Wednesday, June 1, 2011

3rd Ashram Ideals and Inspirations!

A key understanding that many Light workers and Spiritual people don’t understand is that money and prosperity consciousness are just as important to develop as light love and power quotient.what good is a spiritual person if they cannot support themselves and are essentially destitute?!You will see and experience many errors in the New Age movement in thinking in the areas of money and financial mastery!There are so many errors on a mental and psychological level that many are not aware of.We will try our best to outline these here in the following paragraphs.One key is the thinking that all forms of spiritual work should be free and that anyone who charges for them is being egotistical.Well what difference is spiritual work to material work?Why should not people pay for peoples spiritual service?The Key is again not to Put God ahead of Money,but money is important and a part of the spiritual path.The 2 extremes of the Negative Ego is people who have to get paid before they do anything for anyone,or people who claim that all spiritual work should be free.The spiritual system has to be integrated into the New World Financial order that is being externalized through the 3rd Ray Ashram under Serepis Bey.Financial mastery and earthly mastery will be honoured in the new age as much as any spiritual level or psychological level.The More Money one has the more one can serve ones brothers and sister,one can set up ashrams spiritual centers and do their spiritual service!Material energy is a face of God as much as the Spiritual energies!The 2 are 1!There are 4 faces of God and all are equally Holy and Sanctified!Favour not one over the other but honour Master sanctify and service each of them in balance!Psychological and Earthly Master are challenging to Master and no one can escape to the Spiritual Spheres ,one must Master the Earthly Face of God as well as the Psychological and Spiritual level!No one will progress to Higher Solar Galactic Universal and Cosmic Ascension until Material Physical Mastery is attained and Earthly God Realization has taken place!We are now in the Aquarian Age not the Picean Age and Material Mastery is an absolute requirement for any real psychological and spiritual progress!No longer are we ascending into the Light but descending into Matter!We are spirit descending into Matter!We are here to serve and Bring Enlightenment into the Earth and Brining Heaven to Earth,not escaping Earth!Earth is a Heaven not a Prison!We are creating a 5th Dimensional Heavenly Society and Planet,and we are here to become Masters and bring our Enlightenment into all departments of the Spiritual Hierarchy!Manifesting our Earthly mission takes real psychological mastery,be right with self and God first.We must learn to be Master and cause of our realities at all times!We must find our Mission Blueprint Ideal and Purpose on earth and then bring that into the Earthly Plane!Go out and find your mission and go after it with all of your energies thoughts and feelings!Focus on helping others and service and you will make the greatest spiritual growth!Serve God in others not just God in self!Let go of all selfishness and step into selflessness!Call in the transformational flame of fire and take action to serving!Take your mission no matter how humble that is.Be balanced in all aspects and develop full prosperity consciousness and manifest your mission on the earth plane!This is just as important as mastering the mind spirit emotions and negative ego!Re-cognize that the Earth is a living being,and everything is an incarnation of God alive as you are!Open to the Love of all that is!Everything is alive all around you and part of Gods great plan!There are devas elemental nature spirits mineral vegetable animal kingdom and they need your attention love and service!Manifest your mission on your choosen ray and keep attention there until your mission is made manifest!The focus is not in leaving the earth but staying on earth and serving the New Plan and blueprint for the New Jerusalem and 7th Golden Age!The Masters want those who are interested in service and really commited to making a difference in the world!Special dispensations are given to those really commited to changing the world and embracing the earth plane!1 3rd of the God and Self realization is the realizing of the material face of God!Dear Readers wake up and experience the truth of this and step into your Earthly mastery,commit to being of service and get out and help others in doing the same and more!If you can do this in harmony with all that is and step into serving that greater plan your consciousness spiritual life and earth life will take a cosmic leap and you will advance like you have never expienced before!Remember it is not all up to God but a company creation!Dont wait for God and the Masters to tell you what to do,but get up and do it yourself,and make yourself usefull to God and the Masters!Just get out there and take action on what you think you could be doing,and feel what can be of most helpful to other people.Every piece of Guidance is from God!Take action!Dont wait until you feel confortable but just get out and get into it!Your Mission and puzzle piece awaits!Do what excites you and go after it!Look for ways to serve!Be kind to people!Lend Money!Smile,Help,Remember peoples names,God cares more about the details and the little things.God does not care a bit for glamour!Never compare your puzzle piece and mission with others but compare your own.Review and focus your life on what you are here to do and go after that alone!get clear journal write and get focused on what you are suppose to do in this life time and get out there and do it!God and the Masters will come to your aid in amazing and untold ways!God is looking for Humbleness Humility and Egolessness!We are all incarnations of God and all equal as Brothers and Sisters in the Christ Consciousness!All that matters is you find your own Mission and puzzle piece not what others are doing or what your ego wants you to do!Listen to the still small voice within and always follow your inner guidance!Let thy will be done!

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