Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Advancement upon the Universal Ecclectic Path of Synthisis.How to attain Maintain and Demonstrate Integrated Ascension.

Advancement upon the Universal Ecclectic Path of Synthisis.How to attain Maintain and Demonstrate Integrated Ascension in your Earth Life Psychology and Spiritual Life.Todays Brief lesson/Reminder is on the Need and absolute Requirement for all Advanced Chelas Initiates and Disciples on the Universal Path of Synthisis to “pay their Rent to God” on all levels,that includes Psychologically not just spiritually!That also includes Earth Life!Many Light Workers and Spiritual People are very commited to their spiritual sdahana however do not realize that all levels of Integrated Ascension must be paid head to and integrated for full Spectrum Prism Consciousness to be attained as well as Integrated Ascension.One must enjoy all aspects of Earth Life and give equal energy to all aspects of life not just on meditating do spiritual practice and so forth.For example n must remember and honour all relationships with family friends employees employers colegues animals plants nature spirits the Masters the Angels God and the Christ as well as the Holy Spirit.All levels of Relationship must be honoured and Mastered in Service Of God and in service of the Plan.Another thing is one needs to work at all times and in all situations on ones Consciousness and Psychology and be sure to be expressing and demonstrating only the Spiritual Christ Buddha Krishna Moses Muhamad God Godess Mighty I am Presence To Ones Highest Potential,making sure that all ones Thoughts feelings desires and actions serve only that Spiritual Psychological Ideal.Also as well as that one needs to of course keep ones Spiritual Ascension Routine Program running to ones Highest Degree at all times and Continuously not just some of the time but all the time 7 days a week 24 hours a day.One might slip but one needs to simply get up and continue again with the ideal that one has set for one self ,one has to follow the ideal constantly and consistently.If one can continue to do this to ones Highest Potential at all times and in all situations Consistently and Continuously one will be well on the Way to Achieving Ones Integrated Ascension Full Spectrum Prism Consciousness and Completing Ones 7 12 24 Levels of Initation and Light Body.That being said the Only realistic way to achieve this is to full enrol with the www.iamuniversity.org and get on the Program set out there by Joshua Gloria and the Company of Heaven.If you can do that and continue with full Zeal and Dilligent daily effort you will be amazed at ho much true Spiritual Psychological and Earthly Progress you can make in just one life time!You will be totally transformed into the Light of the IAM Presence on Earth your friends and Family wont be able to recognize you for you will be have grown into the Christ into the Integrated Master it was you destiny to become.When every one begins to ask you what you have been doing and what you do to attain this clarity this Purity this Beuty this Power this Loving Wisdom this Intelligence this Harmony This Scientific Understaning this Devotion this Ordered Magical Mastery this Universal Synthisis Demonstration you can tell them that the Program at the IAMU and the IAMYA ashram have totally revamped and transformed your Consciousness 3 Minds and 4 Bodies into the Ideal Integrated Christ and you owe it all to the Company of Heaven for putting you through this training.You can also give yourself 100% Self Love and Self Worth for your Own effort and Energy have been the Key factor in placing you on this “Presipice on High” for your commitment to Service Exellence and Going the Extra Mile have got you where you are today.You can then go out and give your Life to service and helping your Brothers and Sisters do the Same and More!Namaste!


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