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The Lunar Month of October 18, 2009 - November 16, 2009

This is an Introduction Article for Nick Fiorenzas Monthly Lunnar Update.

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The Lunar Month of

October 18, 2009 - November 16, 2009

Ensuring a New Consciousness
Reigns on Earth

Lunar Planner Synopsis 

This New Moon occurs on the cups of sidereal Virgo-Libra. It conjoins Archturus of Bo├Âtes and Spica of Virgo. Our previous lunar cycle was defined by Benatnasch--of totalitarian self-proclaimed leaders, political religious figureheads and gurus, and destructive use of power--and by Zavijava, of the blind followers of that directive. In contrast, this lunar cycle shifts to a focus for an administration that supports the safe and harmonious evolution of consciousness and of life on Earth (Archturus) and to participants with the conscious clarity of intent to manifest an unadulterated consciousness on Earth.

Our New Moon also squares the Lunar Nodes, producing what has been called a Moon Wobble, not referring to an actual wobble of the Moon, but to the emotional instability of people and subsequent poor judgment often accompanying that instability.

Upon the Gibbous Moon, and occurring in the Pollinating Phase of the lunar cycle, Venus moves into alignment with the Sun, Uranus, Saturn and Makemake (one of our newly discovered planets). This marks the start of a new Venus-Saturn-Makemake (synodic) cycle; and the midpoint of vision and realization in the already existing Venus-Uranus (synodic) cycle. This event is one of many creating the shifts and changes in the few-year timeline involving the Makemake & Saturn-Uranus opposition that we are in the midst of. (See the article "In Search of the Golden Egg 2008-2011," available to non-subscribers.)

Our Full Moon of November 2, 2009, resides in mid-sidereal Aries and conjoins Kaffaljidhma of Cetus, the brain of the fear-instilling techno-bureaucratic monster of collective human consciousness. Also joining our Full Moon is the Centaur seer Asbolus, and this location in the ecliptic is also that of Asbolus' Perihelion.

Juno and Neptune complete their retrogrades just after Full Moon. Juno's direct station marks the full commencement of the new Earth-Juno cycle that began in September (presented in the previous lunar planner); and for the radical reorganization and new opportunities occurring in all types of relationships and partnerships that also began to occur over the previous few months.

On the Balsamic Moon, Venus and the Dwarf Planet Haumea start a beautiful new cycle in sidereal Virgo; and then, toward the end of this lunar cycle, on November 15, the first Saturn-Pluto square of three occurs occurs--a square that maintains a very tight and intense window through January 2010 and continues well into 2010. This window catalyzes a rather dynamic many month period ahead.

...For an in-depth stellar exploration of this Lunar Cycle and
the planetary cycles ahead, visit The Lunar Planner.

The stars would not be in the heavens if we were meant to walk in darkness.

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