Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Taurus Compadability,Blair Gorman,

In this short verse we are going to look at the romantic
possibilities possible for Taurus when it comes to romancing the
signs of the Zodiac. Taurus is an earthy, physical sign that is
often destined to become rich, through hard work and discipline.
Not many of the signs find that trait that attractive. Here is a
breakdown of which Zodiac signs tend to love the plodding, yet
bossy ways of the Bull.
Taurus With a Taurus: This combination can create a power couple
that can produce a lot of money, real-estate wealth and a long line
of descendents together. The great thing is that two bulls together
are often very loyal and rarely fight as they understand the type
of thing that will tick the other off. This is a great combination,
especially if family and having a good status in the community are
very important to both people in the relationship
Taurus With a Gemini: To a Taurus, a Gemini is a beautiful
flitting butterfly that can never be caught. Often a Taurus will
put a Gemini on a pedestal and then get very frustrated when the
Gemini does not return the fascination or even acknowledge the sad
earth creature that is Taurus. If these two do get together there
is usually a lot of drama, arguments and bouts of unreality. The
sex is either non-existent or amazing. This relationship works best
as friends or a one-night stand and procreation is definitely not
Taurus with a Cancer: These two can usually form a fairly
mindless, yet heavy and sensual physical relationship. The sexual
spark is fantastic but incompatibilities can exist emotionally as
both signs are very self-centered. The Bull may find the Crab too
needy to stand for long. As long as the relationship is kept quite
light and the sex is good these two can thrive otherwise the result
is usually an emotional catastrophe with both left feeling a great
deal of self-pity. The irony is that neither will have heard the
other through the entire relationship.
Taurus with a Leo: These two signs make better friends than lovers
even though they can be very loyal and careful with each other
emotionally. They are best suited to partying and traveling
together - not so much marriage. Even if they do become lovers they
often end up being friends after breaking up as the Leo is usually
so grateful for the emotional grounding that the Taurus native
brings to his or her life. The problem is that the sexual spark is
often just not there. This type of relationship is more mentor
like, as in AA sponsor with a new member then romantic.
Taurus with a Virgo: These two will have a strong attraction but
the main problem will be bickering. Both signs are fairly picky and
like to have things a certain way. Even as friends they could be
quite argumentative. They make better business partners then
lovers. The Virgo may not also not be able to understand the Taurus
sense of humor and may be repelled by the Taurus's openness when
Taurus with a Libra: Both these signs are ruled by Venus so this
is a relationship based mostly on looks, money and sexual
attraction. This is a combination where you find a gold digger
marrying for money as well. Both signs are very status conscious
so being embarrassed by one's partner in public is the most
cardinal of sins. The Libra may not like the way the Taurus dresses
or the Taurus' dark moods. The Taurus may feel ignored or be made
to be felt insecure by the sometimes snotty sign of Libra.
Taurus with a Scorpio: This is a power combo that can produce
money, power and a long line of children and grand children. There
is a true physical attraction. Both signs are naturally loyal to
each other and this relationship is only compromised if the Scorpio
is unfaithful. These two also have no problem combining a lucrative
business with a happy marriage and both have a hefty sex drive that
is happily satisfied.
Taurus with a Sagittarius: The Archer is usually bored silly by
the pedestrian ways of the domestic bull while the Bull is
fascinated by the worldly and intellectual ways of the Archer.
Usually the Bull ends up getting hurt when he or she discovers that
the Archer really does not have the capacity to understand the dark
Taurus moods. The Sagittarius person may also become quite bored
quite quickly with the Taurus lover in bed.
Taurus with a Capricorn: These two make fantastic business
partners and they can also make fantastic providers and parents if
they don't bore each other to death. Both signs crave a lot of
emotional security, which is not always easy to provide. This can
be a long lasting marriage with many descendants if sex is not the
most important thing in the marriage. Usually sex is not that
exciting between these two but it will make a lot of sense for them
to be paired together somehow.
Taurus with an Aquarius: The Aquarius individual simply burns out
the delicate Taurus who is fascinated with the Aquarian intellect
but repelled by the sign's sense of independence. The Taurus
individual may also not appreciate the flaky Aquarian attitude
towards spending money. The Aquarian may simply see the Taurus as a
stick in the mud so it is surprising when two like this actually
get married.
Taurus with a Pisces: Both of these signs love the sound of their
own voices and bickering and arguing may be a favorite form of
foreplay. However the sex may not be that great. If these two end
up together it is usually because of some very practical need. This
relationship is also subject to meddling and interference from
relatives.In the next installment of this newsletter we will be taking look
at the astrological sign of Gemini and the signs of the Zodiac that
are compatible with sexually and romantically it.
Peace and light,

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