Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Learning the Lesson of Unconditional Ascended Masters Love and Transcending Negative Ego Dualistic Seperative Illusionary Lower Self Love.

Learning the Lesson of Unconditional Ascended Masters Love and Transcending Negative Ego Dualistic Seperative Illusionary Lower Self Love.

Interesting to note that today the main focus and lesson is learning to be right with Self God first before merging with another in any kind of Romantic relationship.This is a key understanding to entering into Ascended Master relationships and not need based relationships.The Key lesson and understanding is to First give yourself and your own inner child the Unconditionally Loving Firmness that he she requires.For if our Inner Child receives to much discipline without love e/she will become rebellious and if the Inner Child gets to much love without boundries and structure the Inner Child will become spoilt and inflated.So the Key is in guiding our Inner Child with Unconditional Love and Firmness into an Adult and Fully Adult Integrated Ascended Master on Earth.For in truth there are only Souls incarnated in Babies bodies and all souls need to be raised to embody the fullness of Spirit on Earth for that is the work and mission that the Masters and the 2nd Ray Synthisis Ashram that Direct Spiritual Education of the Planet is wishing and intending at this time.So our part in this is raising first our own inner child and then learning to parent all other outer children as well with the proper balance of Firmness and Love.For in doing this one will find the Proper Balance and Integration of Ones Proper Psychology that is required.The other Key is receiving Love from God and the Masters for we can only give that which we posses and we can “Of our own selves do nothing!””For it is the Father in Me that does all things”(The Mighty Iam presence)In understanding this we allow ourselves to receive all the Love from all the Levels of Creation,we also are active in giving and sharing our Unconditional love for we understand that Love at comes from both and essence level and a form level.So after acknowledging and Honouring our essence level we can then begin to practice form level by doing Affirmations of Self Love,Doing our Journals and Logs to develop self love and self worth and practice giving and sharing love on an Physical Emotional Mental and Spiritual Level.All these levels are required for us to receive Integrated God love and all levels are just as important.So our Key focus and attention Psychologically today on the 4th Ray day is to practice giving and Receiving Unconditional Love to Self First and then to give to Others.This is our main focus and all energy can be organized around that guiding principal and practice!Now a brief prayer to close.

“Beloved Presence of God/Christ/Holy Spirit and my Own Mighty I am presence,we invoke and request your descent into our 3 Minds and 4 Bodies and ask your divine assistance in being in total 100% Unconditional Love to Self God and others at all times no matter what!We ask for full Power and Wise Discernment also in this!”

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