Monday, October 26, 2009

The Eagle and the little Bird,

To Listen too,

To Read,

In the morning mist of the moor
in the semi-darkness of the dawn.
Stood a lone tree, and out of this tree
drifted the sweetest music.
Little bird sung Her song to the
emptyness of the moor.
And as She sang, she noticed
a shadow drift slowly across the heather.
She stopped briefly and wondered
then continued to sing Her magical song.

There was a powerful rush of air and the
beating of wings. the branch she was standing on
sagged under a great wieght.
Little bird stood still........frozen......Quiet!


Then a deep clear voice spoke.........
"Little bird" "Why have you stopped singing?"

Little bird trembled with fear!

Then the deep clear voice spoke again
"Little bird" "Look at Me!"

So powerful was the command of the voice
Little bird could not resist.
Trembling, shaking She turned Her head
eyes cast down.
And as she turned she saw the great, sharp
silver talyons clasping the branch she herself
stood on and nearly collasped with terror.

Then the great voice spoke again, with softness
this time.

"Little bird, look at Me!"

Little bird, shaking and trembling slowly
looked up into the clear bright golden eyes of a Great and Noble Eagle.
She was transfixed by the power in his eyes.

The Great Eagle looked down at her and smiled.

Then speaking in a deep voice said this.......

"Little bird, each morning as I fly high across the emptyness of the moor."
"The sweetest music drifts on the breeze upto Me"
"This morning I have come to see where this sweet song
comes from".
"Sing Liittle bird........Sing"

Little bird quiving in her voice spoke.......

"Great Eagle" " I cannot sing I am afraid"

The Great Eagle looked at Little bird with puzzlement

"Why Little bird.........why can you not sing?"

Little bird blurted out........."I am afraid you will eat me"
"You are a Great and Noble Eagle, you fly high and see
"You have such Great Wisdom"
"What am I but a snack for you"

The Eagle looked deep at Little bird and slowly turned His
head away.

And speaking in a sad voice said
"It is true little bird, I fly High" "My sight is sharp
and I see all"
" I know the ways of the World""And many fear Me"

And looking back at Little bird with a whistful sadness in His eyes,
said in His deep voice.

"Little bird..........I cannot sing the beautiful song of the
heart You sing each morning"
"Your song fills Me with Joy!" "You sing your song with Love"
"Sing for Me little bird" "So I may sit with You and feel Joyful!"

Little bird looked at the Great Eagle with amazement.
Not knowing what to do.
She was expecting to be eatern!

The Eagle looked down at her with a softness in His eyes.
and spoke in a soft low voice..........

"Little bird" "Sing your song of Joy and Love"
"Let us welcome the Sun to the birth of a new day"
"I will sit here Peacefully with You and be filled with Your Magic!"

And the Eagle smiled softly at her.

Little bird looked at the Eagle and was filled with great pride.
No longer fearful.
Here was a Great Lord of the air, wanting to hear Her song.
She turned to face the newly breaking Sun.
Stood tall and drew breath that filled her whole body
and sang with all the passion of Her Great Heart.

Each and every morning at the breaking of a new day
As the first rays of the Sun caress the greeness of the moor.
There is a lone tree which sings a Great and Passionate song.
Little birds Great Heart sings!
And perched quietly next to Her.
Is a Great and Noble Eagle........Peaceful.........Blissed with Joy!

Friendship and Love are born in everyway.
When one Heart hears another Hearts song!
It is only the illusion of fear that keeps us all apart.

Amour Beautiful People

Have a Loving Day

Ange Fonce

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