Sunday, August 28, 2011


When you see a photograph of yourself, or hear a recording of your voice, do you ever cringe because you look or sound like that? Well, getting an authentic picture of your spiritual self is even more difficult.
And with what’s headed our way this month, we can be certain of seeing ourselves as we really are.
This week begins the new month of Virgo (Elul). And if you are yourself or know of someone who is a Virgo, you know they have this uncanny ability to see everything that is wrong with a person or situation. They are what you’d call “detail-oriented.”
It’s like when you take your car to the car wash. It might have been really filthy and when you get it back it’s sparkling. But do you see that? No–you start looking for the one crumb that the guy missed. You look for what they didn’t do. Virgos are all about pointing out these crumbs.
This week and for the entire month of Elul, the energy of Virgo is everywhere.
This is a good thing.
I’ll explain. The purpose of seeing what’s wrong with your self is NOT about feeling bad. It’s about showing you what is blocking you from receiving so much more.
In the month of Libra, that follows, our universe will be bathed in the intensely positive energy of fulfillment Rosh Hashanah. Kabbalists teach us that Virgo is a gift—the more you “clean house” this month, the more room there will be to receive this recharging Light in the month of Libra.
So, let the crumb-spotting begin!
First, start taking stock of who you really are. Sure, you are a good person, you volunteer, you share, you use the tools of Kabbalah. But don’t believe your own press. There’s plenty of dirt under ALL of our rugs.
If we consciously, proactively take it upon ourselves to look within, we will have the spiritual support to see our garbage. The process of writing is an effective way to focus our thoughts on what we want to work on. Often, we get stuck in our head and our goals become muddied. Writing will bypass this.
Second, embrace the people who push your buttons.
What is your typical response when someone tells you something you don’t want to hear? Exactly. And why do you snap back or ignore the person? Ego.
This month, try allowing yourself “to take it on the chin” for once, to hear what people have to say without getting busy with nasty comebacks or calculating what is wrong with them.
The rule of thumb is: Listen, thank them for sharing, and let it sit for a few days. Ask the Light to show you whether or not they were right.
Also, be on the look-out for criticisms from people who don’t know you well. It is a spiritual truth that strangers can see your faults the clearest.
Don’t let yourself get depressed about seeing what you have to change. Keep reminding yourself how much more Light will be in your life if you just stick with it! Stay focused on what you want to achieve and know that every time your ego takes a hit, you are one step closer to achieving it.
All the best,

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