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5th Ray Master Hillarion and the Building of the New Earth,New Churches and New World Systems.

5th Ray Master Hillarion and the Building of the New Earth,New Churches and New World Systems.

The 5th Ray Day Friday Deals with Concrete Higher Mind Science that reveals the Higher Function of Science and Group Consciousness in the Building of the New Ascended Masters Earth.5th Ray Deals with the Vision,Healing,Clarity,Constancy,Healing,Science,Music,Wholeness,Clarity,Truth and Harmony.This ray grounds the Higher Aspect of the Christ Mind into the Form to bring forth the Externalization of the New Higher Order World Systems that are to be the Service Vehicles for the Next 26,000 Year Cycle.Master Hillarion Directs the New Age Builders of the New Earth and Directs New Age Systems into Manifestation.This ray also deals with holding the highest Vision for all concerned in any particular group body.This ray Gives us the Ability to be constant in our Efforts until their completion.This Ray gives us the Healing Vision that sets us toward our Highest Incarnated Freedom.This ray also gives us the ability to perceive truth in any and all situations despite appearances.It is related to a Higher Aspect of the 3rd and 1st Ray.
Focusing on what you want and what you want to be do and have and taking then consistent action towards those goals each day you will find a balanced integration of the 5th Ray energies Expressing through your being more fully.By Consistently acting feeling experiencing your connection to your Goals you will feel empowered at all times.Focusing on what you want draws that very thing to yourself.Focsing on what you want creates suffering.By consistently and diligently focusing on what you want to the exclusion of all else you attain and achieve that in the shortest possible time!
Putting all your Energy and effort into your Sacred Labour will give you a constant stream of Divine Guidance Divine Connection and give you the Pure joy and perfection that comes from expressing your Divine Mission and Purpose/Puzzle Piece!
Wholeness is a Quality of our Being,Wholeness is an essence level reality.Wholeness comes from who we are not by what we do or have.However these things also ultimately add to the Form Level of Wholeness that we are developing and experiencing.
To realize wholeness simply remember that you are a part of Creation and God/Godess infinite Creation and nothing you do or even have done can separate you from this.Only in thinking outside of this Great Oneness can you seem to experience this “temporary and False separation”.The Keys to Understanding your essence and form level wholeness are –Aligning with Integrating and Demonstrating your Mighty I am Presence on Earth.
-Remembering you are a Part of God/Godess Infinite Cosmic Body.
-Balancing all Inner and outer Polarities through transcendence and transformation.
-Forgive Self and all others Unconditionally.
-Commit 100% to God and your Spiritual path above all else.
-Focus n fulfilling your Mission and bringing forth your Life’s Work above all else.
-Call forth to Spirit the Ascended Masters and your Own Mighty I am Presence 3 Times a Day Religously and ground your Antakarana and spiritual grounding chord each time you eat!
-Call forth to Master Hillarion for Overlighting Guidance through out your day.
-Request to sit in the 5th Ray Ascension Seat in Hillarions Ashram.
-Bi Locate to the 5th Ray Ashram through out the day and night.
-Realize you are an extension of God and One with everyone and everything.You already literally are and have everything!
Creating Abundance you need to remove all lower negative energies from your Mind and body systems by cleansing clearing fasting and other spiritual forth for Spiritual Level clearing from the Inner Plane Ascended Masters and the Map Healing team while you sleep.ask for a Total clearing of any and all negativity on any and all levels of your being.
-Use positive affirmations everyday and chant God Holy Name Constantly.
-Declutter your living space and give away what you no longer need or want.
-reprogram the Sub Conscious mind with Meditaions Sub Conscious Mind Makeovers and decrees.
-Use the Violet Flame constantly!
-Keep a Journal System and Workbook for mastering all aspects of Earthly Life,Your Psychological Consciousness and your Spiritual Ascension program.(
-Create a Vision and Dream Board and look at it each day while you do your work and service!
Use all your energy in a One pointed focus to the completion and attainment of all your Spiritual Ascension Psychological Consciousness and Physical Earthly Goals.
Listed Bellow are some affirmations for your edification,
“I am totally abundant and full,My source is God and Spirit and my Cup Runeth Over!”
“I accept the Unending abundance of Gods Grace”
“I receive now and Invoke God/Godess Infinite Abundance!”
“Every Spiritual Mental Emotional and Physical Need of Mine is provided for by the Supreme Creator Mother/Father God.”
“I allow my Mighty I am Presence to Descend into my 3 Minds and 4 bodies and take dominion over my being.”
In relation to Healing it has been said known and revealed that,
Illness Sickness Death are Illusionary and Temporary Experience or “Perceptions” Created for the Human Soul and Spirit to learn the required earth Lessons,and in learning them fully pass through the Earth Portal into the Open door of Eternal Life and the Kingom of God/Godess!
Sickness and Ill Health are Illusions created by Negative Ego Perception of Gods Reality.They in truth do not exist!The same can be said for Suffering,Duality,Illusion,Glamour,Maya,Lower Self.
Any sickness or Ill Health has been brought to your attention solely for your Mastery and Transformation of that condition.You are being taught lessons in regard to this particular health lesson.Decide to learn the Lessons and earn the Golden Nugget of Wisdom contained within them!
Surrender your Healing to God the Masters and your Mighty I am Presence and know that the healing will happen by grace as well as your own effort.
-Be willing to let go of any limited Lens Consciousness or Lower Aspect of life thinking in any of the Rays or Chakras that led to that imbalanced condition.Release the Thinking release the problem!”The mind leads to Liberation or the Mind leads to Bodage!”(His Holiness the Lord Sai Baba)
-Generally an Illness or Health lesson is guiding you to release some aspect or fragment of Mass Consciousness.Choose to examine your Consciousness and release all limited lens thinking around this issue.
-Realize that there is thinking to be changed around this issue and that is your main lesson.
-Call on God and the Masters for a Miraculous Healing Having perfect Faith and knowing that “Thy Will be Done!” and return your consciousness to the perfect ideal that is your essence and form reality!

In regards to the Truth another aspect and emenation of the 5th ray we should come to understand collectively that truth is an innate knowingness gift and ability given to all souls.It is a gift from God/Godess itself!
By making an effort to know experience and express truth you can invoke and experience this more and more!This is commonly known as “Intuition”
The Purpose of all Spiritual Traditions is to bring the individual to an experience of Truth within the indivualized soul.All organizations communities have been set up by the Spiritual Hierarchy to educate Humanity in “Universal Truth.”
The Kingdom of God is Within and becoming without!This can only be experienced first in ones Inner Most Being,it is then slowly incarnated and Externalized,more and more now this is the Trend we are seeing now,as many High Level Initiates Light Workers and Masters Externalize we are brining Heaven to Earth and Externalizing our Inner Knowingness Our Inner Truth and our Inner reality!

Harmony is a State of Inner and Outer Balance.Harmony is a Balance of Interaction with Individuals and Co Operation within a Group body towards a Collective goal and outcome.Harmony is the way one merges oneself within the Group Consciousness.Focusing solely on Harmony and taking your attention and focus off all forms of disharmony Dischord and all other lower form of the 4th Ray of God.
By Striving to remain in Harmony with all beings we contribute to the Great Group Body Harmony.Harmony within self leads to Harmony outside of self.
By Correectly using the Energy of Each chakra.Being in Harmony is the First Lesson of Mastery.When you have harmony in your Mental Body Harmony will naturally fall into your Emotional Physical and Outer relationships.To keep harmony then we need to,First Stop senseless chatter,Refrain from Gossip Idle chatter,talk that harms others and self by default,Practice speaking Harmoniously rather than dischordantly.Settle any and all debts on all levels for any debt keeps your energy tied up to that system.Until you are totally karmically free you will be called back into systems you are wishing to exit.
To clear yourself from any and all debts from this Life and all past lives you need to act towards service of Humanity.Also doing powerful mantras affirmations and decrees can clear your energy system from all forms of karmic debt.However debt and karmic lessons must be repaid on the level that they where created.Ask and request God the Master your Own Mighty I am Presence and God Self as well as the Karmic Board to Clear all your Karmic Lines.
5th Ray relates to Right Livelihood and the Buddhas Noble Eight Fold Path.(Buddha is the New Planetary Logos taking over for Sanat Kumara.)It relates to the 1st 3rd and 5th ray which basically integrate Leadership Business into a Service Modual.The Ideal of the 5th Ray is to generate ones Livelihood through ones service One Mission and Puzzle Piece and through ones own Passion.Your Mission and purpose allows you to balance Karma through Service to Humanity.This will benefit yourself and your Greater Planetary Family.It ultimately leads to the 12 Great Riches of Life and the Perfection of Ones Energy thoughts and feelings.Your Mission and purpose should come through sharing your talents and God Given Gifts with others.Your Passion is something you do regardless of pay or renumeration of any kind.Discovering this through Meditational Revelation one kind receive the Vision of Ones Highest destiny.
Also to express the Higher Aspects of the 5th Ray one Needs to balance all the other 6 Great Rays of God,ie Personal Power,Love and Wisdom Active Intelligence Harmony and Balance Devotion and ceremonial Order and Magic.With the higher Illumination of the 5th Ray ones Vision allows one to Percieve the reality of any situation,Percieve future developments,To see God in all.This also allows you to perceive and be the Christ on the Earth,This also allows you to hold the vision of the Kingdom of God that will come to Earth,ie Hold the Vision of the Golden Age,See the Oneness of all things and to see all beings are part of one great Planetary Family.This also gives one the vision of ones Highest potential in self and in all others too!

“So then may we walk in the Light of the One,In the Higher Aspect of the 5th Ray,May we be overlighted Guided and Directed by Master Hillarion and his Overlighting Consciousness this day.May we attune our Earth Life our Consciousness and our Spiritual Life to the higher Aspects and frequencies of the 5th ray.We ask the Collective Consciousness of God and the Masters assistance in this Today.We thank thee and accept this as done.”

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