Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Creating and Demonstrating the Higher aspects of the 4th Ray of God!

Creating Beuty Harmony and Balance in Life is one of the 4th Ray Golden Keys to achieiving Ones Integegrated Ascension on this Ray.This Ray Deals with of Course The Arts and Social Sciences Creativity Beuty Fashion Music and so forth.The Key to Mastering Integrating and demonstrating the Higher Qualities of this Ray is to first of all establish the Higher Christed Qualities of the Rays in your Consciousness and daily living,in your 3 Minds and 4 Bodies by calling forth on a Spiritual Level to the Higher Pattern of Perfection on the 4th Ray.We then sit in these energies all day and continue to align our Consciousness Psychology with these ideals making adjustements as we go,adjusting our thinking which of course creates the adjustment in our Feelings and bodies.On an earthly level we are sure to dress our self Beutifully after the pattern of perfection that we aspire to.What ever is our present level of Psychological Spiritual and Earthly development we dress align and act in accordence with this that we me demonstrate the fullness of who we are.The real key to Mastering this Ray also is to spread the Emmenation and Radiations of Unconditional Love which is the spring board and very source of all beuty and harmony.Be sure then in this day to hld for your self and others Unconditional Love that comes from Personal Power Wise Disernment.From these 3 Spirit Flames ignited in our Heart we will come to experience the Next Octave of Beuty Harmony and Balance.We must also take care to Balnce in our Minds and Bodies all opposing Qualities within our Being,nurturing and caring for all aspects of self Male and Female,Active and Passive.We must come here on this Day to and even Astrological Demonstration of all the Rays Archetypes Spheres of Life and so forth.This is done first on a SPiritual Level,which then translates to and includes our Psychology and Consciousness then Filters down and demonstrates into our Physical Earthly Body.

Another Key to Mastering and demonstrating this Rays Higher Aspects and Qualities is to Transcend the Lower Qualities of the Rays by first of all understanding what they are and then working towards transcending and renouncing those qualities once they come up in your consiousness and mind.The Lower aspects and Qualities of the Rays are given.Extreme Self Conern.Self centeredness Competition Overly Self Analasis Inability to attune to group Consciousness Atromony and Endless and Needless conflict via interaction with Maya Illusion and Energies of the Negative Ego thought system.So in understanding and being aware of these Lower aspects of consciousness when they come up in our Inner or outer World we can renounce them in our Consciousness and keep them out of our Golden Bubble of Protection which we have around ourselves at all times and which we religously place around ourselves 3 times a day with the Help of Archangel Michael the 3 Great Ms,Melchedizek,Metatron,Mahatma and any and all other Ascended Spirit aligned beings we might see and feel called to align with.These glorious beings will also help us in a number of untold and unknown ways from thier own place,from the Invisible places they inhabit.They will speak to use with thier voices of great peace guiding us to the perfection of our own great eternal being,to the perfection of Gods endless pattern,to the grace and unending abundance of Life Eternal in Gods Kingdom.

So once we have developed and attuned to these Higher ray Aspects while working on transcending and renouncing the lower aspects of the Rays we work then at giving a creative expression to our Higher Aspects,to the Higher Qualities of the Rays through our Choosen avenue of creative expression weather it be Music Art Poetry Photography Journaling Creative Writing Website Design Fashion and any other form of creativity.So long as we attune to the higher aspect of the Ray,call forth to guidance and alignment to the Kingdoms of God and with perfect purity and intention express then upon that choosen medium we can surrender our efforts knowing full well that we will be over lighted and huided by our Spiritual Preceptors and the Guiding Lights all around within and about us.We can be sure then that our creative expression will be pure Christed and Aligned with the higher Light of God and know that our work then is bringing forth that which is good and of God and a benefit to all humanity not just our seperative Love self.We can then surrender fully to the creative process for the time we aloted to our creative endevours this day.Be sure then to practice your Creative pursuits on the 4th Ray Day of Thursday at the same time and be regular and dillligent in this keeping of these times.In this way we will develop a positive habit of our Christed Creativity and be able to bring forth Great Volumes of Work for the Benefit of our Brothers and Sister and the Glorification of God!Let us then endevour together for perfect Creativity in all Regards!


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