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2nd Day 2nd Ray 2nd Chakra.

2nd Day 2nd Ray 2nd Chakra.
Change,Movement,Polarity,Desire,Emotions,Pleasure,Sexuality,Sensuality,Intimacy,Socializing,Water.Explainations and Higher Experience of the 2nd Day 2nd Chakra,2nd Sphere of Spiritual Education and Spiritual Training.

Today the 2nd Day of the Traditional Calender week which most Western World Systems currently subscribe to is of course Tuesday which from the Ascended Masters Perspective and the “IAMYA” school the Day of “Loving Wisdom” and “Spiritual Education.” On this day we make a decisive Decision to remain in Unconditional Love of Self and Unconditional Love of all others.We choose also to be totally Discerning and “Wise as the Serpent” for the Negative Ego Thought System in self and in others.This was we can be totally aware of what is happening on a Psychological Level within self and others while also being loving no matter what is going on outside or inside of self.We attune to and align to/request to Bi Locate to the 2nd Ray Ashram with Master Dwhal Khul and Dr Joshua David Stone who run and direct this 2nd Ray Synthisis Ashram.We are conscious and aware of the work of the 2nd Ray ashram and spiritual education at a planetary Level.

Bellow Is a list of descriptions of the Following themes and ideas of the 2nd Chakra which we will be dealing with working through and Mastering today on the 2nd Ray day of Tuesday!
Change:Change Is the Universal Theme of all Matter and non Matter(Spirit) for all is in a constant state of movement at a sub atomic and solar level of matter.If we look microcosmically at matter we see the same pattern of movement that is happening at the level of the planets.Essentially a Series of Different Frequency Atomic Units Moving in a Circular Center around a Radiating center of Gravitational force.

Movement:Movement is another Universal Theme of Matter and Anti Matter,(Spirit and Matter) as all is in a state of movement.When movement stops so goes out the life force into another Vehcile or body that is moving.Moving is a Requirement for Life and as such should be incorporated into any system of Health for from movement comes health and from health comes movement.

Polarity :Polarity is the Universal Dual Theme that also plays at as a pattern in this Local Melchedizek Universe.There are 2 poles (Polarity) in all manifest and un manifest forms.The Sun has a Moon,Male has a Female pole,Light comes out of the Darkness.This theme is Universal and the Balancing of all polarities is a Cosmic reality.To the degree that we have inner and outer Polarity balance is the degree that we experience Universal God Consciousness.

Desire: Desire is the aspiration for attainment of an Individual to another level or Sphere of existence above the current level of ones experience.There are 2 Kinds of Desire Namely Lower Self/Seperative/Fear Based/Dualitic/Illusionary/Negative Ego desire or Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Mighty I am Presence/God/Godess Consciousness .In making all desires for God Consciousness all Desires to Love and Serve we enter the Higher Sphere of Bhramanic Desire .Desire for Higher aims and ideals of Life that God our Mighty I am Presence would have us experience .When we choose the lower Self we experience carnal Lower Self Seperative Dualistic Selfish Desires and cut ourselves off from our Brothers and Sisters and God itself.

Emotion:Energy in Motion is the essential Equation of “E Motion” Emotion is Both Change and Movement within the Hu Man Emotional Body or astral Body .Again emotions dependent on our thinking Is either Loving Spiritual Christed Based on Oneness or Fear Based Seperative Dualistic Illusionary and Lower Self in nature .We must choose who we feel by the way we choose to Think !Emotions also create attract and magnetize into our life a similar level of Vibration and we draw towards us that which we put out and emenate .So we can see what we are putting out by what we are drawing to us in our experience!

Pleasure : Pleasure is the Incarnated Experience of Joy and Goodness that is given forth from the Creator . Pleasure is the Experience of Earth Life. Pleasure is the Nature of Reality as God would have it be .All things aligned with God Consciousness and the Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/Krishna/Moses/Muhamad/Krishna/God/Godess/Mighty I am Presence gives Pleasure to Self and to others. Service is a True Pleasure and Life’s real lasting joy. ”True Pleasure is in Serving God!”(Lord Meitreya)

Sensuality: Sensuality is the Incarnated Expression of Attractiveness and the Experience of Pleasurable Emotion in the Body.It is a 2nd Chakra expression and created by the attraction and Service of one pole of Reality (God/Godess) to the other Pole.(God serving Godess,Godess Serving God)Sensuality also comes through one experiencing this Bliss or embodiment and incarnating pleasure desire polarity and sexuality.

Intimacy: Intimacy is the sharing of in Unconditional Love ones Inner Realities with another. Intimacy is the Closeness of Spirit to Spirit .Intimacy is the nature of the Relationship of God to his/Her Sons and Daughters .Intimacy is the quality of closeness and Mutual Sharing and relating of self to other ,in the mutitudinus forms that that takes. Intimacy is the Closeness Sharing and Unconditional Love of One for the Other,the sharing of personality through soul and spirit.

Socializing : Socializing is another function of the 2nd Chakra and the exchange of the Individualized Soul Extensions interacting within a particular sphere of Group Service Body. It is the Function of society to share and transfer ideas through and from the varied aspects of Incarnational Experience. It is the exchange if information though Individualized Soul Extensions through a social gathering or event of some kind .Also effects and contributes to ones Consciosuness for this reason it is important for an aspirant to socialize only with those one can either add to or learn from .One who has stepped onto the path not socialize with one or others that will drop and lower ones Frequency and Vibration either Etherically , Mentally, Emotionally or Physically .One should only socialize with those that would and will raise ones individualized consciousness.

The 2nd Chakra relates Esoterically and Etherically to the Sacrum,Genitals,Hips Lower back and the Gonadic and Sexual Glands.
”We now officially and Collectively request a clearing and cleasning etherically from the Inner Plane Ascended Masters of these Chakras Glands and Organs.Ask that they be filled with the Light of the Mahatma and perfectly healed Balanced aligned and Integrated Fully into our Earth life!”

Sacred Space Arrangement and Alter Offering: Today we should align our Alter and Sacred Space with the 2nd Chakra the Colour Orange the Element Water.We might also express and experience our Sexuality in a sacred way.Offering water on your Alter to the Divine Male/female aspects of Divinity you feel devoted to can be a good practice of aligning with the Higher Dimensional Beings and Experience of the 2nd Chakra.Perhaps a Picture or image of a particular God/Godess with whom you might experience a particular attractiveness or sensuality.Pan is a Great Extended Expression of the 2nd Chakra is his Joyus and Creative Experiencial Expression.Also the Godess Aphrodite Yemaya demiter are Great Godess to devote your Emotional Energy to today.An Orange candle would be appropriate upon your alter.

Correspondences for this Chakra are as followed….

Sanskrit Name:Svadisthana
Location:Lower Back Genitals Hips Knees
Element : Water
Main Issue Lesson : Mastering Sexuality and Emotions
Goals: Fluidity Movement Change Pleasure Connection
Malfunction: Stiffness Sexual addiction and Overindulgence or Sexual Anorexia Isolation Emotional Instability or Numbness.
Colour: Orange
Planet: Mars
Foods:Liquid Spicy Foods Rajasic foods that increase desire and aspirantion.
Right:To Feel to Know and to experience Pleasure.
Stones : Coral Carnelian
Animals: Fish Snake Crocodile
Operating Principal : Attraction of Opposites
Yoga Path :Tantra,Red Tantra and Sex Magic
Archetype : The Lover , Eros ,God.Godess.

Bellow we will go through some Journal Exercises for clearing your Psychological Consciousness around these 2nd Chakra Issues and Qualities.

1.Desire: Desire is the fruit of the Body and the Fuel of the Will.To experience desire we have to be clear about what we want to do be and have,we have to get totally clear on our Higher Self Desires on a Physical Earthly Level on a Psychological Consciousness and on a Spiritual Ascension level.So go ahead now a make 3 separate lists with the Above mentioned headings ie (Physical Earthly Desire,Psychological Consciousness Desires and Spiritual Ascension level desires.)Get totally focused and clear on what you want and desire,we can then work out a battle plan for attaining and realizing them all!

2.Negative Emotion Log as well as a Positive Christed Emotion log.In this section we make a list of all our Negative and Positive Emotions through out the day we can do this by listing or just drawing images as well of the emotions we are feeling.If we do have a negative emotion we look at and list the causative feeling and then make a choice to attitudinally heal this thought and correct our thought into a Spiritual Christ /Buddha/Krishna Thought .We do this every day to make sure we are embodying God Godess Consciousness on earth by demonstrating Christed Feelings .We can chart our progress so we make consistent spiritual psychological growth in an Integrated and Balanced manner.

Pleasure List: Next we are to make a list of all the things in earthly Life which bring us pleasure. We list all the ways we enjoy experiencing pleasure and then make a commitment to get more of them on this day. Some questions to ask are: How much do you do each day that is for your own pleasure? How much guilt do you have with experiencing your own pleasure. How does Pleasure make you feel? What priority does pleasure have for you? How do you attain the highest Pleasure? How can you give and receive more of this?

Questions on Duality and Polarity:
What are Qualities and incarnational patterns are Opposite to yours and how can you harmonize Balance and Integrate these Qualities into your Own Being And Consciousness?
What is repressed in you and how can you bring this more to the fore for expression Integration and Demonstration? How are you polarized?
How much do you acknowledge and Honour your Female/Masculine Side>How can you honour and sanctify your female/male side more?
Where is your Lower Self Polarity expressing and how can you transform that into the Higher Aspect?How can you transform your Lower Self into your Higher Self Ideal?
What does the Incarnated Expression of your Higher Self Monadic Self look like?
How are negative Thoughts and feelings affecting your current lifestyle?
How even and equanimous are your emotions and how can you bring them to a greater balance and evenness that is the Christed Ideal?
How can you work to balance all your Inner Polarities?

Reassement Questions:
1.What have you learnt about yourself in relation to the 2nd Chakra.
What area needs work in your 2nd Chakra?How will you do this daily?
What are your 2nd Chakra Stregnths and Weakness?
What changes have you made and how do you feel abut them?

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