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3rd day,3rd Ray,

3rd. Ray of God Love and Selfless Giving. Life Lesson:-- “ Become Love in Action. “ The energy of the 3rd. Ray :---enables you to make contact with your Spiritual Self, your I Am Presence, through your threefold flame, the divine spark, which God has placed in your heart. --enables you to change or “alter” aspects of yourself, including your sense of identity , when you go within to the altar of your heart. --gives you the impetus to :---do random acts of kindness; --accept God’s plan for yourself and loved ones; --actively appreciate others; --forgive others; --be sensitive to needs of others; --be understanding.

The energy of the 3rd. Ray can be mastered as you learn to use the energy of the HEART CHAKRA correctly:---by loving your I Am Presence with constancy and faithfulness. --by cultivating mercy and compassion; --by using right speech, by realizing that whatever is in your heart will be expressed through your spoken words. Only love can be the instrument of right speech. --by seeing that challenging circumstances in your life can be opportunities to keep your heart open.

--by exercising your heart through devotion and meditation. --by letting the heart chakra be the open door for the expression of Divine love in its purest form---unconditional love. --by letting the heart chakra radiate the perfect love that will cast out all fear. --by guarding the heart against all negativity, hatred, mental criticism, hardness of heart, envy and the death wish. --by acknowledging and appreciating the beauty in yourself and others; --by setting healthy boundaries in your relationships. --by recognizing the power of softness, that a soft answer turns away wrath. --by nourishing and expressing your caring, feminine side, the side of yourself that has to do with the building of relationships, coaching and team work. --by expanding your heart chakra through listening to waltzs and music played on a harp.

Positive Qualities of the 3rd. Ray . --love --beauty --generosity --comfort --compassion --creativity --selflessness --appreciation

Unbalanced expressions of the 3rd. Ray.

--hatred --selfishness --human sympathy

--dislike --self-pity --negligence

:-Compassion :---empowers and supports others but does not smother them. It empowers because it helps us to learn the spiritual lessons which are inherent in all of life’s challenges. Your support and caring should never cushion others from learning their own lessons and growing from them. Sometimes those we love the most , need a dose of reality in order to wake them up. Sometimes ,all you can do is release them and let them go so they can learn their lessons. If they ask for advice you can share with them the knowledge of God’s laws ( Law of love; Law of free Will; Law of Cause and Effect ---see notes on 1st. Ray) so they can begin to see how the world works. --Compassion does not blame others for the circumstances of life. The most important thing to realize is that it is our reaction to those circumstances that will help us grow spiritually or go backwards or even come to a halt. --Compassion will always lift up others so that they can realize their full potential. It supports them while they refine their soul.

Beauty. --Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. When you look at someone , you can choose to see their human frailties and mistakes or you can choose to see that behind all outer appearances there is the beauty of the inner Spiritual being and treat them accordingly. --The ability to create beauty in some form is necessary for the nurturing of each soul.

Love. --Love is the flowing essence , the ephemeral quality of God that holds everything together. --Human beings cannot generate love. They have to receive it from their Source--their I Am Presence ---before they can express it towards others. --You can increase your capacity to release love through disciplining your energy, your supply, your expression, the hours of the day, and your service to life. --You are loved by God because he created you as an individualization of His own being. Love God as your Spiritual Self--your I Am Presence. --To love others as yourself, you must know that they too are extensions of God. Therefore they are extensions of your own Greater Self and therefore you are connected to them through your own connection to God. --Love all people unconditionally. Do not judge them or look down on them because they have made mistakes or expressed imperfections. We are all here on Earth to learn our lessons and grow spiritually.

--Realize that in every situation, the goal should be to produce the maximum spiritual growth for every person. --Respond to all situations and people with Divine Love-unconditional love---a love that does not accept any imperfection as ultimately real or as permanent.

Creativity. --Light or energy is the basic substance from which everything in this universe is created. --God’s light is constantly flowing through your being. A stream of spiritual energy flows from your I Am Presence and you can use this enery to co-create in this material world. You are a co-creator with God. He provides the light/ energy and you create through the power of your imagination and your attention. --God’s law states that you will create what you allow your attention to dwell upon. --You can never stop creating. You are either creating consciously or unconsciously. So you need to use your free will, your willpower , to make the decision that you will create consciously. You must be aware of what you want to create by first purifying your motives. Your motive should always be promoted by love for others and by your desire to raise up the All and not just your separate self. You can only do this when you know and accept the Oneness of all life. --You need to know how you create and the importance of creating within the framework of God’s laws, especially the Law of love; Law of free will; Law of Cause and Effect. ( see notes on 1st. Ray)

You create by using your creative powers correctly. You have the gift of free will, the gift of awareness, the ability to imagine , and the ability to focus your attention on your desire goal. By focusing your attention you direct your images on to the the light/energy of God which will manifest in the physical world in time. But before this spiritual energy reaches your conscious mind, it must pass through your subconscious mind where it will be influenced by the beliefs you have about yourself, your identity, about God and about the world in which you live. Many of these beliefs do not serve you and do not allow you to reach your full potential. Therefore, if you want to grow spiritually , there is need for you to purify your beliefs. You also need to purify the energy that you have misused in the past. This can be done through the giving of Violet Flame decrees and the Aquarian Age Rosaries . www.mothermarysgarden.com ) ( www.transformnet.org

--You can also purify your creative efforts by taking note of what you are creating, what the cosmic mirror is reflecting back to you , to teach you where you are misusing your power, wisdom , love and creative powers. --When you are creating you must ensure that you do not violate the free will of other people, that you do not take away their freedom to be, to do and to create their own reality. Release all desire to control and manipulate others. --When you are co-creating you must be in harmony with you own Spiritual Self, your I Am Presence and your spiritual brothers and sisters with whom you feel oneness.

Generosity. --To be generous means that :---you are unselfish; --you are ready to give freely what you have received; --you are free from pettiness of mind and character. --Why should you be generous ? --Because it is in your own self interests to do so. Foe we are all One and what you do for others --you are ultimately doing for yourself. --As you freely give, you will also freely receive, for the Law of Cause and Effect will return to you whatever you send out.

Comfort. --offer comfort to those who need it, those who are grieving or suffering. --Comfort springs from the love which is in your heart. --When you give comfort to someone who is in distress , you bring ease into the situation. You enable the distressed person to express how they feel in a loving and accepting way. But do not encourage them to wallow in self-pity but give them hope and spiritual truths which will help them. --As you offer comfort to others , by the law of return, you will receive comfort when you need it.

:-The Heart Chakra :---is the spiritual energy centre that is the very centre of your four lower bodies. --is the centre of the energy field that you truly are here in the 4 planes of matter. The light of God , the light from your I Am Presence, descends into your four lower bodies, and this very light gives you life and the ability to co-create the abundant life. This light enters your lower being through the Secret Chamber of the Heart Chakra which is a chakra hidden behind the heart chakra. This spiritual centre has been placed there by your Spiritual Self, your I Am Presence. This is your connection to God. This light is the pure white Mother Light and it springs forth in a threefold manifestation , a threefold flame . --It is called the threefold flame because it has three aspects which express the three main qualities of Spirit. --The blue aspect represents Divine love expressing as power or the “ will to Be .” --The yellow aspect represents Divine Love expressing as wisdom or balance or the “ direction to Be. “ --The pink aspect represents Divine love expressing as love which sets life free from bondage and restrictions. --The size of this flame determines how much spiritual light can flow from your I Am Presence ( which resides permanently in the spiritual realm ) into your lower being, here on Earth.

Its size also determines your creative powers. --To increase your creative powers, you need to enable your threefold flame to grow and expand. This can happen only as you balance each of the three aspects of that flame. --If one of the aspects of that flame in unbalanced, you will tent to misuse your creative powers. This will reduce the size of the flame which will then restrict the flow of spiritual light into your being, thus restricting your creative powers. --To balance your threefold flame, consider:---the need to align your being with God’s laws ( especially the Law of Love; the Law of Free will; the Law of Cause and Effect.) (see notes on 1st. Ray.) --Study the characteristics of each of the three aspects of this flame. --Reflect on which characteristics you are already manifesting. See which you are lacking. See where there is an imbalance and then work on balancing the missing characteristics. Blue Aspect of Power. --patience in pursuing goals --strong desire to succeed --leadership qualities --responsibility --productive --independent --self-disciplined --practical --motivated --self-directed --perseverance --determination --efficiency --hard-working -- competent --organized --accountable --self-confident --self-controlled --enthusiasm

Yellow Aspect of Wisdom. --orderly --imaginative --resourceful --learns quickly --communicative --moral --think and act quickly --neat --discerning --insightful --make wise decisions --intuitive --detailed --adaptable --precise --thirsty for knowledge -- systematic --honest --creative --thorough

Pink Aspect of Love. --dutiful --loving --sociable --supportive --motherly --gracious --loyal --dependable --artistic --compassionate Affirmations:-Affirmations:-“ Beloved I Am Presence, I demand and command a balanced flow of power, wisdom and love in my being. “ “ My heart chakra now radiates the perfect love that casts out all fear.” --devoted --obedient --tender --optimistic --trustworthy -- grateful --sensitive to others --warm-hearted --co-operative

“ My heart chakra is balanced. “ “ My heart chakra is the open door for the expression of Divine love in its purest form. “ “ I release all misqualified energy of my heart chakra into the Violet transmuting Flame---NOW ! “ My heart chakra is a chakra of Violet Fire ! My heart chakra is the purity God desires ! “ “ My threefold flame is balanced. “

Master the 3rd. Ray through Balance. The 3rd. Ray can be mastered by balancing it with the qualities of the other 6 rays,---willpower, wisdom, purity, vision, service and freedom. Use your free will , your willpower, to choose to see every situation in your life as an opportunity to express more love to God and unconditional love to all life. Learn the difference between human love and divine love. Divine love cannot be generated from within yourself but only from the Source of love---God. When you love with divine love , you will always seek to raise up others by giving freely of yourself. Learn to respond to all situations and all people with divine love. Realize that your heart is the centre of your being. It is the very centre of your creative powers which are filtered through the heart chakra , thus colouring whatever conditions exist in that energy centre.

keep your heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. “ ( proverbs 4: 23)

Whatever is in your heart will be expressed through your mouth. So it is important to clear the heart of all imperfections and impurities, such as, fear, anger, hatred and anxiety. To do this effectively, you can use--- “ Rosary for Clearing the Heart “-- a powerful spiritual technique, found at:-www.mothermarysgarden.com Balance your Threefold Flame by balancing the qualities of love, wisdom and power in your being. In every life situation, your aim should be to ensure that all concerned have the best possible opportunity to grow spiritually and learn their spiritual lessons. See that you are an extension of God and that all other people are also extensions of God. At the deepest level of your beings , you are all connected. You are all One. Thus, what you to do to another, you have also done to yourself and thus you will surely reap what you have sown. Give service to life, to others, to God because:---you love God. --you love all others as extensions of God. --you want to help raise up others and not just your lower, separate self. --you want to help bring God’s Kingdom to Earth. Give others the freedom to be, to do, to have, to create their own reality---by always being aware that we all have been given the gift of free will. If you violate, or go against this basic spiritual law, you will reap negative experiences for yourself.

Affirmations:-Affirmations:-“ I open my Being to Love. I allow this Love to take me where I need to go in order to fulfil my divine plan.” “ I Am The Flame of Love. “ “ I Am the open door for the Flame of Love. “ “ I claim my God love ! “ “ I Am God Love ! “ “ I Am in alignment with the Love of Christ. “ “ I have the victory of the Love Flame in my heart. “ “ I Am Love in action ! “ “ I Am God’s unconditional; Love manifest here ! “ “ God’s Love is unconditional and non-judgmental. “ “ The essential quality of Divine Love is ---Self-transcendence --the drive to BE MORE ! “

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