Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cultivating the Power of the Elements

The Subtle Body system gains the elemental powers Via Exposure to them.This is why Sages Adepts Yogis and Masters make their hermitages on mountain Tops where access to the Pure elements is more readily available.When we go into a meditative state we access the subtle dimension.This is increased when we are in an area with Pure elements.Although this is not always possible in the Modern World of Cities,there are various Points where we can More readily cultivate these higher frequency elements.For example on roof tops of the Top of High Rise Buildings are also more refined and closer to the pure spirit elements.Here if we place our selves in an altered state we can gain the All important Vision logic that will guide our evolution for our incarnation in relation to the archetypes in function with this and Higher World Holons we are accessing.Also should high wind situations prevail we can also use this time to cultivate our Vatta our Wind force and gain the power and intelligence of the Wind through exposing ourselves to these pure elements.The same of course applies to when Sun light prevails we should then turn our cultivation practices to absorbing the Sun Light.So basically the focus is on cultivating the prevailing elements in harmony with natures current expression.The Mastery of Yogic Tai Chi Chi Gong Meditation practices will also assist in our cultivation of these elements.Therefor we should apply these techniques in Nature under the different nature circumstance to cultivate said Element!This way we gain the Powers of the Pure Elements!

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