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2nd Day,2nd Ray,

2nd.Ray of God Wisdom and Balance.
Life Lesson:--” To Create Unity out of Diversity.” :-The energy of the 2nd. Ray :---gives you wisdom and enlightenment; --dispels ignorance; --gives you knowledge that there is only One---only God; --enables you to connect to a higher source of knowledge--your own higher mind which is one with the mind of God; --gives you the understanding that you need to share what you have received with others. The energy of the 2nd. Ray can be mastered as you learn to use the energy of the CROWN CHAKRA correctly. You can do this by :---by studying spiritual teachings; --by on-going learning; --by striving to transcend--to go beyond---the limits of the human intellect; --by taking time to be still and listen for your own inner direction; --by obtaining knowledge of your Inner Self and your Oneness with all life; --by letting your crown chakra be the open door for the

expression of Divine Love as God Wisdom; --by letting the crown chakra radiate the All- pervading Wisdom that will eradicate all ignorance. Affirmations:-Affirmations:-“ My crown chakra is a lotus of Violet Fire ! My crown chakra is the purity God desires ! “ “ My crown chakra now radiates the All-Pervading Wisdom that eradicates all ignorance. “ “ I use the power of my crown chakra correctly. “ My crown chakra is the open door for the expression of Divine Love as God Wisdom. “ “ I release the misqualified energy of my crown chakra into the Violet transmuting Flame---NOW ! “

Positive Qualities of the 2nd. Ray. --illumination --self-knowledge --enlightenment --discernment. --right thought. --wisdom --understanding --open-mindedness --judgment

Unbalanced Expressions of the 2nd. Ray. --intellectual and spiritual pride; --intellectualism; --vanity; --ego-centredness; --narrow-mindedness; --ignorance.

Illumination. --I ----Lumin-----ation. “ I “ = I Am Presence. “ Lumen” = “light”. “ation” = “ in action “.

Illumination Illumination = “ I Am light in action. “

--True illumination leads to “ illumined action.” --The illumined actions of your mind and heart working together will bring the enlightenment of your Higher Self, your I Am Presence, to function in the physical plane.

Wisdom. Wisdom == “ wise dominion “ over your four lower bodies and the Earth. Wisdom == is the ability to use your experience and knowledge to make sensible decisions and judgments. Wisdom == is to take what you have learnt and internalised and apply it, make use of it, in your own life. Wisdom is realizing that everything is created by the power of the mind, everything is energy.

Wisdom is needed so that you know:---Who You Really Are; --why you are here; --what is your divine plan; --when cycles have moved on ; --when it is time for you to move on, to let go of some limitation, to demonstrate to others that it is possible to rise above such limitations.

Wisdom is that which is in alignment with the laws of God and His creative intent for you and this material world, so that you can continually grow and become More of Who You Really Are. You can bring wisdom into this world by :---quickening the mind;

--by quickening the soul, to make the soul rise above the level of the outer mind. The soul needs to be made to see that there is more to life than the outer mind, that there is much more that it can understand and know. Affirmations:-Affirmations:-“ I claim my God Wisdom. “ I Am God Wisdom ! God Wisdom I Am ! “ “ God’s Wisdom is my highest vision. “ “ I express God Wisdom that is in alignment with the Will of God. “ “ I Am One with God Wisdom. “ “ I have understanding and wisdom centred in my crown chakra.”

Wisdom is :-Taking Dominion over Your Four Lower Bodies. Your four lower bodies are vehicles of expression which enable you to express yourself in the material world. They are :----the Identity/Memory/Etheric Body; --the Mental Body; --the Emotional / Desire Body; --the Physical Body / conscious mind.

Each body:---has a separate consciousness, yet together they act as a whole, influencing each other and expressing themselves together. --has a separate function and is designed to help your soul carry out its mission on Earth. --is composed of energy which vibrate at a different rate from the others. The energies of these bodies need to be mastered so that they serve as the best possible instruments for the growth and development of your soul. Your I Am Presence needs to take dominion, to take control over your four lower bodies so that they are a perfect vehicle for the fulfilment of your divine plan. Affirmations:-Affirmations:-“ My four lower bodies are the container of Self which hold the light and the movement of light, freely receiving and freely giving. “ “ My four lower bodies are vehicles of expression for the “ right use “ of the energies of my I Am Presence. “ “ My four lower bodies are now charged with the Will of God and my divine blueprint. “ “ I Am the Resurrection and the Life of every cell and atom in my four lower bodies, now made manifest. “ “ My four lower bodies are pure and in alignment with my I Am Presence. “

“ My four lower bodies reflect the purity and purpose of my I Am Presence. “ “ My outer life, my four lower bodies are a reflection of my divine plan and my true God-given individuality , which is anchored in my I Am Presence. “ “ My four lower bodies only contain images that are in harmony with the Laws of God and with my divine plan. “

Your Identity Body is the container for your personal sense of identity. Your core identity is your I Am Presence which is an individualization of a specific God Flame. Your sense of identity also includes:---how you see the world; --how you see God; --and your relationship to the world and God. Your Identity Body also contains all the memories of your experiences of all your lifetimes that you have had in the material universe. Your Identity Body is designed to enable you to express your creative abilities and your divine identity in this world. Through this body you can maintain a connection to your I Am Presence, which resides permanently in the spiritual realm. Any imbalance in the Identity Body can cause you to go into one of two extremes:--

1) where you have no identity or sense of self worth. 2) where you have a very rigid sense of identity, which keeps you closed and unwilling to seek for a higher understanding. This keeps you trapped in a certain frame of mind which prevents you from making spiritual progress. :-Affirmations :-“ My Identity Body is the container for my personal sense of identity. “ “ My core identity is my I Am Presence, which is an individualization of a specific God Flame. “ “ My sense of identity also includes ---how I see the world and God and my relationship to them both.” “ My Identity Body also contains the memories of my experiences of this lifetime and all past lifetimes that I have had in the material realm. “ “ My Identity Body is designed to enable me to express my creative abilities and my divine identity in the material realm. “ Through my Identity Body , I maintain a connection to my I Am Presence, which resides permanently in the spiritual realm. “

Mental Body. Your Mental Body is the container for your thoughts--about yourself and the world and how the world works. Your thoughts are very much determined by your sense of identity. Your thoughts relate to how you understand the details of the

larger picture that is determined by your Identity Body. Your thoughts need to be purified from all that is less than the perfection of the Christ mind. The Mental Body can be mastered by learning to master the energy flowing through your third-eye chakra and your seat-ofthe-soul chakra. Learn to control and discipline your thoughts. Thinking positive thoughts creates a matrix that can magnetize positive circumstances to you. Negative thoughts can be destructive and take you off course and far from your divine plan and purpose. Any imbalance in your Mental Body can cause you to become Mental overly intellectual, approaching spiritual growth as an intellectual exercise. Be aware of spiritual, intellectual and human pride, of a tendency to feel superior to others. Affirmations:-Affirmations:-“ My Mental Body is the container for my thoughts---thoughts about myself, the world and how the world works. “ “ My Mental Body is pure and my thoughts are in harmony with the higher desires and plans of my Identity Body. “ “ I master my Mental Body through my Third-Eye Chakra and my Soul Chakra. “ “ My thoughts are very much determined by my sense of identity. My thoughts relate to how I understand the details of the larger picture that is determined by my Identity Body. “

“ My Mental Body is clear from all need to compare and judge myself and others. “

Emotional / Desire Body. Your Emotional Body is the container for the feelings or emotions that you have about yourself and the world. Emotions = energy in motion. Emotions are the forerunners for physical action. They determine how you act upon your thoughts. In order to move into action, your emotions need intensity and direction. Your Emotional Body also contains your desires and they can conflict with your higher goals. Learn to have only right desires. A right desire:---is based on Oneness with the Source of life; --will make you feel whole, fulfilled and nurtured; --springs from the drive to part of the self-transcendence of God; --springs from the drive to share God’s abundance; --springs from the drive to become more of God, and less of the human ego. It is the sense of becoming more that gives you true, inner nurturance. --springs from the drive to express your divine individuality. --causes you to give, so that you can receive more from God and

be part of the River of Life that constantly brings more abundance to this world. Examine all your desires and see whether they spring from a sense of being separated from the whole or the drive to magnify the whole. Ideally , your emotions should be a reflection of your thoughts which are a reflection of your sense of identity that are again a reflection of your divine individuality. The Emotional Body can be mastered by mastering the energy flowing through your throat chakra and your solar-plexus chakra. As you take control , as you take dominion over the inner world of your thoughts and emotions , your outer situations will reflect your inner peace. Your Emotional Body is meant to take the thoughts that are formulated in your Mental Body and give them movement (emotion= energy - in - motion ) so they can manifest in the material realm. Your emotions are meant to flow. If you suppress them you will block up the natural flow of energy through your being which can cause psychological problems. The Emotional Body is affected by your passions, cravings, greed and covetousness, which make you seek for more and more power and control over others. It makes you feel that nothing is ever enough or good enough. Bring your emotions under control by controlling your thoughts. Examine your basic beliefs and attitudes towards life and see how they give rise to specific thoughts that you then release through certain emotions.

Affirmations:-Affirmations “ My Emotional Body is the container for my feelings that I have about myself and the world. “ “ My Emotional Body is the vehicle for the mastery of my emotions. “ “ My Emotional Body contains my desires. “ “ My Emotional Body is in harmony with my highest desires and plans. “ “ My emotions are pure, balanced and harmonious. “ “ God’s light flows unhindered into and through my Emotional Body. “ “ My emotions determine how I act upon my thoughts.” “ In order to move me into action, my emotions need intensity and direction.” “ My emotions are a reflection of my sense of identity and my identity is a reflection of my divine individuality. “ “ My Emotional Body is clear from the feeling that nothing is ever enough or good enough. “

There is a natural flow of energy through your being. Energy streams from your Spiritual Self through your Identity Body , where is coloured by your view of the world. Then the energy flows into your Mental Body and is coloured by your thoughts. The energy then flows into your Emotional Body where it takes on the direction and intensity determined by your emotions.

Finally, the energy is translated into physical action carried out by your brain, nervous system and your physical body. Affirmations:-Affirmations:-“ My Physical Body is the vehicle for the mastery in the physical plane. It is the vehicle for power and action. “ “ My Physical Body is used to anchor the light of Spirit in matter. “ “ I learn my spiritual lessons through my opportunity to live in a physical body here on Earth. “ “ My Physical Body is clear from all attachments to the things of this world. “

You can only take control, take dominion over these four bodies by realizing that you have no power of your own. You can only direct God’s power through the use of your attention. When you place your attention on something, power flows through your four lower bodies over the bridge of your attention. The power will be coloured by each of the bodies. Realize that it is God within, your I Am Presence, who is the true doer. It is the God in you, the I Am , that has dominion over the Earth. “I and my Father are one.”

“My Father works hitherto, and I work.” “ I can of mine own self do nothing, it is the Father (I Am Presence) within who does the work.”

SelfSelf-Knowledge. “ Man Know Thyself.” --Who Are You ? --You are :---a spiritual being; -- a child of God living in a physical body with a human personality. --You have a divine nature . A part of God lives deep inside you, which is your personal source of power in this world. --Another part of your being is your Higher Self, your Christ Self--who is your inner teacher.


--To become enlightened you need to change your perspective, the way you look at and perceive things. You need to see the reality that is hidden behind the veil of separation---Spirit behind matter. --True enlightenment means:---you are awake to your inner potential; --you overcome the illusion that you are a separate being, that you are separated from God and all other beings;

--you overcome this separation and accept that you are One with your Source . --and you are willing to follow the Path of Oneness; --you understand the limitations of your lesser self and the limitless resources of your Greater Self; --You deal judiciously with people and situations from an enlightened perspective, you show good judgment; --you overcome the state of consciousness that ties you to the wheel of suffering, the endless dualistic struggle; --you realize that it is in your own self - interest to follow Jesus’ statement--“ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. “

Discernment. --is the ability to make evaluations. --to tell truth from error. --to recognize when actions, attitudes, qualities and characteristics are not following the divine patterns of life. --to recognize wrong actions without denouncing the doer. --to recognize that there is a higher truth that is not man-made. --to realize that this higher truth must be expressed according to the actual situation you are in.

Exercise your discernment by asking questions that no one else is prepared to ask or that you yourself have been unwilling to ask thus far. Use your discernment to find out if a particular spiritual teacher , teaching or organization has a genuine flow of the Spirit. Discern the contents and form of that flow of the Spirit. Discern whether that flow is being used for self-transcendence or to keep people in a comfortable position which eventually causes stagnation and stops the flow of the River of life.

OpenOpen-mindedness. To be open-minded you need to be attuned to your Higher mind. openBeing open-minded is a necessary quality when you are following opena spiritual path. This is because there is a tendency for any spiritual teaching to be distorted or changed over time and made into systems that keep people trapped at a certain level. If you are open-minded :-open:---you will see life as a journey of self-discovery, which is ongoing; --you will seek to expand your knowledge and understanding; --you will not be afraid or reluctant to change your beliefs when they no longer serve you; --you will be willing to look at new ideas and if they seem reasonable you take them on board. If they seem unreasonable, you will leave them alone.

A true spiritual teaching will always encourage you :---to Be More; --never to stand still; --always to be willing to take the next step on the spiritual path.

Judgment. --True judgment is not human judgment . Human judgment springs from the human ego who thinks that by judging others, by looking at the faults of others and magnifying them, it will somehow make itself look better and more important. It seeks to tear down so that it can raise itself up and make itself appear superior. --True judgment accepts that we are all God’s children, we are all extensions of God and therefore we are all equal in God’s eyes. We may be at different levels on the spiritual path and have different attainment, but no one is more important than any other. --We all make mistakes but we are here on Earth to learn our lessons. We cannot tell what karma another person has to bear or what condition or situation they have agreed to take on in order to fulfil their divine plan. So we are in no position to judge another. --You own spiritual growth will be severely restricted if you allow yourself to be drawn into the ego- game of judging others. --By judging others you will also make negative karma for yourself and set the law of Cause and Effect in action.

“ Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

“ Judge not lest you be judged. “ “ Judge no man but to love him.”

Understanding. Understanding. --Your search for truth and understanding should never be confined to an outer framework. --You achieve understanding by Self-knowledge through contact understanding with your Higher Self, your Christ Self. --Be open-minded and you will find the understanding that you understanding seek. --When you are ready for a higher understanding you will immediately be presented with a way to attain that understanding. --You need to understand:---that everything is made from energy; --energy acts through your ability to focus and imagine; --energy acts and pulls on your attention; --you qualify energy either positively or negatively. --With your gift of free will you can experience and use God’s energy to create whatever you want as long as you realize that by the Law of cause and Effect you will have to experience what you have created.

--Realize the creative power of the words---” I AM.” --Realize that you have an I Am Presence and Christ Self--your connection to the spiritual realm.

to Thought, The 2nd. Ray corresponds to Right Thought one of the points of the Eight-fold Path of the Buddha. Right thought :--- is to have the intention of goodwill and harmlessness towards all life. --it is to develop thoughts of loving kindness, non-greed and compassion , which will enable you to overcome self-centred desires.

The 2nd. Ray of God Wisdom can be mastered by balancing it with the qualities of the other 6 rays---ie. willpower, love, purity, vision, service and freedom. Wisdom is knowing and acting upon the truth that you know within. To balance wisdom you need to know :---that you create your life experiences through the power of your own mind. --that you have free will so you can choose to create what you want. --that you have 4 lower bodies , which are vehicles of expression here on Earth, and how they work.

--that these bodies need to be cleared of all impurities so that they can be perfect vehicles for the fulfilling of your divine plan and purpose here on Earth. See -www.mothermarysgarden.com/L_HEALYOURSELF/FOURBODIES/ manymansions.html -- for a more detailed explanation. --that without unconditional love your creations cannot be permanent. --that you need to purify your motives , to make sure that your motivation is not for selfish reasons but for the love of God and because you want to help raise up other people and help bring God’s Kingdom to Earth. Your desire to create should be so that you can share what you know and what you have received with others. Be willing to teach others how to create through the power of their minds. --that you need to give other people the same freedom that you yourself have, to be, to do , to have and to create their own lives.

Being ego-centred is a misuse of the 2nd. Ray energy. egoTo learn about how the ego was formed and the games the ego plays go to www.askrealjesus.com

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