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Galactic History in a Nutshell

Galactic History in a Nutshell

This is only according to my research.

This article is really the nutshell version, so it will be fast and furious. If there is something
you don’t have enough background on I urge you to do an Internet search
or email me with questions.

This universe has a 12 strand blueprint. This is the reason why most of the “ancients” used a number
system based on 12 (not 10 as we do now), why there are 12 primary
Stellar Races that inhabit this universe, 12 libraries linked to each
Stellar Race, and, most significantly, 12 strands in our DNA.
Star Systems and Stellar Races

Note: Some Sub Stellar Sentient Races evolve from the genetic expansion of the two Lineages or genetic strain of the Carian Family and Feline Family and their descendants.

The 12 primary Stellar Races that inhabit this galaxy originate primarily in the following star systems:
Sirius A, B, C

The 2 Stellar Races that seeded this universe are Feline and Carian. From the Feline evolved the Human and
from the Carian evolved the Reptilian. The remaining 8 subspecies
evolved from combinations of these races and consist of the following:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) or BIO Android Beings
Bi pedal Intelligent Cetacean
Crystalline (fractal)
Elemental (plants, faeries, devas, elves, sylphs, leprechauns, etc.)
Insectilian Race
Liquidians or Shape-shifting Beings
Orb (etheric) or the Basic Life forms of Balls of Light

Note that the blueprint for our species of Human, for this particular Grand Experiment, stems from the 12 levels of consciousness from these 12 Stellar Races. In other words, we each have a strand from each of these races equaling 12 strands total.
Characteristics of the 12 Primary Stellar Races

The following is the short version of the characteristics of each Stellar Race and what strand they
correspond to on the DNA Recoding & Reconnection Chart (DNA Chart).

Feline or LION Beings are CREATED By The CREATOR GOD (GREAT SPIRIT) as an Emotional Being created in the Feminine Energy of GOD (GREAT SPIRIT)
The overall Feline temperament is warm, sanguine and intellectual.
As they mature they take on more of a somber, introspective and
gentle nature. The elders are revered for the wisdom, compassion and insight.
The Felines are known for their medical expertise are and known Genetics Engineer of Life. They are gregarious, big hearted or emotional natured, adventurous spirit, loud, project well, and have good ambition and drive. They are also impulsive and rash. If you have a Feline for your guide, they most likely came to teach you to
speak up and/or keep patience. The Felines correspond to strand 1, Courage,
on the DNA Chart.

Carian or Bird People are CREATED By The CREATOR GOD (GREAT SPIRIT) as an Intellectual Being created in the Masculine Energy of GOD (GREAT SPIRIT)
The Carians are known for their fine intellect. The Carians are known for their sharp analytical abilities and
organizational skills. A predominant character trait of the Carians is their need to maintain a good appearance and image at all times.
They are good team players as long as the team structure involves discipline and strictly adhered to codes of conduct. You will find a preponderance of Carians involved in the creation and maintenance of stargates, dimensional grids and magnetic fields through out our galaxy and universe. Their inherent analytical
abilities make them well-suited for this kind of work. They do not express their feelings, and if they do it is
via the intellect or compassion by mental comprehension and not the heart (thinking versus feeling). Many
Carians incarnate in Human bodies develop brain tumors and cancer because of this and many commit suicide. If you have a Carian as a guide, they most likely came to you to learn how to express feeling
because the Inner Child is a doorway for this. The Carians correspond to strand 7, State of Grace, on the DNA Chart.

Reptilian Humanoid Beings
The Reptilians have powerful intellects and are known for their efficiency, organizational skills, survival instinct,
and logic. They have a highly refined knowledge of
universal physics and laws. The Reptilians are responsible for many cultural development and the Mystery Schools on Earth and their teachings are from the ancient knowledge held by their parent
race, the Carians. There are several different Reptilian subspecies. The oldest and most
advanced are the White Dragons. Many that you know as Ascended Masters
and all Archangels are White Dragons. The white Dragons are the Ones that cooperated and intermarried to the Lyran humans and other galactic human societies.
Their biggest issue is their drive for perfection and respect of individuality. They are the original author of discipline. The Reptilians correspond to strand 8, Personal Boundaries, on the DNA Chart.

Humans are created by the Felines using the physical Image of the CREATOR GOD (GREAT SPIRIT)
The Original humans are created by the genetic crossing of the Feline and the Bi-pedal Intelligent Cetaceans.
The Humans were given the Gene of Compassion as their inheritance from the Felines. They are heirs to the great work which is showing all other races how to achieve compassion through the opening of the heart and the high heart chakra. Humans are known for their emotions. Although there are other Humans in the Universe, the 3rd Grand Experiment Earth
Humans are unique in that they embody DNA strands from all 12 Stellar
Races and all the behavioral characters of Each race both positive and negative. All Humans correspond to strand 3, Sexual Balance M/F, on the DNA Chart.

Artificial Intelligence or Bio-Android Beings
The AI’s are analytical Beings were created by the Carian line as mechanical bodies with no souls. Over time many AI’s have developed souls (like Data in Star Trek) although they are mostly devoid of an emotional body. In fact, many AI’s have incarnated on Earth in order to learn about and find the value of an emotional body. They
are known for their efficiency and curiosity. The AI’s correspond to strand 9,
Communal Harmony, on the DNA Chart.

Bi-pedal Intelligent Cetacean Beings
The Cetaceans are child like and love to play and have fun. They are known for their
creativity, joyfulness, and showing unconditional Love. If you have a Cetacean as your guide, they are probably
trying to show you how to have fun in this life. The Cetaceans
correspond to strand 4, Health, on the DNA Chart.

Crystalline Beings
Crystalline beings function as a collective, like the Borg on Star Trek, but are
polarized to the light as a living energy beings and are very loving. They teaches harmony to others or peaceful co-existence and the value of Unity. They exist to hold consciousness and are somewhat like a living library. As they have lost
their individuality, a Crystalline guide may have come to you to learn
what this is like. The Crystalline beings correspond to strand 12,
Unconditional Love, on the DNA Chart.

Electrical Beings
The Electricals don’t have “real” emotions per se as they are all
intellectual. They are cybernetic beings, the perpetual students, explorer of knowledge, scientist, technocrats, and researchers of the universe. The Electrical beings correspond to strand 11, Balanced
Expression of Power, on the DNA Chart.

Elemental Beings
The Elementals are the grid keepers and grid workers. They can manifest in different ways, They are created as the elements of Life creation. Some are like canopies of goo that is sentient, sentient plant humanoid, sentient tree humanoid, some are trees, devas, faeries, elves, sylphs, leprechauns, plants, etc. The elementals are either grounded or
can connect into the electromagnetic grids of the planet and can send
messages back and forth in this way. It will also surprise many that
some are derived from Reptilian sources. The Elementals correspond to
strand 6, Personal Truth, of the DNA Chart.

Insectilian humanoids
The Insectilians are very pragmatic, systematic, industrious, intellectual, and are the scientists
and analysts of the Universe such as the Mantis race for example and their human-like versions develop later. Picture them standing around with their note pads taking and comparing notes and calculating their findings. The Insectilians correspond to strand 2, Focus, on the DNA Chart.

Liquidian Shape-shifters
The Liquidian race are the changelings or shape-shifters of the universe. They are non-committal,
stay in the gray area of things, are wishy-washy, change their minds often, and often have little or no integrity. This is, of course, their nature as liquids. They have the behavior of adaptability in changing to adapt to the situations or event, flexible to changes, versatility, observant and have developmental attitude. Also, they can shape shift easily and a good example of a Liquid is Odo on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The Liquids correspond to strand 10, Knowingness within the Moment, on the DNA Chart.

Orbs - are energy beings
The Orbs are etheric beings or the basic life forms and are observers and healers. They most often
look like balls of light. The Orbs correspond to strand 5, Bliss, of the
DNA Chart.
The 3 Earth Experiments

There have been 3 Earth Experiments: 2 previous and our current Earth is the 3rd. These
experiments were created in order to achieve polarity integration and
thus ascension in this particular universe.

The first 2 Earth Experiments, both called Avyon, ended in war and the planets being destroyed. It is important to remember here that not only is the future the past reenacted, but the
past is also the present reenacted. When the 3rd Experiment is
successful, it means that the first 2 never failed. But more on that in
another article…
Earth Humans in the 3rd Grand Experiment

Out of our 12 strands of DNA, we came into this Experiment with only 2
strands activated. These 2 strands are indicative of the races that we
originally represented when we began this “game” in this universe. For
example, you have a strand from each of the 12 races, but you came into
this lifetime with your Feline and Reptilian strands activated. That
means that you began this universal “game” with those two strands
activated. You may have experienced other lifetimes with other strands
activated, but you have now come full circle. Our goal – your goal - is
to reactivate the other 10 strands in order to be fully
multidimensional. We do this by recoding our DNA and changing our Human
form from carbon to crystalline.

The aforementioned 12 libraries, like akashic records, were once connected but are now
disconnected due to dimensional shifts and the like over the millennia.
When we recode our DNA and are able to access the other dimensions, we
can access these libraries once more.
Recoding and Reactivating our DNA

In order for us to ascend both as individuals and as a planet, we must recode our DNA which in turn shifts our physical bodies
from a carbon to crystalline base. We reactivate our DNA in the etheric
body first by using the Formula of Compassion which not only transmutes
the negative emotions we have stored in our body but also clears them
out of the body. This enables the physical body to shift easier, but not
quicker. The reason our etheric DNA is activated first is because
everything occurs first in the etheric and then filters down to the
physical. However, the physical activation of our DNA is not possible
until at least 2012. Until then, the body will try to catch up with the
etheric body. This is the source of ascension symptoms.

In the first beginning of the 3rd grand Experiment; The Original Humans On Earth was accelerated and created with the DNA of the 12 human galactic races and with the DNA of the 12 Universal Sentient Races making it a 24 strand DNA and later was manipulated by malevolent galactic races. When humans ascends to the higher dimension the DNA of the CREATOR GOD or Ancient Multi-dimensional Energy Being (Great Spirit) or CHRIST-HOOD consciousness will be activated alongside with earth's own planetary humanoid DNA or GAIA-Earth connection, 12 galactic human DNA and DNA of the 12 Universal Sentient Races making a binding of 26 biological DNA, activating also the 12 CHAKRA with additional chakra of Christ-Hood Consciousness

The Feline-Lion Being Parent Race oversee and guided their Child Race the Humans to Re-unite as a Race in the Earth's human development or 3rd grand experiments.
The 12 galactic human family that accelerated the development of the Earth humanoid in Once world Empire called Lemuria including Atlantis ( Vegan, Arcturian, Lyran, Sirius A humans, Orion human, Procyonian, Andromedan, Alpha Centaurian, TAU CETIAN, Pleiadean, Aldebaran of Taurus Constellation, Ummites of planet Ummo). Note the 12 galactic human races that colonized the Earth are hybrid beings having the DNA of the 12 Universal Sentient Star Races.
.( earth's own planetary humanoid - DNA of earth's own intelligent humanoid creature which is accelerated by the development of other star sentient races including human, non-human and sentient humanoids)
The Simian humanoid was develop by the hybrid Advance Bi-pedal Intelligent Cetacean with Feline and Carian genetics (Combination of Earth dinoid, Bellatrix Dinoid, Orion Reptilian) as their child race. Benevolent Draconian reptilians races mostly scientist added their genetics, Insectilian humanoids added their DNA, Liquidians added their DNA and other Universal Sentient Star Races added their DNA to the Earth humanoid to create an race of ambassador to reunite other Sentient Races where their dream will be fulfilled in the future.
Lyran humans colonize outer and inner earth, Pleiadean Nibiruans accelerated the Simian humans, Orion humans join the Lyrans headed by Sanat Kumara, Black humans of Sirius B settled in Africa, White Aryan of Sirius A settled the Caucasus regions, Red Race of Sirius A and Pleiades settled the Americas and Ancient Lemuria and Atlantis, Yellow and Brown races of Lyra settled Ancient ASIA and Lemuria. Galactic Federation Humans colonize earth ending Nibiruan Slavery, galactic human refugees live on earth mostly Lyran Aryans and Asiatic looking humans, Sirian humans join them. Pleiadean migrants settled in all parts of the Earth. Pleiadeans are the most active pioneers of the humans races settled on Earth that is why Earth humans and Pleiadeans are genetically related as human family.

This is only according to my research.


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