Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A 4th Ray Poem

Welcome, dearest brothers and sisters,
Beloved sons and daughters,
Welcome in the New Time,
Welcome in a New Reality,
Welcome Home to Earth.
Beloved Bringers of Light, How precious it feels
to be this close to you once again.
You are, like you promised, right on time.
Ever since you came to Earth we have waited for this moment,
but don't worry, this is what we agreed and our patience
and time was extremely well spent helping you to get here.
What a joy, beloved Bringers of Peace!
The time is Now, to come home to your heart,
to find the love that is waiting for you there,
to once again reconnect to Self and All,
in unity, oneness and Joy.
The moment has come for you to shine your life
and to feel our embrace once again and for ever,
to be One with everyone and everything again.
Never ever forget that you are the Bringers of Joy.
Our most sincere wish is for you to live in Light and Love,
dancing and bringing life in a creative and joyful existence.
With all our Love we respond to yours,
and for now, to your hearts we will retreat,
as this place, indeed, is our Home on Earth.
Your Family of Light

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