Tuesday, January 26, 2010

True male energy,

True male energy,

January 26, 2010 at 5:04pm in Twin Flames
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by rama http://evernewjoy.net/

I wanted to talk today about what True Male energy is, as the companion of the Goddess energy.

We have to restore the True Male energy, the power of your brain and nervous system, in order to continue the healing of ourselves and planet earth.

As the True Male / brain and nervous system energy is restored in all people, they will make wiser decisions and promote peace and harmony for the whole world.
Whether you are a girl or a boy, you always have both True Male (Father God) and True Female (Mother Goddess) energies within you.

Although we all have both True Male and Goddess energies within us, I find that most people understand the Goddess energy much better than the True Male energy.

Chances are good you've probably never seen an example of what a real man, a real father, is like.

Very few males I have ever met know how to behave.

This is largely because they receive no training and don't realize that the True Male energy is the representative of the human brain and nervous system.

The True Male energy is very calm, very contemplative, slow to make decisions, very thoughtful, and he always make sure his Goddess is loved and adored.

The True Male energy is always kind, but firm when he needs to be.

The True Male energy can be loud like thunder, but just like thunder the True Male energy is never too loud, to the point of hurting the person he is interacting with.

Thunder is very loud, but is it ever too loud? Does it ever really break people?

Thunder is more of a wake-up call, a message, an instructor, and simply wants to make sure you are paying attention.

Thunder still loves you!

In fact, thunder is often loud SO THAT you stay alive and stay safe.

The True Male / Real Father energy is often loud to say:


So that you protect yourself and don't miss important opportunities in your life.
So the Real Father / True Male energy is always loving and kind and is calm, cool, and thinks carefully before doing things.

By comparison, the Goddess energy of your being is firey and intense and tends to get things done a lot faster, without as much planning involved.

The True Male energy tends to plan more, and makes important decisions slowly.

The True Male energy of Creation gives you mental clarity, inner joy, enlightenment of the brain and nervous system, wisdom, guidance, and helps you answer questions that you have about your life.

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