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The Ashram of Synthesis:

The Ashram of Synthesis:
Building the New Civilization
by Gordon Davidson

“The first of the cosmic laws is the Law of Synthesis. … It is the law that demonstrates the fact that all things—abstract and concrete—exist as one; it is the law governing the thought form of that One of the cosmic Logoi in Whose consciousness both our system, and our greater centre, have a part. It is a unit of His thought, a thought form in its entirety, a concrete whole, and not the differentiated process that we feel our evolving system to be. It is the sum total, the centre and the periphery, and the circle of manifestation regarded as a unit.”

Alice A. Bailey

The Founding of a New Ashram

The Tibetan Master DK first presented the idea that a new ashram had been organized under the guidance of the Christ and the Buddha and three Masters in April/May 1946. At that time he indicated “the formation of a new Ashram in which the Wisdom aspect would be of particular importance and not the Love aspect.” He also stated this new ashram would be related to particular “endowments” brought by the Buddha during the 1946 Wesak festival concerning the Will-to-Good of the Lord of the World, which would enable the Christ and the Master R, the Lord of Civilization, to register divine Purpose in a new way.

Later, in June 1949, the Tibetan stated that his ashram was “closely linked to the first ray Ashram of the Master M through the work of Men of Goodwill,” because goodwill (a second ray expression) is being “galvanized into violent activity by the first ray,” expressing the dynamic will-to-good flowing through the first ray Ashram. He noted that he was also working in close cooperation with the Ashram of Master R, because “the intelligent activity of the energy of goodwill is our objective, and its expression through intelligence, applied with wisdom and skill in action is the task demanded of all men and women of goodwill… I have tried here to give you some idea of the synthesis of this hierarchical work for humanity.”

DK also stated that the Master R, as the Lord of Civilization, and his third ray Ashram includes the Ashrams upon the Fifth Ray of Concrete Science and the Seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order. He also said that although the Master R was not confined to the activity of any one ray, at that time He was “occupied with seventh ray energy, which is the order producing energy upon the planet.”

These references by the Tibetan in the books by Alice Bailey give some outlines of an evolving synthesis of work between the Master M, the Master R and the Master DK, and their respective first, third/seventh and second ray Ashrams. In other references he mentioned how the 1st, 2nd and 7th ray ashrams were “peculiarly active… in destroying evil… along the lines of the Science of Applied Purification,… and that the initiates and disciples in these ashrams of the Masters were particularly implicated.” He also states that “energy from Shamballa (embodying the will-to-good) is fused and blended with the organizing energy of the seventh ray and then carried to humanity along the stream of love which emanates from the Hierarchy itself.” From these references it is possible to see signs of an emerging pattern of synthesized work between these three ashrams, which culminated in the formation of the new Ashram of Synthesis, based on a directive from Shamballa.

Another Perspective on the Synthetic Ashram

The next light we have on this question of the new Ashram is provided in the work of Lucille Cedercrans, a spiritual teacher who, from 1949 until her transition in 1984, provided detailed information about the soul, the Plan and work of the Hierarchy to groups of disciples in training throughout the United States. This information, called a “new thoughtform presentation of the Wisdom,” is highly aligned with the Master DK’s teaching, although it is presented through a 7th Ray rather than a 2nd Ray lens. This material, some of which has been published as The Nature of the Soul, The Soul and Its Instrument and Creative Thinking series, (with much of it yet unpublished), includes information about a new “Synthetic Ashram,” and it provides some potentially useful insights into the purpose and functioning of this new Ashram. Those who worked with Cedercrans and her teachings for many years say that it was telepathically transmitted by the Master R and other Masters, recorded often while groups were present, and later transcribed. It is interesting to note that her teachings are called “The Wisdom,” which would be in keeping with DK’s 1946 statement quoted above that in this new Ashram the wisdom aspect would be of particular importance, not the love aspect.

According to Cedercrans, “the Synthetic Ashram carries the responsibility of shifting the civilization from a sixth to a seventh ray expression, shifting the organized life of the form of civilization from a third to a seventh ray expression, and for the shift of human identification from self to Soul.” The Ashram will assume fully this responsibility at the turn of the century and carry it over a 2500 year period. Around the year 2000 this new Synthetic Ashram will include all disciples within the three major Ashrams of the Master M, the Master DK and the Master R, who hold it in focus.

The creation of this Ashram was in response to a purpose emanating from Shamballa, the Avatar of Synthesis and the Christ, and required the three Masters to bring together and formulate the necessary consciousness, energy, force and substance to create the new Ashram of Synthesis, thus taking responsibility for a major part of the Divine Plan. This required many adjustments on the part of disciples in these three Ashrams, and many disciples active in various fields have found themselves going through major transformations as their comprehension of the Plan, which had previously been considered complete, had to go through expansions and adjustments to function within this new Ashramic energy field and effort.

Why focus on the Ashram at all, rather than just the work to be done? Those disciples around the world who have independently recognized inwardly this shift in Hierarchical organization have found it profoundly illuminating to their understanding of what is occurring in the worldwide esoteric work, as well as within the New Group of World Servers and the upheavals in the current civilization. In addition, this new Ashram, utilizing the Shamballa impacts of 1975 and 2000, has been increasingly emanating the energy of synthesis throughout the planet, which explains many of the trends we see towards fusion, unification and synthesis (both positive and negative) at every level of our world. Also, recognizing the existence of this Ashram allows us to more fully cooperate with it.

Cedercrans stated that one of the requirements of the Ashram of Synthesis is to bring together physically those souls who function within the Ashram to create a vehicle within the three worlds through which the Ashramic group consciousness, Plan, and intent can move out into manifestation and service activity. This Plan calls for a step-by-step reproduction of the Ashram within the three worlds, creating an organized group life capable of serving the Divine Plan, as each soul finds its relationship with that Plan.

Implications for the World Service Intergroup

These statements have important implications for the World Service Intergroup, as we can begin to see that our work as an international intergroup is part of an intention and effort to build a unified vehicle for the implementing of Ashramic purpose. This purpose is clearly reflected in the World Service Intergroup purpose statement, “to develop a worldwide, unified body of esoteric groups that function in unison under direct Hierarchical impression to provide an instrument for implementing the Plan of the Hierarchy in the world.”

The need to create a reflection or outpost of the Ashram in the world was an impulse registered by various WSI members at the New York Conclave in 2000. This reflection can be created by clearly holding a vertical alignment in the three worlds which is a reflection of the vertical relationships existing within the Ashramic group. By aligning with the three Masters, the Christ and the Avatar of Synthesis, and becoming conscious of the note of the Ashramic life, the WSI group members can begin to channel that energy into the world by sounding the note of synthesis of the first, second and seventh rays.

One of the ways this note of synthesis is powerfully sounded is by recognizing that the current members either within our own groups or WSI should not be seen as limited to who might presently be participating. We need to overcome the tendency to see the current personnel of our groups as its boundaries, and thus create a barrier to the radiation of our group and intergroup energies. At the same time, in order to focus and generate energy, groups do need to have a center, and a periphery functioning as a “semi-permeable membrane.” Placement in relationship to the Master, or center within the Ashram or a group, is based on the graded acceptance of spiritual responsibility by individual members. Each disciple, by accepting responsibility, becomes the “accepted” disciple. Each disciple in the Ashram, through their demonstrated occult obedience to their own soul or Monad, has created an aligned, radiatory field of service, and it is through this service that they find their right place within the “rings of responsibility” in the Ashram or a group. It is our “response ability,” our capacity to respond to subtler and more refined energies, and therefore meet ever greater needs, that determines the levels of responsibility we can assume in an Ashram or group.

True, synthetic, group consciousness is made up of individual souls who recognize that humanity is the ultimate group. Our esoteric groups are simply organized inlets for invoking and evoking spiritual energies that are then released to humanity. The more deeply we align with the Ashram, the greater can be the spiritual transformative power of the energies released through each group. Yet the energy that can be put through a group by the waiting Hierarchy is only proportional to that group’s power in service. Thus, without a clear focus on the needs of humanity and the Plan, a group will not gain the energetic attention or support of the Ashram. The Tibetan makes this very clear in an unpublished manuscript from AAB:

“I have no interest in helping or teaching those who divorce the affairs of the world and of humanity from spiritual teaching and selfless living. I have no use for mystical visionaries and esoteric students who love to wander in the higher realms of abstract thinking and mass details of occult or mystical information, but who refuse to understand the changing of the old order, the awakening of humanity to the new possibilities, and the purification of the political and economical arena are today the factors of the greatest spiritual value. That is spiritual which has for its motive the establishing of the Kingdom of God on Earth and that cannot take place until much has been changed in human affairs and living.”

Thus, if our group or intergroup work is to function as an outpost of the Ashram and serve in implementing the Plan, we have to be both deeply aligned with the Plan of the Ashram and engaged with the current needs of humanity.

Another way in which the reflection of the Ashram is being created in the world, according to Cedercrans, “is through the gradual transference into the brain consciousness of disciples that which they are being taught on Soul levels within the Ashram. As the disciple, an embodied Soul, gradually moves into Ashramic consciousness, the Ashramic consciousness moves into the incarnate consciousness of the disciple and there is a synthesis of consciousness. Gradually the instrument of contact is built and utilized by the overshadowing Soul to fulfill the Divine intent the Soul is ideating as a member within the Ashram.”

In Darjeeling in 2001 the WSI members present worked with various seed thoughts on synthesis to prepare ourselves to be more receptive to the synthesis energy of the Ashram and Shamballa, thoughts such as: “Union through synthesis is union through identification with the whole, not union through realization or vision.” As a result of this work the group received many impressions which were synthesized into the Darjeeling Declaration. One of the key recognitions was the need for humanity to free itself from its entrapment in matter, and all that holds souls in bondage, liberating itself into the freedom of the Spirit, even if forms may be destroyed. Thus, the influence of the Ashram of Synthesis with its lst, 2nd and 7th ray synthesis of energies, works to break down or purify old forms that restrict the expression of soul/Spirit, (through the Science of Applied Purification mentioned earlier) and assists us to achieve union through identifying with the whole. With this identification we will know how that whole can be helped to free itself from bondage to matter, evolve, and express through new and better forms.

The Ashram of Synthesis and Its Objectives

An Ashram is a subjective center of energy, life and consciousness, held in focus by the consciousness of a Master. It is composed of the overshadowing soul life or group of soul lives who are karmically related to Him and have been attracted within His sphere of influence for the purpose of receiving His spiritual guidance and helping to carry out His objectives. The Ashram of Synthesis is composed of the group lives of three Masters, and as such is a vast Ashram. It is composed of three overlapping circles or spheres of energy, and where they meet is found the focal point of synthesis, although all in the Ashram are conditioned by this energy.

With the creation of this Ashram, disciples have had to orient themselves to the synthesis of the three Masters’ energies, rather than just to the Master of their own ashram, which has caused much change and adjustment. The synthetic energy of blending three ashrams, combined with the influence of the Avatar of Synthesis, results in more than the sum of the 1st, 2nd and 7th rays, but has its own unique characteristics. When the three Masters meet, a synthetic, focal triangle is energized, and through circulation within that triangle of spiritual force, the energies are blended into a new synthesis and all within the Ashram are stimulated by it. Work is planned and adjusted, new initiatives received, and empowerment given to disciples and initiates. The purpose of this synthesis is to bring about a synthesis of all truth which lives in the many forms of truth, and to produce through its synthesizing action the evolution of human consciousness from personal identification into identification with the group conscious Soul.

The Ashram of Synthesis has other multiple objectives all oriented towards the single goal of creating the conditions within which the Christ can reappear. These include:

1) The formation and development of a unity of religions in preparation for the New World Religion;

2) The spiritualization of business to make it an instrument of the Plan functioning as a planetary resource distribution system to subsidize the growth of human consciousness;

3) The freeing of human consciousness from its entrapment and enslavement in matter through all spiritual teaching now available to humanity;

4) The radiation of the substance of the lower planes by increasing subjective work around the world;

5) The destruction and clearing away of old forms to create space for new forms to manifest;

6) The funding of the work so it may go forward rapidly and potently;

7) Changing the focus and priority of nations from national self-interest to the good of all peoples and nations.

When we look out at the world today, we may wonder how well disciples and humanity are progressing towards these objectives and preparing the way for the Christ’s reappearance. Overall, we are clearly not yet prepared for His Reappearance, while in some fields there is steady progress as evidenced, for example, by interfaith movements such as United Religions Initiative; the “spirit in business” movement; increasing emphasis on international non-violent conflict resolution through the United Nations; and expansion of spiritual teaching and meditation of all kinds. It is clear we have not achieved a sharing of the world’s resources, as they are still controlled by the selfish money powers, which is the biggest blockage in the current world situation.

We may wonder if a “withering of the law” may have to occur to draw the Christ forth into the world to offset evil. However, it is highly preferable that He comes as an affirmation of what Humanity has achieved, so there is a foundation for Him to build upon, rather than coming to prevent great evil in the world. It is clear that there is much to be done to prepare for His coming. And the greater the realized synthesis, unity and functioning cooperation between the serving groups, the sooner His return. For the synthetic functioning of the world esoteric groups can provide an instrument of the Plan that will hasten and facilitate His Reappearance. Thus, the determination of the date of His coming is in the minds, hearts and hands of all who serve the work. May we all awaken to this realization.

The Energy of Synthesis

What is the energy of synthesis, and how does it function? Synthesis is an aspect of the Will that holds all of manifestation in right relationship through all time and all space. Synthesis is a state of being to be recognized and identified with, not a condition to be created. Identification with that which holds all in right relationship is the task of all within the Ashram of Synthesis, including the creation of the conditions of right relationship in the three lower worlds. The ability to hold the energy which creates such conditions is the task and gift of the disciple of this Ashram.

Synthesis IS, and through the influence of the Avatar of Synthesis, humanity is developing the capacity to stand in synthesis on the mental plane, and create a civilization that reflects that synthesis. This synthesis takes the best from the past, and what is relevant and useful from the future, and applies it in the present. It is a synthesis which moves beyond linear time to transcend it and move into circular or spherical time. Scientists are now telling us that time is spherical because stars and planets do not move or radiate in straight lines, but their trajectories are arced by a gravitational field, as time and space are curved. Thus, in spherical time, when we stand in the soul or Monadic center of the sphere we have access to all the realms of time which our consciousness stands above. The higher one’s consciousness frequency, the greater the expanse of time one can encompass. At the very center is the Eternal Now, the synthesis of time, where past present and future can all be seen and known.

Synthesis is also gradually building a synthesis in space, through our modern, interconnected civilization. Ultimately it is moving into a synthesis of and through dimensions, as scientists steadily recognize the vast synthesis of dimensions on the mental plane, reinforced in quantum physics as superstring theory. It is also recognized as more individuals experience a synthetic awareness of multiple dimensions. The Avatar of Synthesis is assisting humanity to achieve this mental synthesis.

Synthesis is not, however, just a knowing, but a state of being where the capacities of heart, mind and will naturally bring synthesis out of disorder. This state can be accessed by disciples and initiates who have balanced the heart and mind. Synthesis in the heart eliminates all barriers to the free flow and circulation of the uniting energy of universal love. Synthesis in the mind preserves essential knowledge of fundamental principles and laws, and liberates from non-essentials. It focuses the mind on that which is essential to the outworking of the Plan, so that lesser concerns fade from view. All concerns are placed in their proper priority, and mental law and order result. That which is inappropriate or intrusive to a given focus is rebuffed by the energy of synthesis. It enables the power to focus, but not just on the part, but on its relation and place within the whole. Synthesis holds the part (which is only a stable pattern) within the dynamics of the whole, which are seen as causal to the part.

Synthesis is also the guarantor of future success. As a focus is held within the energy of synthesis, all factors which are needed to bring about the intended and desired result are brought into alignment. Little is left to chance, as the inner workings of the law steadily move to bring the beneficent plans to fruition. The difficulty for disciples is the time factor, and the ability to hold the synthetic focus over a much longer time period than is usually understood. Thus, as synthesis is just now beginning to impact human consciousness, long range institutions and planning needs to be established to ensure that a synthetic focus on the Plan is held throughout the centuries. It also highlights the need for more long term planning and building of flexible, 7th ray forms that can link our groups in new ways that will make the WSI a more useful instrument for the Plan and of greater service to humanity. We can see this long term planning gradually emerging, as we are now using our conclaves to plan future intergroup projects together. This is a long term intergroup commitment which is steadily establishing the networks for more coordinated, esoteric work today and in the future. In this we can see the outworking of our weekly and annual meditation rhythms in our groups and in conclaves.

It was also noted by Cedercrans that, “synthesis is an energy which can also bring conflict, change and transformation, as it brings all parts into right relationship, and into right relationship with the One or the whole. It has a 4th dimensional characteristic (which can only be inadequately described) as it both radiates and absorbs at the same time. This produces a motion and a relation of motions which brings the extreme opposites into immediate juxtaposition. The energy of synthesis radiates the positive pole and absorbs the negative pole … and thus outpictures as its own substance the extremes to be resolved. Thus short-lived conflict in the extreme is one of its major characteristics and effects. Because of the radiating and absorbing nature and motion of synthesis, the pairs of opposites are quickly synthesized into a One, a total, or whole. What was once so-called good and bad have been wedded into a new state or condition, which is neither good or bad, but simply an evolutionary movement. Thus conflict in the extreme, followed by quick evolutionary change will manifest whenever the synthesis energy is applied. This energy can be released to a group aligning with the three Masters in the Ashram, the Christ, the Planetary Logos and the Avatar of Synthesis. The energy will be released in exact proportion to the group power potential in service.”

So how can individuals and groups best work with this energy of synthesis? It is important to rise above emotions and the sense of good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant and recognize the need for evolutionary change towards ever increasing and illuminating light. We need a love that embraces all equally. Our mind, brain and nervous system need to organize Truth in the construction of that new way of life which humanity is seeking. This can be a new form of thought, a new automatic response, a new quality in our relationships, and new clarity and purpose in our words. The disciple who is working with synthesis looks for the right relationship of all apparently separated parts, and gathers all into its right relationship with the living whole.

One of the characteristics of this new energy is its dynamic, precipitating faculty as an agent of the Divine Plan for humanity in specific circumstances and situations. The disciple can use this energy by focusing it into those circumstances which should be the vehicle for the manifestation of the Plan, but are not so at a given time. Even though the situation appears to be in opposition to the Plan, the energy of synthesis will eventually precipitate the Divine Plan into manifestation, as long as the appropriate time frame is kept in mind. There are certainly a large number of situations in our lives and in the world where we can apply the energy of synthesis in this way.

The Plan for the New, Synthetic 7th Ray Civilization

The work of the Ashram of Synthesis is to implement a plan for building a new civilization based on a recognition of the Christ presence within every human being, as well as the essential divinity of all kingdoms of life, and even of matter itself. This requires the shifting of the present civilization, without its utter destruction, from the expression of the Sixth Ray of Devotion to the Seventh Ray expression of Divine Law and Order, or the Divine Order of Humanity.

The Sixth Ray has produced a civilization in which the ideals in the major religions or schools of thought are held as an ideal, unattainable except through sin, suffering, death and resurrection. Although striving towards the ideals has helped humanity to progress, it has also placed humanity in the position of the polar opposite of that ideal, seeing itself as born in sin and incapable of attaining the perfection it worships. And while humanity aspires to the ideal, it subconsciously sets itself in opposition to it, and the outer life and affairs in the world of human endeavor is dictated by the conflict produced by these pairs of opposites. Thus daily life becomes for many people an expression of the wicked and sinning creature which they subconsciously believe themselves to be.

Yet, at the same time there has been a tremendous evolution in consciousness, an achieved shift of identification from the separated self to the soul, which is blocked in expression by the current civilization, and is seeking and creating new forms through which to incarnate. The new, 7th ray civilization, which is emerging, is aimed at bringing spiritual principles into the daily life and affairs of every field of human endeavor through the magic of the soul in full expression. It will ultimately lead to the creation of an entirely new way of living that serves to radiate light through all forms through.

How does the individual and group disciple implement this Plan? One way is by bringing the higher Plan into contact, and thus conflict, with the lower, and solving the resulting problems. We as disciples have to learn to stand as souls and proclaim our creativity, wield our energy, force and substance, using the first, second, and seventh rays in a principled synthesis which manifests within our lives and affairs as the transforming power to build the new civilization. As we learn to anchor these energies into new, lighted forms, and we repeatedly return to incarnation over the next 2500 years, we ourselves will become that new civilization, for we will embody these spiritual principles and knowledge with ever increasing skill in action. Thus, how we deal with finances, relationships, conflicts and problems of all kinds, moment by moment, is our path of service. It is our task to manifest our soul plan through this service, and thus create a path within the three worlds which can be followed by every human being seeking their fulfillment. This is how the new civilization is created.

Cedercrans adds that part of the work of the new, Synthetic Ashram is to deal with the problem of the forces opposed to the Divine Plan. Humanity today, in its present evolution, is not capable of dealing directly with this opposition. Offsetting them is part of the work of the Synthetic Ashram. This is a first ray effort which every disciple in the Ashram has to carry, since, as a Synthetic Ashram, every disciple in it carries the responsibility for the expression of a synthesis of rays, 1, 2 and 7. Thus disciples in the Ashram will meet with opposition, and it is hoped that they will be able to divert the attention of the opposition from its focus upon humanity as a whole.

The Ashram is also assisting humanity to make a transition from the 3rd Ray, upon which the current civilization has been built through the use of logic and mathematics, to the 7th Ray, which functions very differently. The 3rd Ray defines and depicts things in logical sequence, presenting an appearance of order out of chaos. It demands that anything working out from subjective into objective must follow specific, defined steps that appear one-by-one on the physical plane of affairs. The 7th Ray manifests through cyclic motion, and does not require specific steps to appear before the subjective cause appears objectively. Some parts of the cycle may not be visible, and some can happen simultaneously.

Thus, there can be subjective work going on for many years during an inbreath period of the cycle, when the causes are being set in motion, and there is little appearance of outer activity. Then suddenly there manifests a transformation or a major appearance of a new initiative, with no apparent intervening steps. This gives the 7th ray the appearance of magic, which is really the ability to work subjectively with the energy force and substance of the Rays of Aspect –life, quality, appearance - to produce an appearance. The 7th Ray comes into appearance only during cycles wherein rapid growth is predetermined by the Planetary Logos. It is a reflection of Spirit in substance. From the moment the thinking individual becomes aware that he or she is creating his/her own destiny through the use of the mind, s/he has begun to use the 7th Ray energy. Through its use we learn that life, quality and appearance are in fact, One. These recognitions are essential to the building of the new civilization, which we are co-creating with the Ashram.

The Laws and Principles in the New Civilization

One of the characteristics of the new civilization is that it will be aligned with cosmic principles and spiritual laws. The Tibetan describes the three cosmic Laws of Synthesis, Attraction and Economy. “The Law of Economy governs matter, determines the past and conditions the planetary consciousness, and concerns itself with the form aspect. The Law of Attraction determines the present and governs the immediate condition …and is concerned with the consciousness or the soul aspect. The Law of Synthesis, is determining the future, certifying the goal, and is concerned with the life or spirit aspect.”

The Tibetan also gives us the six Laws and Principles which will govern the new civilization and establish the “jurisdiction of the Christ” on earth. Part of the focus of the Ashram of Synthesis is to bring these Laws and Principles into the consciousness of humanity so that the building of the new civilization will be along sound and spiritual lines. The six Laws and Principles are: the Principle of Essential Divinity and the Law of Spiritual Approach; the Principle of Unanimity and the Law of Group Endeavor; and the Principle of Goodwill and the Law of Right Human Relations. The Principles give us the cosmic blueprint for the new civilization, and the Laws give us the tools to erect the New Order based on humanity’s essential divinity – the “Divine Order of Humanity.” It is up to us to do the building out of our own aligned creativity, inspiration and love of all humanity and all life.

Today, much of humanity is lost and confused by the dark, oppositional forces, and does not know the way forward into the light. Those who are working within the influence of the Ashram are attempting to communicate these Laws and Principles to humanity, while the dark forces are attempting to enslave humanity with the principles of fear, greed and lust for power. The great battle on the mental plane over which ideas will rule humanity is now underway, just as the Tibetan predicted. The Ashram is making a major effort to inculcate these Laws and Principles into human thinking and creating, in every possible form of expression. The Laws and Principles must become the accepted “frame of reference” within which all human plans and actions are evaluated, and eventually will become, in the coming centuries, “consensus reality.”

We, as members of our groups, and group members of WSI, can lend our thought energy to this great struggle for the future of our world, for our united thoughts can fly around the world in a second, connecting with thoughts of the same frequency, (some emanating from the powerful minds within the Ashram). These can build into a mighty wave of thought power that can transform the substance of the mental plane.

Thus one of our tasks as Ashramic disciples today is to be able to sound the note of the new civilization in the midst of the decay and upheaval of the old, without being distracted by the disintegration of the old forms. Today, many of the new forms struggle for survival, as the attention and resources of humanity are often preempted for life support to keep alive crystallized organizations that have outlived their purpose. Humanity needs to inaugurate an “organizational right to die movement,” allowing such institutions to be laid to rest, so that the components of these disintegrating forms can be recycled, composted and serve as the nutrients of the new. Eventually and inexorably new forms will be born that embody spiritual principles, and when the new civilization is anchored on earth, these principles, and the light which stands behind them, will be anchored in humanity, in the kingdoms of nature and in the very substance of earth itself.

Relationships: The Warp and Weave of the New Civilization

Relationships, many of which have not existed before, are the substance, the warp and weave of the new civilization. As the Ashram works to externalize a reflection of itself in the world through groups capable of making an alignment with its purpose, objectives and methods, it is developing new relationships. These relationships extend both vertically into the spiritual dimensions, and horizontally between individuals and groups that may not have been previously related. The energy of synthesis emanating from the Ashram, makes the establishment and development of these new relationships more alive, magnetic and apparent.

The influence of Shamballa and the Avatar of Synthesis, flowing through the Christ and the Masters of the Ashram of Synthesis, has established a new line of vertical relationships that empowers all disciples and groups who strive to work with the energy of synthesis. This in turn allows discipleship groups to reach the New Group of World Servers (NGWS) more powerfully with a synthetic energy and vision of how the work of these active, serving groups fits into the Plan. This is an essential bridging function between the Ashram of Synthesis and the NGWS that the esoteric groups must fulfill to help complete the building of the planetary antahkarana. It is the equivalent of the bridging work between the higher and lower mind each disciple is in the process of building. When completed, this will allow esoteric groups to function as the heart center of the NGWS, at the center of the even armed cross linking the vertical and horizontal, the Ashram and the active servers. This is a function that the World Service Intergroup can help to fulfill within the Ashram.

Another effect of the energy of Synthesis is the awakening within disciples and all active servers to the reality that we are multi-dimensional beings. The 7th ray, synthesizing Spirit and matter, is stimulating the will to be and know ourselves and reality simultaneously on multiple planes of consciousness and manifestation, from the physical, emotional and mental to the spiritual dimensions of higher mind, intuition and Divine will. This opens the doorway for many new relationships, both vertical and horizontal.

One of the unique capabilities of human beings is now being reinforced in quantum physics as superstring theory, which theorizes that the universe is a series of strings capable of vibrating at multiple frequencies, each frequency representing another dimension of reality. And if likewise we, as spiritually awakened humans, have the ability to vibrate to multiple frequencies or dimensions, this makes us natural synthesizers. We can, in meditation, vibrate at a very high frequency, and then as we carry these frequencies through from meditation, they permeate our vehicles and we express them, in stepped down vibrations, as we interact mentally, emotionally and physically with people and the world. This makes us living focal points of synthesis in action, for each of us, to varying degrees, is using our multi-dimensional awareness as we move up and down the spectrum of dimensional energies each day, yet always radiating what we are in touch with into the world. For the Tibetan tells us “life is loving synthesis in action,” and therefore daily living is one way that we express our synthetic selves.

Thus the true synthetic server can work with both Spirit and matter with equal facility, depending on the needs of the work to be done. We have the ability to synthesize them both as needed. This means we can meditate on the purpose of Shamballa and also deal competently with finances. It means we can feel great universal heart love for all cosmic life, and also pick up trash as we walk around the world. For the synthetic disciple or group fuses individual and group awareness with a greater purpose, fuses the pairs of opposites of spirit and matter, and uses them both for spiritual purposes.

There are also opportunities for new horizontal relationships being opened up by the creative inventiveness of humanity. New forms of communication through the internet have made possible the organizing of groups like the WSI, which would have been much more difficult, if not impossible, without the internet. Conference calls and emails allow us to conduct world wide group decision making without ever leaving our homes. Collaborative editing by a committee scattered around the world is now one of our functional realities.

All this is a practical expression of synthesis in space expressing as modern, worldwide travel and networks of communications: television, telephone, telecomputers, and an emerging telepathy. Today humanity is approaching a recognition of its omnipresence and omniscience through the use of the internet, which can be seen as training wheels for telepathy. Someday, everything we do today with the internet we will conduct simply through the power of thought, and then all you will need will be someone’s “T-mail” address. We know that this will lead to a “subjective synthesis that will eventually annihilate time,” an important part of the Plan, according to the Tibetan. We see this already underway with the disappearance of time when we are linking online with other minds from all around the planet. In that shared cyberspace, we may find ourselves in the synthetic NOW which encompasses past, present and future.

Another fundamental synthesis that is occurring is between the feminine/masculine complements, a synthesis of the positive qualities of these two polarities. Many of the initiatives for new relationships and the application of spiritual principles to human problems are arising from women. Humanity is learning to balance these two equally important polarities, as expressed in Agni Yoga “ humanity is gradually realizing the majestic cosmic law of equivalency, the law of the dual Origin, as the foundation of existence.”

We also need to build relationships with the future of Ashramic esoteric work. This means focusing on attracting young people into the work, as many esoteric groups are currently sustained by the older generation. This means opening our groups to relationships with the younger generation, providing modern esoteric training as well as useful and creative opportunities for their participation, and allowing them to bring, as souls, what they have to offer to the work.

These new, developing relationships are leading humanity towards a functional synthesis, reflecting the synthesis of consciousness that exists in the Ashram. These new relationships are the substantive building blocks of the new civilization. Humanity just doesn’t yet have the larger blueprint of how these are part of a larger Plan. Yet they can be seen in their true light by all disciples of synthesis, and reflected to those we contact every day, so that more people begin to see the larger, synthetic picture.

And we need to expand our relationships to the nature kingdoms, so that our work for the Plan includes them in our thinking, as does the Ashram. One of our destinies as a planet is to be a center of synthesis for the solar system, so that all that emanates from the Sun, the symbol of the Solar Logos, can be emanated through the life systems of earth, establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth, enabling all lives to function as an expression of the Will of the Solar Logos. This will allow us, in some distant, yet inevitable future, to radiate fiery benevolence, stimulating all life forms to radiate to each other, until all are blended into one radiating planet of light, and we will have fulfilled our planetary purpose for this cycle of manifestation.

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