Sunday, July 10, 2011

Keep the Desire Burning

Framework is the nature of the universe. Each planet has its orbit. Every week has seven days. Every year has its seasons. Life falls into its own rhythm. It’s meant to. So it’s easy to fall into a rut. A routine.
There’s nothing wrong with routine, unless we allow it to drain the passion form our lives. Personally, I seek to involve myself in something that speaks to my soul every day. And even if you’re punching in and punching out, day in and day out, you must find moments to invigorate your soul in this very same way.
It’s important to identify what it is that speaks to your soul when it comes to work, relationships, and spiritual practice. Many of us fall into careers or relationships that are less than satisfying because we simply aren’t aware of what speaks to us.
In the midst of our routines—when it is most difficult to ignite the internal fires—we must take time to create some sparks.
But once you identify what you want to do, which is only 1 percent of the issue, you need to look at how you do it, which is the remaining 99 percent.
When kabbalists speak of the energy of passion, they actually refer to it as excitement. They explain that excitement is not something that is a result of just enjoying what you are doing or who you are doing it with. Excitement is something you consciously inject into an action or situation.
When I say excitement, I don’t mean jumping up and down and pumping your fist. I mean embracing whatever you are doing with 100 percent of your attention and dedication, whether it’s going to dinner with the family, initiating a project at work, making spiritual connections, or just going to the gym.
This week, if you notice that you like what you are doing but just aren’t feeling passionate about it, try injecting excitement into it.
And most important, meditate with the Name below and let the Light be your guide.
All the best,

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