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New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse a mustard seed planted for the future July 1, 2011

New Moon
Partial Solar Eclipse
a mustard seed planted for the future
July 1, 2011
as the crow flies
There is not enough negativity in the entire world
that can eclipse the power of one pure, positive thought.
- Abraham-Hicks
Whisper over Antarctica
Hi everyone, the third eclipse in a 3-eclipse portal takes place tomorrow. See below for some thoughts on the significance of this eclipse.
Many Blessings
Carol Ann Ciocco
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The Summer of 2011
tri-eclipse portal
time funnel
Take the memory of the future and bring it here into the present. - Deepak Chopra
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The New Moon in the sign of Cancer occurs tomorrow at 4:54am EDT. This New Moon is also a Partial Solar Eclipse which is the 3rd in a triple-eclipse series which began on June 1st with a Partial Solar Eclipse, peaked with a Total Lunar Eclipse on June 15th, and now closes with another Partial Solar Eclipse.
Tomorrow's eclipse is a curious blend of whispering subtlety and powerful intensity. The triple eclipse portal of this Summer of 2011 is a time portal, from past through present and into the future. As tomorrow's eclipse perfects, we will be jettisoned into the beginning of a brand new cycle that won't complete until the year 3237.
By tuning into tomorrow's eclipse we can project our consciousness forward in time and glimpse various potential outcomes, based on current directions. Then we can alter the timeline by making different choices. This technique is always available to us through meditation, but as this portal closes there is extra celestial wind at our backs for this kind of journeying.
a wrinkle in time to the ancient past
The triple eclipse portal opened on June 1, 2011 with a Partial Solar Eclipse of the Northern Sun, in the sign of Gemini. Exquisite photos emerged showing a solar eclipse at midnight! Although not visible to many, the new moon glided in front of the midnight sun above the Arctic circle, producing a partial eclipse of unusual beauty. (See the remarkable photo here:
This eclipse was a wrinkle in time with a glimpse over our shoulders into the deep past, into the minds of the peoples of the past, and the belief systems we inherited from them (many of which are obsolete and damaging in the current day). Our own past beliefs, sown in childhood under difficult conditions also came up for review. It was time to 'change our mind' about many things. The June 1st eclipse initiated us to the portal. We looked back as we stepped into the vortex or funnel of time.
The June 1st eclipse had an ancient feel to it, mirroring the midnight aspect of the sun. All eclipses belong to 'families' or groups of similar eclipses, all about 18 years apart. These 'families' are called SAROS series, with each given a number. The June 1st eclipse was a member of a very ancient family - Saros 118 - which goes back to May 24, 803. The June 1st eclipse was the 68th eclipse of 72 total eclipses in the series; i.e. this family of eclipses and its foray on earth is nearing the end of its life.
IMPERIALISM - cycling to its end // Because a Saros-118 eclipse opened our 2011 eclipse portal, here is a glimpse of the themes up for transformation within this portal:
The year 803 was the beginning of the Charlemagne Empire. In the year 800 Charlemagne was crowned by Pope Leo III. The Capitulary of Charlemagne was issued in 802 and with this act the ancient Merovingian and Carolingian dynasties in the medieval Frankish (French) Empire were theoretically transformed into the Roman Empire. Imperial laws were instituted and handed down, producing a schema for imperial authority and law. Here we see the seeds of:

* What would come to be Europe and the common European identity
* The axis of power for the Western world
* The cult of figures for earthly 'protection': kings, knights, heroes, 'caudillos'...
* Inspiration and justification for the Crusades which also enjoyed the divine precepts and rights
* Powerful institutions, laws and arms to maintain power, such as the Inquisition
* The official consent for invasions and conquering of territories with the Providential 'by force or reason' (sources:,

mustard seedIn other words, the time period cycling down with the Summer of 2011 eclipse portal points to the inception of the powers of the Western world and Imperialism. The fulfillment of this portal (tomorrow) springs us into the future, with the chance to create a new template that will literally last for 1,225 years. Simple look around you at the current corporate-owned government and other trends if you want to see the 21st century results of the time-arc of Saros 118.
On a personal level, look at how you have lived under ancient, iron-fisted control and persecution - not only by people in your childhood and even people in your current life, but especially WITHIN YOURSELF (the only place that really matters if you want to change things). The new template is fundamentally based on the cornerstone of SELF-COMPASSION. Stand down on the Inquisition of yourself and others.
ONENESS - the new template birthed as this eclipse portal closes - is INCLUSIVE not exclusive. It opens to all possibilities, allowing all realities, beliefs and lifestyles to co-exist in harmony - without either side needing to be 'right' or needing to destroy the 'other' who believes differently.
NOTE: on June 7, 2011 - 6 days after the Partial Solar Eclipse - earth and Humanity experienced one of the strongest solar flares on record, a massive solar explosion that astronomers are still talking about. Seriously, it was of historic magnitude. The Sun seemed to chime in with gusto to the ancient voices that spoke at the beginning of this year's eclipse portal - bringing the power of LIGHT to burn off the old and christen a new sunlit path.
Info from my previous postings on the June 1st eclipse (and some breathtaking photos) can be found here:
On June 15th the eclipse portal peaked with a Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in the signs of Gemini/Sagittarius. This portal took place across the Galactic plane (24 degrees Gemini, the Galactic Edge, and 24 degrees Sagittarius, the GalacticCenter) and in particular drew our attention to the Galactic Center, the Loving Heart of our galaxy, Our Great Mother. We looked up and into a blackened and red moon - snuffed out by the marching sun - hovering in the darkness with the vista of the Milky Way emerging in the background like a sparkling carpet.
Total Lunar Eclipses (TLE) have the effect of collapsing time. As the sun is crossing in front of the moon, we experience the entire lunar cycle - which takes 28 days as the new moon waxes to full then wanes back to new again - in only 2 or 3 hours. In the case of the June 15th eclipse, it lasted exactly 100 minutes.
The June 15th TLE again asked us to examine our mind, our vision, and our belief systems. The tendency to 'live in your head' and neglect the feelings of the heart was called into question. The GalacticCenter is a Black Hole of Love. This eclipse tried to crack open our minds and hearts and release our emotions, so that we might to feel the pulse of Love all around us.
An erupting volcano in Chile was the cause of the particularly black and red eclipsed moon. (To see photos of the black-red moon, click here: The volcanic ash shadowed moon brought our attention right back down to earth, with a reminder about the intense earth changes and weather patterns taking place with such fury right now.
Again, we are asked to get out of our minds and into our hearts when it comes to the use of earth's resources as well. Love also must be extended to the Earth. If we allow ourselves to feel the heartbeat of earth, the pulsing of her energies, we might not be as quick to think our way into focusing only on short-term profit. Many people walking this planet have never connected with Earth in a meaningful way. Many, many are separate, disjointed and are literally orphans without their Mother. If all connected to their Mother the earth with love, things would change drastically.
The Heart of Love exists in THE NOW. The Total Lunar Eclipse of June 15th touched us in the present moment, not the past, not the future. This was the high-point of the time-wave as we surfed our way through the tri-eclipse portal. Emotional clearing in the Now is essential for this journey.
To read about the June 15th Total Lunar Eclipse and to see some great photos, click here: and here: funnel summer 2011 eclipse portal
time funnel into a brand new cycle
The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer which takes place tomorrow will end the Summer of 2011 eclipse portal. Please note that eclipse effects will continue to arc outward for about 2 weeks (some say longer).
This 3rd eclipse is the antithesis of the June 1st eclipse which belonged to a very old Saros series. The July 1st eclipse is the very first eclipse of a brand new series: Saros 156. This Saros family will produce 8 partial eclipses, followed by 52 annular eclipses and ending with 9 more partials. Complete details for the entire series of 69 eclipses spanning the years 2011 through 3237 can be found at:"
As this series unfolds, the longest eclipse will last 8 minutes 28 seconds and will cut a wide path through Indonesia on May 3, 2526. Interestingly, not a single member of series 156 will evolve into a total eclipse. The very last member of the series will be a partial eclipse over the north polar regions in the year 3237. (from Guy Ottewell Astronomical Calendar 2011)
Whereas the June 1st eclipse was part of a cycle nearing its end over the Arctic, this eclipse marks a fresh new cycle, unfolding first over the Antarctic, and concluding 1,226 years from now with an eclipse of the midnight sun over the Arctic. This eclipse really does point to the future - a mustard seed of potential. The possibilities taking root now are nearly invisible, taking place in the unseen worlds. If you reincarnated in the year 2526 or 3237, what might the world, your life, your body, the earth look like, feel like? says it best: "So while Friday's partial solar eclipse will be a less than impressive sight to behold, on the cosmic scale, it is a major turn of the clock."
a whisper over antarctica
Astrononimically (i.e. physically) the July 1st eclipse is a whisper over the South Pole; it is like a mustard seed in its potential for the future. Tune in and feel it - it is extremely soft, very subtle, barely noticeable. It is as if an angel's wing gently touches your cheek as you lie dreaming.
There will be a mere touch of shadow off Lutzlow-Holm Bay, an extremely remote part of the world, an uninhabited region in the southern Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Antarctica. This is the point of greatest eclipse, where the magnitude will reach only 0.097. The shadow will be in contact with Earth for less than 90 minutes before it slides back out into space. You could even call it a "stealth" eclipse since it will probably only be seen by a few penguins and leopard seals. ( Such a remote and isolated path means that it may very well turn out to be the solar eclipse that nobody sees. (Eclipse expert Fred Espenak, of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, on the space agency's Eclipse Web Site)
Here is a video animation of the July 1st eclipse, where the moon just grazes the sun over Antarctica:
Another video animation can be seen here:
I think it will be simply amazing if a human being captures a photo of this eclipse. I am anxiously awaiting to see just how intrepid the intrepid eclipse chasers might be;)
"The Kingdom of Heaven is like a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field; which indeed is smaller than all seeds. But when it is grown, it is greater than the herbs, and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in its branches." - Matthew 13:31-32, World English Bible
CARDINAL CRUX REDUXflashback and flashforward
cardinal cross of the mastersThe subtle physicality of this eclipse is juxtaposed with a powerful punch: the astrological signature of our times, the Grand Cardinal Cross, is perfected in this chart. The partially eclipsed New Moon/Sun complete the cross.
As you may have heard (or surely you must remember) last year we experienced a powerful configuration in the sky - a Cross created by 3 heavy hitter planets (Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, and Saturn in Libra). It occurred at the Zero degree point of each of these signs which are the most powerful points in the zodiac (especially the Zero Aries Point).
The 'empty spot' in the Cross was the sign of Cancer, so the powerful engine of the cross only perfected and jumped fully alive when a planet would cross into that 'hot spot'. (The Cardinal Cross of the Summer of 2011 is not at the Zero points anymore; it is forming between 4-10* of cardinal signs). To have an eclipse appear in the Cancerian spot now, one year later, is very significant. The sun, whisper-touched by the passing dark new moon, stands in that all-important vortex.
The message here is simple: no progress can be made unless our 'inner infant' is on board. Cancerian energies include the old and no-longer healthy ancestral beliefs and habits that we were nudged to let go of within this eclipse portal. We needed the old beliefs so that our species would survive our harsh past, but things can be different now. This New Moon points to the future. Our future must contain a new way of doing the Cancerian tribal template, free from ancient fear and separation. Imperialism is based on the tribal mentality.The question is: What is family? Who is my responsibility in this world? We are looking forward 1,226 years to a time when family may not be based on blood or skin color or nationality, but on humanity, heart and especially soul. This is the transition from Dominance and Imperalism to Equality and Oneness.
All human beings come from a mother's womb. We are all the same part of one human family. We should have a clear realization of the oneness of all humanity. - His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama
polar shift
On June 1st we stepped through a wrinkle in time and into a concentrated eclipse portal, a kind of time funnel, looking at ways to change our mind from past patterns toward a new way of living. On June 15th we faced glaring emotional realities alive in us in this present moment. And with the July 1st eclipse we will reorient our direction, our cardinal directional system, into the future based on what we learned in our time travel.
It is interesting that we are seeing here a flip from the North Pole to the South Pole in the trajectory of this eclipse portal. A pole shift. A shift in consciousness away from duality.
This is a good time to change course. One of the main reasons the Titanic sunk is because the Captain underestimated how long it would take to turn the massive ship around in order to avoid the iceberg. The choices we make today in our personal lives will determine a new timeline that extends far into the future. We all have changes to make. We don't have to make them all right this minute, but we can now turn our attention to a new path with our intent. Now is the time to begin turning. Today and tomorrow... it is so subtle, this turning. Shhh can you hear it? Can you feel it? Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there.


  1. Interesting, thank you.

    Looking forward to making the most out of the potentials of the start of Saros 156.

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