Thursday, June 23, 2011

The 7th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light(Starts Tomorow!)

The 7th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light in the current and final 9th Universal Wave of consciousness evolution identified by the Mayan Calendar activates on June 25th, 2011. This Heaven-Pulse is a Yang pulse.
In my original article on the 13 Universal Heaven-Pulses of Light I wrote:
7th Heaven-Pulse > June 25 - July 12 (crest July 3-4) > Yang > Proliferation and more solid developmental growth of universal consciousness which forms the next level of its emergence as a pertinent liberated expression in our experience and on the planet. The new sprout is becoming a more mature and healthy plant.
What I am being guided to impart in relation to this 7th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light is largely practical information which I am seeing now is greatly needed. Master Menon has also taken me in this direction, indicating that the integration of all strata within our reality system and the universe itself, is really paramount now.
After having experienced a bit over half of the Ninth Wave thus far, I have not communicated anyone who is awake that does not believe we are currently in a very powerful and massive acceleration of consciousness evolution... an evolution which is headed towards a more universalized experience. We can speak to what this is from many differing perspectives, but that is the essence of it.
Essence is one of the keys to universal consciousness itself. The more we are aware of it and operate from it, the more universal will our scope of consciousness be. Essence liberates our awareness from the limitations and complexities of the manifest plane. As this occurs we are then able to better be present with and operate upon the manifest plane.
This seems like a bit of a paradox perhaps. Yet, it is the degree to which our awareness is limited within the manifest plane that actually generates the burning desire to escape it. As we liberate our awareness from the manifest plane this burning desire subsides and we can become more fully present here.
This dynamic takes many forms but a real common one involves wanting to go home, not feeling like you are on the right planet, etc. I know, I experienced all of these things for many years very intensely. These experiences concluded finally the end of 2010 when the Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi spontaneously ignited within my field.
Now I have realized on every level of my being, not just intellectually, that home is right here where I am in the moment, always. There are very few times where this "wanting to go home" type of feeling ever even arises now. When it does, it dissolves very quickly because I see it for what it is.
I share this with you only because I have made this passage. I am therefore speaking to you from my own personal experiential wisdom rather than from an abstract theory or idea. I can say with certainty that it is worth every bit of energy you might put into making this passage too if you have not already done so! I am also available to mentor you on this if you wish to have some help.
The universe is also helping us immensely! In the 7th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light there will be a very powerful energy emanating from the Great Central Sun to both liberate our awareness further from the material plane and to bring us more present upon it.
This energy may seem very dis-orienting at first. It may seem as though one part of your being is going in one direction and another part of it is going the opposite direction.
It can therefore be helpful to simply be consciously aware of what is causing this type of feeling to arise in your experience if it does. If you understand what is happening then you can relax into it and let it flow more easily.
This may show up in a myriad of different ways. Some common essential themes might be:
1) You are more keenly aware of all sorts of things and how they relate to each other and inter-connect, but you are also somewhat overwhelmed with them because they are now also entering into your experience in new ways.
2) You feel more "out there" and expanded and yet life is calling you more than ever to be here engaging things more fully on the manifest plane... so a feeling of inner conflict arises around this.
3) Significantly expansive overviews in terms of where you are headed in your life and what must be accomplished are now downloading very rapidly into your conscious awareness, while simultaneously you find yourself totally immersed and seemingly stuck within the minutia of it all.
There is ONE solution to all of these and any other variations that may present themselves to you. This solution is to "be present, feel it fully, breathe deeply and be at peace." In other words, let these massive energy waves flowing in from the Great Central Sun wash over and through you.
Be aware as possible of any tendency towards trying to run to keep up, or to get away. This is an illusion and it will tumble you about real hard in this current energy environment.
You need to release density, not amplify it. Trying to run to keep up amplifies density. Relaxing and letting the new energy wash over and through you in absolute trust and knowing that all is well, releases density.
This is not about trusting in something outside yourself either. It is about trusting implicitly that there is a Higher Awareness and Source Intelligence aspect of YOU that knows EXACTLY what it is doing, and where it is going, and what it is going to take to get there on the manifest plane!
Remind yourself of this continually... it will take you through the Ninth Universal Wave and beyond going through 2012 with grace and ease!

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