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Astrological Events for June 2010,By Michelle Proctor

Cosmic Forecast, June 2010
It's happened! The big astrological event that's been building all year has activated. On 28 May, Uranus moved into the zodiac sign Aries. In and of itself, that is big enough cosmic news, but the news will keep coming for months now that Uranus is in position for its place in the much-anticipated Cardinal T-Square.
I'll explain that mouthful of terminology in a moment, but right up, I want to say that June is a mega-month. Many of the Retrograde planets that have been slowing us down over the past months are moving forward in full swing. There are a number of dynamic alignments in June plus an eclipse. Be prepared for the unexpected and have lots of tools in your toolbox for 'coming back to centre'.Uranus is an off-centre, whacky planet tilted sideways so that its north/south poles are where most other planets' equators are. When Uranus is active the chances increase for being thrown off centre. If you're an Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn you in particular might start to feel as if you've been tilted sideways. Yet everyone on the planet will be feeling this shift as it's the start of a new 84-year cycle for all of humanity.Uranus demands that we turn things on their side and experience them differently. It's as if we didn't know we were on a theme park ride when suddenly the comfortable vehicle we've been sitting in has flipped 180 degrees. Living life sideways isn't always easy, yet it does bring exciting experiences and perspectives. With Uranus now in Aries, all of humanity has the opportunity to see and live the themes of Aries from a different angle.It takes Uranus approximately 84 years to do one circuit of the 12 zodiac signs. Having just completed its last 84-year trip, it's now moved to 00 degrees Aries, the starting point of the whole zodiac, known as the Aries Point, an extremely potent point in the zodiac.So let's look at some Uranus and Aries themes to build a sense of what we're in for. Uranus is associated with innovation; invention; science; technology; new gadgets; robots; computers; the internet; satellites; consciousness-raising; extreme & fanatical thinking; law-breaking; rebellion; reforms; change; air travel; space travel; electromagnetics; lightning; sudden storms (or sudden anything really); catastrophes; shocks; long-awaited positive change; breakthroughs; awakenings; swinging between extremes; independence; freedom; nerves; anxiety; jumpiness; irritability; panic; excitement; the future; the unknown and so on...Aries is associated with fresh starts; being first; being best; winning; survival; immaturity; naievety; subjectivity; learning on the run; speed; impulse; passion; fire; heat; inspiration; initiative; courage; pioneering; leadership; ambition; action; individualism; competition; intelligence; spontaneity; rawness; bluntness; being rash; outbursts; anger; libido; desire; wanting; passion; sexuality; impatience; conquest; territories; fighting; war; assertion; aggression; urgency; emergency; selfishness; self-awareness; self-honouring; optimism; enthusiasm; joy; the head; headaches; migraines; clarity; focus; action; exercise; pumping iron, sport, the masculine, yang, left-brain and so on...As with any astrological combination it's possible for the positive, negative or anything in between to express, yet with Uranus highlighted, we're likely to see extremes manifest. On the global level, some combinations could include: rushing through new technologies for better or worse; more air travel disruptions; extreme electrical storms that blow out power grids; catastrophes to do with fire; rebellion against selfish leaders; courageous leaders who inspire positive action for change; mass consciousness-raising through increased self-awareness; optimistic breakthroughs in conflicts, or outbreaks of war. I could say more but will leave it to you to put together your own combinations of the keywords above.When it comes to individual lives, I've had a number of people comment that they've found themselves behaving in inexplicably angry ways. People usually calm when driving have become blinded by road rage. Mothers who normally manage to keep their cool have been yelling at their children. People who don't tend to complain have been making a stand for even the smallest unfair situations to be dealt with.There seems to be a cosmic impulse toward a revolution in assertiveness. Uranus asks us to look at assertion and self-awareness from a different perspective. If we tend not to be assertive, it's time to become assertive. If we tend to give others' needs priority, it's time to consider ours first. Yet if we're prone to being aggressive or selfish (the negative extremes of assertion and self-honouring), Uranus will throw it back in our faces.Essentially Uranus is saying "Humanity, take a good hard look at yourself. Wake up. Love yourself. Honour yourself. Go out after what you want. But do no harm." Easier said than done! We harm ourselves when we don't courageously live the lives we want to. We harm others when we act only with our own interests in mind. Uranus in Aries is likely to shock us with examples of dreadful selfishness, yet also surprise us with examples of people achieving their best while respecting others' boundaries. Aries is the journey of 'self'. Will we see breakthroughs in how to honour everyone's 'selves'? I have a 'self', you have a 'self'. How can we each look after ourselves while doing no harm to others?Aries represents the spark of fire that brings the new, the untried, the unknown, the yet-to-be-created. Prometheus, a God associated with Uranus, stole fire (the force of creativity) from Zeus and gave it to humanity. Prometheus/Uranus is back now in Aries, the zodiac sign of fire. Is humanity evolved enough this time round to know how to use fire properly? Perhaps we are about to have a revolution in inspiration with mass 'Einstein moments' that show us how to move beyond the downsides of Aries, war and fighting.We are living in the times that psychics and prophets have long talked of - the 'earth changes', 'the 2012 era', 'the dawning of the Age of Aquarius'. Whatever we call this time in history, Uranus going into Aries frees us from any illusions that we are not living in those times. Aries rules the eyes. Uranus is the planet of awakenings. Uranus zaps us into action over what we now see clearly. 'Do something,' says Uranus, 'and hurry up about it.'As I said earlier, June is a mega-month. Not only is Uranus now in Aries, but Jupiter also enters Aries on 6 June. Jupiter is in Aries once every 12 years, and Jupiter is known for blowing up, exaggerating, expanding and enlarging things. On 8 June, Jupiter exactly aligns with Uranus at the Aries Point. This is really exciting news for anyone feeling stuck in their lives. What a huge energy boost to have two supercharged planets activating the zodiac sign of fresh starts, passion and initiative. Yet on the world stage, the chances for crisis magnify.Because Aries is ruled by Mars, it's important to check what Mars is up to. On 7 June, Mars changes zodiac sign for the first time in 9 months (usually Mars switches signs every 4 - 6 weeks), bringing much needed change. On 7, 8, 9 June, Mars freshly in Virgo makes an agitating alignment to Jupiter and Uranus. This is explosive. It could bring amazingly positive breakthroughs or awful violence and accidents. Please be extra careful on the roads that day, whether walking, motoring or pedalling.
Uranus is just as likely to bring extremes of tragedy while also extremes of celebration. We could be hearing emergency sirens going off far more than we can stomach. Yet we could also be hearing celebratory bells ringing far more than usual. Days for taking extra care not to be caught in the 'line of fire' (e.g. others' erratic or angry behaviour) are: 3, 11, 17 and 24 June when the Moon aligns with Mars. Notice whether you also 'blow up' on those days. If so, a surge of 'knowing' or creativity is coming through trying to find a way to be heard or expressed.
The T-Square that astrologers have been talking about for quite some time is now active. The planets involved (Jupiter/Uranus, Saturn and Pluto) are lined up at 90 and 180 degree angles to each other. In July they will all be in Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra and Capricorn) and the T-square will reach its full potential. Currently Saturn is the only one not in a Cardinal sign.
This month, the Moon provokes each of the three corners of the T-square on 5/6 June, 19 June and 26 June. On 13 June, the Moon in Cancer turns the T-square momentarily into a Grand Cross. A Grand Cross gives the unpleasant feeling of being pulled in four directions. The T-square gives the unpleasant feeling of being pulled in three! So don't be surprised if demands come at you from three or four important areas of life this month. The tension of the T-Square/Cross forces an alchemical outcome, like single ingredients mixed to make a cake. The egg, butter, flour and milk might want to resist being made into a cake, but 'resistance is futile'. Hopefully the 'cake' will end up being delicious. From 20-27June, the Sun in Cancer also contributes to creating a Grand Cross.June's new and full moons are tied in with the T-square and stimulate a Grand Cross. The New Moon in Gemini on the 12th has our minds racing. In the zodiac sign of the mind, the Gemini New Moon encourages us to find new ways to harness the human capacity for a million and one thoughts per millisecond! We live in times of information overload. This New Moon says "clear your mind, filter out the garbage and allow nourishing information in". On the 13th, while the New Moon energy is still potent, the Moon moves into the early degrees of Cancer and awakens the Grand Cross.On 26 June, the Full Moon in Capricorn also activates the Grand Cross. As if that's not enough, this Capricorn Full Moon is an Eclipse. A Grand Cross Eclipse. That's intense. In the zodiac sign of Capricorn, this Grand Cross Eclipse is likely to highlight corruptions or flaws with governments, structures, systems, bureaucracy, corporations, empires etc. In our personal lives, it brings up themes of hard work, pressure for material possessions, deprivation, goals not met, responsibilities, duties, isolation or loneliness. It's not all negative of course! The positive is commiting to realistic, practical, sustainable futures in our personal and global lives. This eclipse has us saying 'no' to what wears us down and 'yes' to new goals that clear out stubborn old patterns or karma. In a relationship sense, someone who's been reluctant to commit could realise the value of commitment, or vice versa.
The Winter Solstice (or Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere) falls on 21 June. Ceres (Mother Earth) aligns with the Galactic Centre on that day. How powerfully symbolic of an old way of being on Planet Earth needing to be released. The Galactic Centre destroys the old, yet also creates the new.
Practically every day in June brings challenges, excitement and stimulation. I imagine we'll each benefit from regular short bursts of exercise, meditation, focussed breathing, stretching and heart awareness to find our way back to centre often. Wishing us all great inspirations and quantum leaps forward amidst the creative chaos!
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