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Retrogrades .

Retrogrades .
When Things Go Backwards

Tip Numero Uno:

Don't start anything in the subject area the retrograde planet pertains to. You'll probably have to start over again at
some later stage.

Tip Deux:
Two days before the planets stations (stops), before it either goes backward (retrograde) or forward (direct), all
hell is going to break loose involving the subjects that the planet corresponds to.

Tip Trois:
The day the planet turns direct and goes forward, magicks done in/for/with the subject matter of that planet will
act like a slingshot. Though this extra energy is great, the old adage “Be careful what you wish for” applies here.

The Retrograde Planets and Majeeca


Basic energy: Communication.
Retrograde period: 3 times a year for about three weeks each retrograde period.
How the bull shall thrash the China Shop: Fights, arguments, communication snafus of all kinds. Travel delays,
electronic and mechanical breakdowns, misplacing items. Computer viruses. Bad time to buy computer related
project or load software.
Magick to do: Think before you speak. Read, study, contemplate, work on old written projects you began earlier,
do family genealogy research, tie up loose ends on old projects, do magick for investigative issues. Use the day
Mercury stations direct to slingshot magicks involving vision, clarity, and communication.


Basic energy: Socialization.
Retrograde period: Occurs every 18 months and lasts 40 days.
How the bicycle's chain will pop off: Affects relationships, dwindles ready cash, places blocks in the way of
receiving small amounts of money; late payments or payments late; discussions on education always ensue but
little is accomplished. People are attracted to the bizarre, unusual, or obscure. Not an ideal time to decorate your
home or hire a decorator.
Magick to do: Evaluate your relationships and how you behave within the confines of those relationships.
Research the whereabouts of estranged family members or lost items. Use the day Venus stations direct to
slingshot love magicks to give them extra oomph!


Basic energy: Action.
Retrograde period: Every two years and two months for 70 weeks.
How the banana will split: People are aggressive, won't take no for an answer, and refuse to look at the truth of
the matter but plow on no matter how many individuals are hurt in the process. Brings confusion. Karmic matters.
Old angers and resentments flair.
Magick to do: Review your actions within the last two years since the last retrograde. Pay back bills and work for
closure on old, hurtful issues. Meditate on your mission in life. Exercise daily. Do physical work. Use the day
Mars stations direct to slingshot a special project into action.


Basic energy: Expansion.
Retrograde period: Once a year for 120 days.
How the cookie will crumble: Energy is constricted, limited, held back. Finances go down the tubes if you have
not prepared. People are less likely to be generous. If a Jupiter retrograde falls over a holiday buying season,
people may overspend or not be able to purchase what they intended. Physical problems from overindulgence may
manifest now.

Magick to do: Work on inner changes rather than outer manifestations. Work on manipulating energy with your
hands for healing purposes, and practice circlecastings. Expand your horizons by studying psychology, the nature
of dreams, and learn about other cultures. Window shop.


Basic energy: Limits.
Retrograde period: Once a year for about 140 days.
How the chips will fall: Rules that previously worked well, fail. Political and hierarchal individuals are ousted.
Group structures change, bend, or break. Those in authority turn a deaf ear. Rewards either do not manifest as you
expected, are delayed, or don't come to fruition at all. Requires you to face reality. Issues of abuse are often
discovered, whether in the home, at work, or in other types of group formations.
Magick to do: Banish unwanted influences in our lives—bad habits, negative associations, fears, friends, or
organizations that are using us. Work on the structural change of ourselves. Restructure household chores, daily
errands, etc for more favourable use of time. Use the day Saturn stations direct as a slingshot for anything positive
involving groups, organizations, student or national government, and personal maturation cycles.


Basic energy: Destruction.
Retrograde period: Once a year for 148 days.
How the house will be haunted: Freedoms are inhibited or threatened. Humanitarian issues stall and become lost
either temporarily or permanently in proverbial red tape scenarios. Negativity of tribal behavior and gang activity
increases. Slimeballs crawl out of the woodwork.
Magick to do: As Uranus is retrograde almost half the year, its influences are not easy to discern, and issues
regarding this energy manifest slowly. Use the Uranus station to direct group change or to work on bringing the
“real” you more in focus with the mask you normally wear.


Basic energy: Transformation.
Retrograde period: Once a year for 150 days.
How the wheel will turn: People tend to want to escape. Aggressive marketing techniques are bought easier by the
public now as opposed to Neptune is direct. Drug, alcohol, and fantasy indulgence appear to rise. Slanderous and
libelous accusations with no foundation slither from nowhere and are difficult to combat.
Magick to do: Like Uranus retrograde energy, Neptune retrogrades last a long time, therefore changes aren't
always apparent. Great for group ritual where we seek to unify with our perception of Spirit. Good for vision
questing, meditation, dream analysis, mysticism, writing poetry, practicing magickal dance, drumming, sitting
under a full moon and asking the Mother to guide us in word and deed, and workings on the personal unification
of body, mind, and spirit. Talk to a butterfly, hug a tree, write your troubles on a piece of paper and give them to
the Lady of the Lake. Use the Neptune station direct to slingshot you away from self-deceit or to help you learn to
listen to the whispers of the universe.


Basic energy: Regeneration.
Retrograde period: Once a year for approx six months.
How the tea will be served: On occasion, the shaking out of old stuff and turning sights to new ways for problem-
solving makes the six o'clock news. People often choose a new religion or a new path right before or right after a
Pluto retrograde.
Magick to do: Clean everything. Throw out all the old junk. Use photography in magick and ritual. Redesign
rituals, redo your BOS, go back and study areas that you thought were too difficult to tackle before. Use the
slingshot station direct for a total new you.

Slow It Down Babee

[The planets don't need to be physically retrograde]


If something is moving too fast and you want to slow it down (in the realm of communication), you can always
place the Mercury retrograde symbol on a yellow candle asking that, as the candle burns, the problem slows down
until you have time to deal with that situation properly, or until you have the answer you need to proceed in a fair

and honourable way. Petition to the Greco-Roman god Mercury for assistance, or ask your GA. (Angel means


If you can't seem to hold on to your money, draw the Venus retrograde symbol on a white candle, and place that
candle on top of the money you do have. Ask that you learn to slow down on your spending and hold on to
present savings. If you think a relationship is moving too fast, draw the Venus retrograde symbol on a blue candle.
Place the candle over a picture of yourself. Ask that the relationship slow down until you can think clearly about
who you want to associate with and why you are really interested in that person. Ask for clarity of thought. Venus
will grant your desire; she is after all the Greco-Roman goddess of love, relationships, and passion.


During a Mars retrograde, Spirit will show you who your friends are and who doesn't care a whit about you.
Heads up.


Always have money in the bank before Jupiter goes retrograde, even if it is only a little bit. A Jupiter retrograde
can expand on poverty as easily as it can expand your prosperity when it is direct. Be extra careful with your
finances when Jupiter turns retrograde!

This info adapted from Silver RavenWolf's Retrogrades: Planets That Go Backward section in her book Solitary
Witch, published by Llewellyn, Woodbury Minnesota (2007). Courtesy of SilverBear. Be kind and buy her book.


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