Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Developing the Higher Aspect of the 3rd Ray of God at a planetary Level!"

“Developing The Christ Mind of Activated Intelligence,Clear Thinking and Developing Business and Financial Mastery of the Material Face of God in Service of the Divine Plan and the manifestation of the 7th Golden Age on Earth and your Part and Puzzle Piece within the Planetary Plan!”
Todays Brief Physical Earthly Psychological and Spiritual Ascension Lesson Adjustment and Alignment will be on developing the 3rd Ray of Active Intelligence and Mastering the Financial Face of God.This will be done with the Over Lighting Guidance and assistance of Master Serepis Bey the 3rd Ray Lord,who resides and directs the Inclinations and actions of all 3rd Ray Personalities Souls and Monads from his home in Luxor in Egypt.We now officially envoke and request the Over Lighting Presence of Serepis Bey and request to be placed in an Ascension seat of the 3rd Ray ashram that we receive the Thought transference and Inner Vision of our Most Ideal Spiritual Business,so that we may receive the Higher 5th Dimensional and Above image and Vision of our Spiritual Mission and Earth and how that will manifest on the Earthly plane,in relation to the unfoldment and creation of the 7th Golden Age and Heaven on Earth.We open our Minds Hearts Souls Spirit all our Senses inner and Outer(regular and Supersense) to the Inner Vision that Master Serepis Bey is transmiting to us today.We open to receive the Idealized and Christed Aspect of the 3rd Ray of God.We thank thee and accept this as done!(We attune and align to this 3 Times a day or even hourly for those precocious Souls!)
So with that Spiritual Ascension level prayer complete we can take on the Psychological Adjustment and attunement to the 3rd Ray and Serepis Bey.Basically the Higher Aspect of the 3rd Ray is an Ability to think independently and Clearly,To receive thought transference from Higher Dimensional Aspects of Self and to transmit Light energies and Frequencies to our Brothers and Sisters.(Ie giving and receiving Light Love Power and Wisdom)So in claiming the 100% power of our Mind we use that in service of our Spiritual Mission and Manifesting our Mission on Earth.We use our Mind to see feel and experience as well as receive the Monadic Imprint of our Monadic Pattern of Perfection into our 3 minds and 4 Bodies.We claim the power of our Mind to create unconditional Love and Co Operation Co Creation Harmony Peace Justice Love and Goodness.We focus our Minds on being steady in the Light at all times and in all situations,and we allow our minds to attune to the Re vamping and transformation of the Planetary Face of Business and Finance through the Spiritualization of the Financial World,of the Transforming of Business into Service,and Financial Material Support to flow naturally from that Service To Spirit Ones Brothers and Sisters and the Christ Principal.This naturally leads us away from the Negative Ego side of the 3rd Ray which are basically Mental Seperation Isolation Cold Mentality Finance in service selfishness and Seperativeness,Expansion at the expense of Harmony and Peace.It also manifests in the Corruption that we see in the Business World which continue working systems that are basically devastating Mother Earths Body and Gaias Resources through Logging Oil Minning Etc ad infinitum.(BP Oil Spill and every other Crime against Mother Earth that still to this day continues uncheck and un controlled!)This will be transformed by Spiritual People getting active in the Business World and making the required changes!(”Evil can only win by Good People doing nothing!”)
On a Physical Earthly Level we choose choose to organize our Finances in working out Spending Costing and Totally organizing our Finances that the Inflow in above the outflow,in matching with our Service and Energetic giving.We organize our Spiritual Business and organize write down all the ways we can make a living offering our Spiritual Service and using our God Given talents and Abilities in Service of the Divine Plan and the 7th Golden Age on Earth as well as the Externalization of the Spiritual Hierachy!If we do all these things we will be developing the Higher aspect of the 3rd Ray in a balanced and integrated Way!

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