Friday, December 7, 2012

Utilizing Inner plane experience for Outer Plane Externalization

The Inner plane offers the conscious mind rich lucid powerful symbolic symbols to the conscious mind for the purpose of spiritual psychological and earthly growth!If we are to harness the full potential of our subconscious and superconscious minds we need to be able to recall memories from the inner plane as well as those from meditational experience.Having a note pad next to the bed helps for dream recall,and practicing emptyness meditation helps for lucidity and recall of trans rational experiences.Also endeavor to write down all forms of guidance an inner plane experience from both sleep dreams and meditation.You will this way gain access to the rich symbolic archetypal language of the archetypes through your own sub conscious and superconscious.Meditating 3 times daily will give you crystal recall of dream imagery as well as possible access to lucidity.There are various meditation technologies available to assist in the meditation process,the 2 I personally recommend are the centerpointe training and the biocybernaught training.Links are therefor provided and .We sit before and after all major meals to reconnect with the Over Soul Monad and our individual service mission and then continue our Earthy Service activities having this communed with Eternal spirit.This was we utilize the full Powers of the Inner Plane for Full Oiter plane

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