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Cosmic Update Forecast, January 2010

Cosmic Update Forecast, January 2010

The New Year in Melbourne began with a massive electrical storm that threatened the fireworks. But ultimately fireworks, thunder and lightning cooperated and many Melburnians enthusiastically cheered in the New Year despite being soaked to the bone. This along with the sudden change from summer to winter temperatures, brings to mind the strong role of Uranus in 2010.

Lightning = Uranus. Unexpected turns of event = Uranus. From one extreme to another = Uranus (see more on Uranus in December's Cosmic Update). In May 2010, Uranus switches into Aries (after being in Pisces for nearly 7 years) and joins with Saturn and Pluto to create a 'Cardinal T-square'. Astrologers have been pondering this upcoming Cardinal T-square for quite some time and we're all pretty much agreed it's a huge alignment that accelerates the 2012 themes of large-scale change.

I'll discuss the Uranus-Saturn-Pluto Cardinal T-square in May, but the eclipse on New Year's Day gave us a taste of that upcoming alignment. The second January eclipse on the 15th is likely to do so even more strongly. Yes, there are two eclipses in January! These always bring shake-ups of some kind, even if only changes of perception that change our behaviour. The next eclipses won't be until June-July. Eclipses are Uranian in nature. It's as if the lights go out momentarily (either the light of the Sun or Moon, depending on which is being eclipsed) and when they get switched back on something is different.

The Full Moon partial eclipse on 1 January saw the Moon momentarily overshadowed. The Moon relates to our deepest security needs. The Full Moon was in Cancer, the Moon's own zodiac sign. A wet fireworks display in a booming thunderstorm might've shaken up a few comfort zones. Throughout 2010 the South Node remains in Cancer indicating an overhaul of our usual comforts/habits going on in the background all year. This begs the question - how well do we care for ourselves when things get a bit topsy turvy? Another Moon/Cancer theme is family. At the New Year did we feel connected with loved ones who are likely to support our growth throughout 2010? It's important this year to strenghten our internal ability to cope with fluctuations to our basic needs as well as forge mutually supportive links with people we trust, while focussing less on connections that undermine us.

The second eclipse on 15 January has Venus travelling alongside it at the exact same degree. Venus relates to our values, relationships and money. Venus is in Saturn's sign Capricorn - a zodiac sign very much concerned with resources, especially how we go about accumulating and using them. The day before the eclipse, Capricorn's ruler Saturn shifts retrograde. An eclipse in Capricorn at the very time that Saturn, its ruling planet goes Retrograde, draws huge attention to Capricorn themes, some of which are: hard work, time pressures, commitments, climbing to the top, status, governments, authorities, have's vs have-nots, reality checks. With Venus so prominent at this eclipse, relationships are likely to be challenged to go to the next level (Capricorn commitment) or to call it a day (Capricorn reality check). We might also need to face a few financial realities - either in cutting back spending or committing to bigger investments. It's important to be cautious and sensible at this time. Living on hope doesn't work when Capricorn is strong.

Saturn is one of the planets in the Cardinal T-square in May, showing that Capricorn themes will remain emphasised throughout the year. In addition, the North Node is in Capricorn all year, asking us to 'grow up' and take responsibility. But for what? Too many of us already feel overburdened by the weight of responsibility across many areas of life. The answer to that question seems to lie in the Retrograde planets. January started with both Mercury and Mars Retrograde. By mid-month, Mercury goes forward again, but by then Saturn is Retrograde, so no matter which way we look at it January has two planets retrograde at any given time encouraging introspection, taking things slowly and reassessing the themes of the zodiac signs the planets are Retrograde in. Those zodiac signs are Capricorn (Mercury is Retro in Capricorn); Leo (Mars is Retro in Leo) and Libra (Saturn is Retro in Libra).

The number of people who've had major endings under Mercury and Mars Retro in December 09 (relationships, jobs and more) seems unusually high. Men seem particuarly affected, given that Mars is associated with men, but of course women have a masculine side too. Anything to do with going out after what we want might feel stalled when Mars is Retro. The January eclipses and then Saturn shifting Retro are likely to continue the theme of life seemingly going backwards or being thrown into upheaval before moving forwards again. Yet if we are able to claim some private time to focus on what we really want, we can make huge progress in the background. Mars intensifies our passions and drives. External demands on our personal time might frustrate us because we have increased desire for our own projects, but if we're able to channel frustration into effort toward our passions we can make exceptional progress.

With Mars Retro in Leo we are encouraged to get deeply in touch with our 'true selves' and to be aware of our role-playing selves. Leo brings to mind the heart or core of things (the heart of the Lion) as well as the courage to go after what we discover at our cores. It's important to find ourselves in deeper ways than ever before, to build our strength and courage, and be mindful of the extent to which we or others might 'fake it'. Sometimes we do have to 'fake it til we make it', but all things in moderation. If we discover that a predominant part of ourselves is continually pretending or role-playing, we run the risk of burning out or being caught out. Mars Retro in Leo demands that we strengthen our true selves by building authentic confidence. Authentic confidence comes from repeatedly doing and refining what we are passionate about, not from dreaming about it or doing it occasionally or haphazardly.

Mercury Retro in Capricorn has been asking us to 'get real'. Capricorn is the 'reality check' zodiac sign. So with Mercury Retro in Capricorn we get a reality check about Mars Retro in Leo themes. We might realise that our job, home, relationship etc is not going to last the distance; that it's okay for the fun times of Leo, but is not sustainable (Capricorn) for our futures. Mercury Retro helps us see beneath the surface better than ever before, so if someone is role-playing their generosity or support or commitment, or whatever else, we are likely to see through the mask. Mars Retro in Leo is like being at a party that started out fun but turned gloomy when everyone got too drunk. Capricorn is the reality of what we're left with when the masks are stripped away. For some of us this might have been a dip into depression if we worked out that the people, jobs, situations we were putting our time and effort into (Capricorn) haven't brought fulfilment.

The gift of Mars Retro in Leo offers a powerful opportunity to follow ourselves. Yet often when we find out more about who we truly are we realise that the world's current set up (Capricorn) may not make it easy for us to follow our paths. Think of all the creative, artistic types born under the zodiac sign Leo. These types feel compelled from a young age to follow their talent, follow their calling, but life's not necessarily easy for them when it comes to money making (Capricorn). Writers, artists, actors, dancers, musicians, poets and so on tend to struggle financially unless they have a lucky break. This Mars in Retro phase could change all that. If nothing else, our inner 'true voice', 'true calling' will feel so angry at being held back that we'll feel compelled to fight for change. By the way, this applies to everyone, not only Leos. We all have a 'Leo' self represented by the archetype of the Sun in our charts. When the cosmos emphasises Leo, it's activating everyone's Sun archetype more; the archetype of being 'king' or 'queen' of our own lives.

Combined, Mars Retro in Leo and Mercury Retro in Capricorn challenge us to commit (Capricorn) to the true selve's calling (Leo) and find ways to encourage the world's structures (Capricorn) to work for us, not against us. This is where Saturn Retro in Libra comes in. On 14 January, the day before the New Moon Eclipse, Saturn shifts Retrograde in Libra and stays in backward motion until May. Libra is all about negotiating and deal-making. It's considered the zodiac sign of relationships for good reason, as all healthy relationships involve discussing individual needs and coming up with win-win solutions. Sometimes the win-win might be to end the relationship. Other times exciting, life-enhancing deals can be struck. While Saturn is Retro in Libra the opportunity is there to slow down all discussions so that we can create win-win outcomes. It's time to negotiate better deals for ourselves, especially our creative Leo/Sun selves.

The energies of 2010 are not particularly sympathetic to toeing the line and doing things the same old way for the sake of 'peace'. We all know that peace comes at a price if there's been serious compromise; i.e. if one or more of the parties feels like it's a win-lose scenario. We might get temporary peace but later there can be a huge backlash. Creative collaboration for cooperative contracts tends to work best under Libra. While both Mars and Saturn are Retro, it's possible for past situations, especially relationships, to present themselves either for completion or for another chance. So don't be surprised if exes or others from the past reemerge. It's important to address whatever comes up from our past so that we can truly complete it, otherwise it will continually undermine efforts at moving forward. For some, this might even be a lucky reunion with an old flame that turns into a successful commitment. For many, it's likely to be an opportunity to fully complete old themes, whether from this lifetime or previous lifetimes. Mars shifts Direct in March, so between now and then, it's important to address unfinished business and to argue for better deals for ourselves. When Mars goes Direct in March we should begin to see the fruits of our efforts.

On 16 January Mercury shifts Direct and starts to bring some relief from the intense serious thinking or sense of 'bottoming out'. It's a bit like an animal starting to come out of hibernation after a long snowed-in winter (for us the 'winter' has been the three week Mercury Retro phase from 27 December to 16 January). Yet we don't fully leave our 'winter thinking' behind until after 4 February when Mercury is completely out of its Retro shadow phase.

The middle of January is pivotal. The New Moon in Capricorn on the 15th encourages us to create new patterns, goals and responsibilities. If we've been down in the dumps over lost plans or non-achievable goals, now's the time to set our sights on fresh goals. If we've been doing well, now's the time to up-the-ante and improve our strategic planning. The solar eclipse (not seen in Australia) at the time of this New Moon warns us not to have our heads in the clouds as we make our plans. Healthy Capricorn asks for humble (yet not 'loser mentality'), realistic (yet not 'give up and join the pack' mentality) goals that incorporate the excitement of our 'true selves'; that strengthen that part of ourselves and help it find its way in the world by negotiating new agreements (Saturn in Libra) for better futures.

Some great cosmic news is that we have an important planet on our side all year keeping optimism strong and helping us manifest our hearts' desires. This is lucky planet Jupiter, which moves into Pisces on 18 January. After spending all last year in Aquarius, Jupiter now moves into the zodiac sign of inspiration, healing and compassion. Usually Jupiter spends a year in a zodiac sign, but whips through Pisces from mid-January until June. Yet in September it has a Retro phase that takes it back into Pisces. So all you Pisceans who've been looking forward to Jupiter being in your sign, don't worry - you will get Jupiter's influence from January to June, then again from September til Jan 2011. As for all the Aries reading this, your Jupiter time begins in June and flows until September, then returns again from January 2011.

This means that throughout the year all Water signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio) get a helping hand from Jupiter while it's in Pisces and all Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) get a taste of the planet of good fortune while it's in Aries. You don't have to be a Water or Fire sign to benefit, but you do need to access the positive qualities of Water and Fire. Normally Water and Fire don't mix. Water poured onto Fire puts it out or Fire heats Water until it evaporates. But here's Jupiter this year weaving a story that contains both Water (Pisces) and Fire (Aries). So in Jupiter's Piscean watery months (January to June; September to Jan 2011), it's time to work with our hearts, souls, inner selves and divine intelligence to infuse every cell of our being with the feeling of our greatest dreams. Then when Jupiter is in Aries (from June to September), it's Fire time! We can then get out and put into action all that we have been dreaming about and planning.

Finally, January ends the way it started, with a big focus on the Moon, given that here in Melbourne (AEDT) we have a Blue Moon at the end of the month. Other parts of the world had their Blue Moon on New Year's Eve. Technically a blue moon is when there are two full moons in the same calendar month. North America had their two full moons in December, but Melbourne's first full moon didn't actually peak until 6.14 am New Year's Day. Our second full moon will be at 5.19 pm (AEDT) on 30th January. Of course, experientially we saw a Full Moon on New Year's Eve and we will see a Full Moon on the 30th so the whole of January has a big Moon feel.

If you'd like to see a summary of the key dates and events of the month, head to any page on the Radiant Living website as the 'AstroWeather' always features in the right-hand column of every page.

May the mid-January eclipse and Jupiter's shift into Pisces bring you many inspiring insights for new paths forward.


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