Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cultivating the Universal Elixer

Cultivation of the Universal Elixer is a process of integrating the Universal life force that manifests as the Macro Cosmos within the Inner Microcosim.This is done primarily through cultivating the Psychosexual energy,The sense data from the eyes ears nose and mouth as well as the subtle Spiritual energies of ether via space.By receiving all external energies and sense impressions as Universal life force,applying the inner smile,life becomes a cultivation process of the Universal energies.This energy is stored in the Lower 3 centers and transmuted due north via the application of muscular sceletal and subtle chakric systems.The endocrine system is activated by holding in place the subtle solar centers in there place as they are radiated by the Ascent and descent of the Solar Deities(The Planets)Each planet rules a different Chakra and Gland and by our conscious connection to these centers the outer powers irradiate these inner centers by the gravity of eternity which moves all things in heaven and upon the earth.By regulating the eating sleeping service meditational and exercise routines the Solar powers are further increased within the inner cosmos giving a great Union with the Immortal Tao,over time and with constant and consistent energization.An aspirant can attain to the Divine Dimensions via cultivating in this way,which will bring higher realization and higher powers of perception(Revelation,Illumination and enlightenment)as well as the various Siddhas associated with the Higher level attainments.These are used by advance initiates to serve and uphold the universal Law Dharma and the goodness of the World.One becomes then a Pillar of the World and a direct bridge between the Lower Worlds the Human and the divine Kingdoms.Ones Will becomes one with the Heirarchy and one becomes a Servant and extension of Shambala.One then chooses ones line of evolution for higher development and appropriately proceeds through Planetary Mastery into Solar dimensions.This is a brief explanation of Cultivation of the Universal energy and should be used consistently within the framework of ones individualized constitution tendencies skills and abilities.Doing these after for mentioned practices one makes Integrated Spiritual advancement..........

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