a different level of understanding.
Pranic breathing meditation
Imagine a beautiful golden light penetrating the essence of the Creator through your crown chakra. As you inhale this light, let it move down through your pituitary and thymus glands. Let it fill the entire physical body. After holding this light for a few seconds, exhale and release it through your heart chakra.
Repeat this process several times, and as he stilled his mind and relax your body, begin to slow your breathing. In your mind's eye, travel with this light and become his partner, see how slowly they can move the light down and out of your body. Because while you slow down your breathing, you will experience a sense of grace, a reminder of the love and healing in the Light of God.
You ask "Can it be that simple?". My answer is an emphatic "Yes." For the simplicity of healing in the Light of God, no reasons or excuses not to move forward in love. You begin to see clearly how they have lived their lives surrounded by self-imposed limitations. And you will have the strength of the heart to heal, change and embrace the new journey for the Truth, Trust and Passion.
Pranic breathing - HEALING IN THE LIGHT OF GOD
Remember, we are spiritual beings having a human experience, so please join me in the Light of God as I say my prayers for Mother Earth and all its inhabitants.
When they are sitting quietly and experiencing God's Light in pranic breathing, see Mother Earth simultaneously surrounded by the Light of God. This vision will heal the consciousness of fear that surrounds our planet, and passionate love consciousness.
Imagine the golden particles of light entering through your crown chakra, and then leaving. As your breathing slow down, experience the feeling of love and light to be one with the Creator. You may also want to add the traditional deep-breathing exercises to expand and collapse the diaphragm as they experience the light.
Translation: Anita Manasse

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