Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Transcending and over Coming Sub conscious Mind Interference,Mastering the Negative Ego and Sub Conscious Mind in service of God!

Transcending and over Coming Sub conscious Mind Interference,Mastering the Negative Ego and Sub Conscious Mind in service of God and your Brothers and Sisters on Earth!

The Key Lesson and Test of today is to overcome and Transcend Negative Ego programing,The Sub COnsiocus mind and us all energies thoughts and feelings in service of God and ones Highest SPiritual Physical Mental and Emotional Attainment.The Key to Understanding this is to know that most people are run by the Sib conscious Mind Intead of Being its master programer and most people are not in control of thier own Negative Egos!Most People do not even know what the negative Ego is exept to be run by it!When ever we are run by or give to much lee way to the ub Conscious mind it means we are automatically run by the Emotional Body,Desire/Astral Body,The Lower Self Inner Child and different aspects of Consciousness.Therefor the Greatest effort has to be made today in all "Now Moments" to be "Joyusly Spiritualy Vigilent"for God and Gods Kingdom and to work n using the Conscious Mind to re program the Sub conscious mind.We also make the Mind receptive to the Super Consicous Spiritual Mind and allow ourselves to recieve thought transference from the Spiritual World and Higher Dimensional Consciousness in the Ascended Master thought Stream which is ever ready to guide those who have but the "Ears to Hear!"Todays key Lesson test and challenge is to always actively think with Ones Christ Mind and to actively Think clearly in a Christed manner and never to let the Sub Consicious Mind and desire body to slip into action and control.The Key is to always direct our Energies of our Mind while taking guidance from the Higher Mind and Dorecting that into the Sub Consicous Mind.The Key lesson is keeping the Mid steady in the Light of Personal Power Unconditional Love and Wise Discernment.If we can do this to our Highest Potential at all times we will be sure we have done all we can towards developing our COnsciousness and refining our Psychology.On a Spiritual Ascension level we are requesting to be Bi Located in our SPiritual Body and Spilt off self into Serepis Beys Ashram.We call in the Higher Aspect of the 3rd Ray of "Active Intelligence"and or "Business Acumen" and "Clear Christed Thinking!"We choose to awaken in Mind to the Positive Radient Mind energy and let our Inner Sun illuminate our Inner Mind.We focus on aligning our actions and energies towards alignment and integration and we own our Power Full to Be loving and Wise within our Own Consciousness and the Greater Connsciousness on a Mental Level.We also of course practice this on a Spiritual Level an Emotional level and a Physical level!If we can help others do this also we will procceed all the more swiftly!For a Lord Meitreya Likes to say "Service is the Fruit of Life and Service is the Law of Life!"

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