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Mayan Myth: The Dwarf of Uxmal

Mayan Myth: The Dwarf of Uxmal
Central to the city of Uxmal is the great Pyramid of the Magician. It is an interesting structure that carries with it a more interesting tale. Legend has it that a new king would come to rule the city when a magical "gong" was sounded in the nearby jungle. One day such a sound was heard in the surrounding hills, and a dwarf magician-god named Itzamna appeared in the central city.
(In Mayan religion, Itzamna is considered as a supreme god. He is second only to Hunab Ku, but he is less abstract than Hunab Ku and more representations of him can be found in the archaeological record. Insofar as Mayan religion was moving towards monotheism, Itzamna was considered an aspect of Hunab Ku, not as a separate divine being. As founder of Mayan culture, Itzamna refused to have anything to do with wars, violence, or human sacrifices. He was a god of peace).
The City-King, was not ready to give up the realm to a stranger, ordered the young "God" executed. But unrest among the villagers (nearly 25,000 of them) forced the king to issue the dwarf-boy a challenge. The king agreed the boy could live and become king if he could construct a grand pyramid overnight. Confident he had saved his rulership and kingdom, the Maya lord slept soundly through the night, only to rise the next morning to witness the appearance of a huge pyramid, the Pyramid of the Magician, which the boy apparently had built with magic in a single night. The boy became the king of the city-state, and legend has it that a period of great prosperity followed. An expansive building campaign furthered the size and status of the city, and Uxmal quickly gained a place in Maya history as one of its more magnificent cities.
(the new translation)
The City King is a symbol of the old world powers. The New King . . . or Kingdom is a symbol of all those that are awakening to a unified Christ Consciousness and the one GOD within. The "Gong" is the sound of the music of the spheres that comes from our awakened hearts. Once we (the dwarves), the ones that are considered small and insignificant in this world, awaken and claim our divinity, the Old King (the powers of the old world) will have to let go of the empire to the new kings. The global villagers are the ones demonstrating (this could be the Occupy Wall Street happening right now.) To save his life, the dwarf (all of us) has to create a grand pyramid (a new world) in one day. This grand pyramid is the foundation for our new world. Because the old kings think we are too small and powerless to create a new world, they let their guard down. We are creating a new world while they live in their denial of the light that we carry. In a flash, we can begin a period of great abundance and Harmony!

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